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  1. The pilot bus (8531) has since gone back to ENC in Riverside and will under go some modifications and then will return to Woods next month.
  2. MTA New York City Bus 9592, a 2021 New Flyer XDE40 is seen here in the East Village section of Manhattan, New York while on the M9 to Battery Park City in Lower Manhattan.
  3. Sound Transit 2010 D60LFR #9560 is seen here underneath the soon to be Lynnwood City Center Light Rail Station on Route 512 to Northgate Station. Just recently, Sound Transit extended Light Rail service on the 1 Line from University Of Washington to Northgate.
  4. ICYMI: Here is the upcoming changes for some North King County routes and more Northgate Link Extension info https://kingcounty.gov/depts/transportation/metro/schedules-maps/service-change/north-king-county.aspx
  5. More MUNI service changes are coming on August 14th Route restorations M Ocean View will return to rail service and resume its full pre-pandemic route between the Embarcadero station and San Jose and Geneva Avenues. 5R Fulton Rapid service will be returning from La Playa to the Transit Center Bus Plaza. 18 46th Avenue will connect customers from the Richmond and Outer Sunset to Stonestown. 28 19th Avenue service will be returning between Daly City BART and the Marina (via Lombard). 35 Eureka will provide additional access from hilly districts to Muni Metro and BART. 36 Teresita full route will be restored. 39 Coit will return, providing service in North Beach and Fisherman’s Wharf. Muni “school trippers” will run during afternoon peak school hours. New Route 58 Lake Merced will travel along John Muir Drive and Sloat Boulevard, serving communities west of the lake and connecting to shopping destinations, Daly City BART and Muni’s 14 Mission. Adjusted Route restorations 23 Monterey will resume providing service between Palou Avenue & 3rd Street and Saint Francis Wood and will connect to West Portal Station instead of Great Highway. 31 Balboa will provide service from Cabrillo Street and La Playa to Cyril Magnin at Market Street. 52 Excelsior will resume providing service between Dublin Street & La Grande Avenue in the Excelsior and Forest Hill Station. Service will be extended to connect to 14th Avenue & Quintara Street via 7th Avenue, Judah Street and 9th Avenue, providing service to Golden Gate Heights via a segment of the temporarily suspended 6 Parnassus. 56 Rutland will resume providing service between Visitacion Valley Middle School and Executive Park. Service will be extended to connect to 29 Sunset and Burton High School on Mansell Street. 57 Parkmerced will resume providing service along a shortened route between Eucalyptus Drive & Junipero Serra Boulevard and Daly City BART Station, providing direct connections from Stonestown and Parkmerced to BART and KT Ingleside-Third Street. The new 58 Lake Merced will provide service along John Muir Drive. 66 Quintara will resume providing service between Vicente Street & 30th Street and 9th Avenue & Judah Street. Service will be extended to provide connections to UCSF and Haight Street & via Parnassus Avenue along a segment of the temporarily suspended 6 Parnassus. Route Extensions 12 Folsom will be extended to the south from Market Street to provide service between Jackson Street & Van Ness Avenue and Caesar Chavez & Bartlett Street. In the Mission, service will run along 26th Street instead of connecting to 24th Street BART Station. South of Market, instead of running along 2nd Street, service will be provided to Rincon Hill via routing along Main Street and Spear Street. 48 Quintara/24th Street will be extended to the west from West Portal Station to resume providing service along the pre-pandemic route between 20th Street & 3rd Street and Great Highway & Rivera Street. 16 Key Routes will have expanded evening bus service and All-Nighter Service will be restored as well.
  6. ICYMI: Service changes were made on August 9th Here are some notable ones: Line 76: Extended to Richmond Pkwy Transit Center Line 78: Launching as a Pilot program to operate between Fruitvale BART & The Alameda Ferry Terminal Transbay: Lines E, NX3, & OX have been restored.
  7. Here is AC Transit 2015 New Flyer XHE60 #2501 outside the Emeryville Public Market while on Line 57 to Foothill Square. This is the first XHE60 ever built and the first Articulated Hydrogen bus in North America.
  8. SamTrans 902, a 2014 Gillig BRT 40', seen here sporting the brand new "Connecting the Peninsula" paint scheme while on Route 120. (Photographed 4/15/2021)
  9. SamTrans is currently working on this service change project called "Reimagine SamTrans". It aims to either retain geographical coverage, Improve rail connections, and/or Direct/High Frequency service within San Mateo County. More info: https://www.reimaginesamtrans.com/alternatives/
  10. There is talk of MUNI also getting 3 NovaBus LFSes to add on to the Electric buses being ordered.
  11. This morning (3/2/2021), a 29-foot Gillig BRT (4102) was involved in a bus hijacking this morning while on Route 59 to Valley Fair. The suspect has been arrested and has been booked into Santa Clara County jail. News story from KPIX: https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2021/03/02/santa-clara-vta-bus-hijacking-scott-blvd-monroe-fremont-street/ Here is some evidence about what route 4102 was on and the last time it was seen (ignore the "59 to Baypointe Station" part because the bus never finished its trip to Baypointe Station. 0209 finished the 8:19 AM Route 59 trip to Baypointe Station instead [evidence seen below]) : All Vehicle tracking information is from Pantograph.
  12. Sonoma County Transit 229, a 2015 ElDorado National Axess BRT CNG 40', is seen here on Route 60 in Downtown Santa Rosa
  13. Here is 2019 XE40 #8005 on Line 51A to Fruitvale BART (2/19/21) (This photo was taken by me, and was taken by following Social Distancing Guidelines and I was wearing a Mask at the time)
  14. Here is 2015 Gillig Low Floor #1526 on Line 76 to Hilltop Mall (This photo was taken by me, and was taken by following Social Distancing Guidelines and I was wearing a Mask at the time)
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