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    Seoul, South Korea
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    city buses especially MTA,TTC,VANCOUVER area transit,DART and WMATA. paper buses are also my interest

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  1. BLUECITY160

    Paperbus Thread

    OMG, what a bad day for that laptop.
  2. BLUECITY160

    Paperbus Thread

    First I'm really sorry for the late upload. I had some worse tech problems as bad as you can get. (my laptop broke, my wires were cutout and all other kinds of stuff) If you are not... OK with my model I'm sorry for the poor condition, and also the late upload anyways.. please enjoy what I have... and.. if any problem i"ll make changes
  3. BLUECITY160

    Paperbus Thread

  4. BLUECITY160

    Paperbus Thread

    oh.. Then I think it will take some more time... Because I'll have to trim a 40footer into a 35footer my bad. There is an error in the model. I'm SOOOOOO SORRY!!!! Here is a fixed model The red circle is a part where I forgot to paint. So I fixed the problem and this model is the fixed version and also if there are any other problems, Please tell me I will be happy to fix it.