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  1. I think this is the first time I post a picture of my local bus model anybody take a guess???
  2. OMG, what a bad day for that laptop.
  3. First I'm really sorry for the late upload. I had some worse tech problems as bad as you can get. (my laptop broke, my wires were cutout and all other kinds of stuff) If you are not... OK with my model I'm sorry for the poor condition, and also the late upload anyways.. please enjoy what I have... and.. if any problem i"ll make changes
  4. oh.. Then I think it will take some more time... Because I'll have to trim a 40footer into a 35footer my bad. There is an error in the model. I'm SOOOOOO SORRY!!!! Here is a fixed model The red circle is a part where I forgot to paint. So I fixed the problem and this model is the fixed version and also if there are any other problems, Please tell me I will be happy to fix it.
  5. I'm not sure... Because I can't find a detailed image on google. What I can find is a cloud scheme type looking paint job... If I can get/find a better look at the bus, then I might do a better job on it. That doesn't mean I'm not trying it, but with more photos... I can do a better job. I'LL TRY MY BEST. -need answers!!! whats the bus type!! is it an XE35? or a 40footer????
  6. anyway, I managed to finish your request hope you like it - BLANK MODEL - 25 DIVISION - 66 CHENEY - NOT IN SERVICE - BLANK 1861 SORRY.... I couldn't manage to get the license plate... I'm really sorry...
  7. I might give it a try, but I think it will take some time due to curves and fonts of the bus... but I'll try my best! PS . can I have a better look at the STA logo and the rear stickers, please. It'll be really helpful
  8. guys I'm currently working on SEAT buses (southeast area transit district) and CT Transit. does anybody have a SEAT font and aCT transit logo? it would be really helpful thanks
  9. Orion next-generation hydrogen bus? + not my photo from flickr
  10. Tried my best to make an ISTV (Inmate Security Transportation Vehicles) Found a Los Angeles County of sheriff dept. if there is any problem with this model please tell me.
  11. While I was googling around, found the MTA long island bus RTS so.. got the feeling of making it!
  12. my first model(?) is the AMTRAK THRUWAY bus any problems please tell me ^^
  13. Hi guys.. I'm curious if anyone is still interested.. on this topic
  14. Hi, I just joined today! (about 10~20mins ago) found out a great community of paper buses. Currently I... only paint models I respect original authors and.. other credits (I'm always welcome to questions ^^) PS. Real big fan of MTA BUS(NYCT) and trains(MNR, LIRR) sorry... I'm not familiar with this site..
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