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  1. Some maps and map captions are out of date on the wiki. Note that maps/captions that are outdated only because of the pandemic are excluded. Unless otherwise noted, updated maps are not available, and maps/captions are outdated because of the April 12th service changes. 125, 160, 830: 160 is no longer current. 140, 250, 255, 330: 140 and 330 are no longer current. (330 says "current" for itself when it should say "final") 250 is no longer current as of January 2021. 200, 280: 200 and 280 are no longer current. 261: Missing the Merriman/Ecorse stop, which existed as of
  2. I didn't include that because of all the differences between the 2011 305 and the 2021 305; come to think of it, maybe I should've said the same about the 525. If I remember correctly, in 2011 both the 305 and 525 of the time ran during a single peak hours in a single direction only, both routes in 2021 share one endpoint with the route of their 2011 versions, and the routing in between that and the (closer of the) other endpoint is mostly similar though not precisely the same. I guess I could conscionably call them revivals of those routes rather than new routes with the same names and n
  3. Also, the SMART servers might not have updated maps, but the signposts do! Here's the 525: (PS: I'm posting this picture for possible use on CPTDB until a map file is available.)
  4. The April 2021 service changes (archived) have occurred: Route 140 was extended on the south end to Southgate Meijer via Eureka and Fort. This also caused Route 250 to have some minor timing changes. Route 160 was revamped, providing service to Detroit River Wildlife International Refuge as well as up Allen and Southfield to the Dearborn Transit Center. Route 200 trips ending at Newburgh/Enterprise were extended to Westland Meijer and renumbered 210. The 200 and 210 are still scheduled together, however. Route 280 was renamed the Western Wayne Crosstown. Service to Am
  5. Due to the October 5th service changes, some wiki pages are in need of updates: Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation Route 790 'Pontiac Crosstown' - Page has been renamed, but the information not updated yet Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation route 796 'Pontiac/Perry/Opdyke' - Page has been renamed, but the information not updated yet It looks like this was already in progress, as several pages have been updated already. I've also brought up a lot of other changes, many of which don't appear to have been implemented yet.
  6. @MetroDetroiter_WindsorVisitor SMART appears to have used one of your images on the December 2019 Financial Report and April 2020 Budget Committee Meeting pamphlet (even edited in the latter). Were you aware of this?
  7. More changes incoming! First off, changes that were due to be implemented in April but got pushed ahead to March 23rd because of COVID-19 cutbacks: Route 140: Now permanently serves Oakwood between Beech and Michigan. Map is outdated, but updated version isn't on website. Route 250: One trip had its times adjusted by one minute. Routes 400/405: The map shown on the wiki pages is outdated as of 2019-06-19. 2020-03-23: The routes no longer serve JL Hudson / Greenfield Nearside (EB). Route 610:
  8. Also, SMART's main page lists the youth fare as $1.00, but it changed to 50ยข on May 1st, 2019 with the introduction of Dart.
  9. This looked a lot better in the editor. If the formatting continues to make it unreadable, I'm going to open the Google Doc that I was originally keeping. Route 261: The first 15 days of service (2018-01-01 to 2018-01-15), no fare is collected. 2018-02-09 - All FAST routes run local service for the day due to snow emergency. Service to Merriman / Flynn was added before 2018-06-01 - though the exact date is not known. The email about June service changes, sent on June 1st, says "There has been the addition of a new FAST stop just north of I-94 at Flynn
  10. Now on weekends, and permanently starting in March, the People Mover will run counter-clockwise again.
  11. I saw 1914 and 1960 for the first time today, welcoming the Detroit Youth Choir back to the city. The destination signs read, in full: CONGRATULATIONS WELCOME HOME! DETROIT YOUTH CHOIR
  12. Got a pic of 3806 while I was riding it for OpenStreetMap, during an eastbound 780 when it got a midroute break at Somerset. Speaking of "riding it for OpenStreetMap", I'm in the process of uploading this changeset, which contains all the (not already mapped) stops on the 780, including the ones that were missing from the 460 and 445 - thus completing the last two Woodward routes, and Project Woodward is done!
  13. Are you sure 1019 wasn't deadheading to the first trip of a run? The fact that the run number says 03F also makes me think that.\ Edit: As for the 38, nope! The 3:40 bus is a full-length (at least as far as off-peak goes) trip, from Gratiot/French to Millennium Park via Harrison. The 3:50 bus is the short-starter.
  14. Update to the picture of 3832 - it's the same picture, but for some reason the version above is at half res (my phone took the picture at full res), and I also used the opportunity to update the watermark.
  15. I've finally got some pictures I'm proud enough of to post here. I took pics of 3801 and 3834 laying over at the Phoenix Center on March 5th, and 3832 in service on southbound Woodward (doing a route that coach should not be assigned to) today.
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