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  1. Transcollines will be operating on a reduced schedule starting April 6th. The reduced service will shut down routes 922, 925, 933 and 996 and reduce all other routes to 1 or 2 trips per direction per day. Lunch hour buses are also cancelled.
  2. True, but the low floor is a lot better for seniors and small children...
  3. The good news with this is that the entire STO fleet is now low floor. Great for accessibility. Rest in peace/peices Classics. You will be missed
  4. Just got word from my STO contact that 9225 is the sole active Classic remaining as of today. Long live Classics!
  5. STO bus 2019 is one of 43 new Novabus LFS HEV buses purchased by the STO. It is pictured here at École secondaire de l’Île in Hull after finishing a trip on line 827, on February 18th, on it’s second day of service.
  6. Here’s a pic of 2019 this AM Annoyingly, the side destination sign is already broken (it was flashing random blocks of pixels, but not the test pattern)
  7. 2019 seen EN TRANSIT at Marie-Burger! (All these 20XX numbers are messing with me!)
  8. Friend of mine just spotted 2021 on the 23 Plateau.
  9. I think it would be really nice if there could be a button somewhere to return to the discussion board section of the site, as I am always looking for a way back when on the wiki and I can't be the only one with that issue. Thanks
  10. The 960 used to be the mid-day route for Chelsea & Cantley via Gatineau back when Transcollines launched back in 2015. It was abolished after only 1 or 2 service changes and was replaced by mid-day trips on the 925 and 931.
  11. Transcollines is now available on the Google Maps trip planner, as mentioned in a post on their Facebook page! Also, it appears the destination signs have been reprogrammed and stacked text has been spread over multiple full-size pages. Finally, @SMS, may I suggest this thread be renamed to “Transcollines”. Thanks.
  12. Just spotted her at Marie-Burger Layup (Cité-des-Jeunes/Marie-Burger)!
  13. STO 1313. The number only makes it scarier...
  14. Noooooooooooo! I just hope they’ll keep one for historical purposes.
  15. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a rear sign-only PR message that was mistakenly activated by the driver.
  16. 9225 seen on the 837 - École secondaire de l’Île this afternoon!
  17. 0914 died this afternoon in the École secondaire de l'Île loading zone, as it was starting a trip on the 434 de l'Île...
  18. 6481 just spotted on Sacré-Coeur/Maisonneuve with the rear sign showing “A1 ME”, something I haven’t seen in a very long time...
  19. The 59 isn’t accessible (to my knowledge) The STO reprogrammed all of it’s destination signs last August and has 2 codes for every single destination, one that doesn’t have the wheelchair one with it. The idea behind it is that the pictogram is used to indicate the bus being accessible and not the line. Problem is that the NSAS doesn’t know the difference between an accessible bus and a non-accessible bus and so it always puts the non-wheelchair destination on the bus unless it’s operating a designated accessible line. When their consoles would quit working for whatever reason, some 12XX and 13XX buses had their destination signs consoles replaced with older consoles like on 02XX to 04XX buses that don’t interface with the NSAS and thus the driver has to manually enter codes (those consoles usually say “Pocatec” or “Balios” instead of “Axion”) In your case, the bus probably had an old console and the driver actually punched the right code in...
  20. The thing is that now many routes come into Ottawa via Mackenzie, bypassing the Rideau centre completely. I think the best spot is the Supreme Court or Terrasses. BTW I just about fell out of my chair when I saw that picture of 7901, seeing as they just recently moved it around to be the holiday bus at the Hull Garage.
  21. Hey folks! I don't know if such a thread already exists but my efforts to find such a thread were unsuccessfull, so here goes: This thread is for those who are looking for pictures of a specific transit vehicle when pictures cannot be found elsewhere. So if you happen to have a picture that is being seached for, feel free to post it here by quoting the request. Please be reasonable with your requests and remember that if someone doesn't want to share their pictures, that is their choice. Here is my request: I am looking for pictures of RTL 2-009, It seems to be one of those "ghost buses" that no transit picture site has a picture of, same for the wiki.
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