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  1. STO 2102, a 2021 Nova LFS HEV, seen here on July 22nd 2021, it's first day of revenue service, while operating line 39 Freeman via Station les Galeries.
  2. Quick question: What software does RTL use for scheduling/blocking/runcutting/rostering? I would have thought HASTUS but their GTFS data (Standardized schedule data for app developpers like Transit & Google Maps) is clearly not generated by HASTUS, and they don't have the HASTINFO trip planner like the STO or many other agencies that use HASTUS like Calgary or Grand River Transit...
  3. I, like a lot of people here, also have autism (Asperger's actually - but I prefer not to use that term as Hans Asperger was involved in the Nazi regime during WW2) and I also have ADHD. I got diagnosed around 4 years old and found out from my parents at age 8. I have been fascinated by transit for the last 5 or so years and have developed many good contacts in the industry, which led me to start my own business at age 15 producing GTFS data (Data used by apps like Transit and Google Maps for transit trip planning) for Transcollines and a few private sector clients. I have to say that for me, Autism is an advantage and is just what makes me myself.
  4. Here's my submission: Transcollines C20 awaits departure on route 921 in Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham, Québec on January 4th, 2021, after completing the inaugural trip on the new Transcollines line 924.
  5. Disclaimer: I am currently under contract with Transcollines to provide GTFS and developper relation services. This post is not affiliated with Transcollines and thus does not reflect the interests of Transcollines. Hey @1604 Just wanted to let you know that Transcollines GTFS-Realtime data is available and I would love to have it in Transit55. Details are available here: https://github.com/transcollines/GTFS-RT I'm currently working on fixing up the Transcollines pages (more specifically the fleet roster) in the Wiki so they can be up to date.
  6. Having the exact same issue on my end. It would be great to get this fixed as I used the visual editor extensively when it was available. Apparently (according to a quick google search) cURL error 7 is related to incorrect permissions (Details Here)
  7. Totally agree!! The mobile interface is great! Thank you to the fantastic tech and admin teams!
  8. STM intends to dispose of a number of MR-73 cars: https://www.seao.ca/OpportunityPublication/ConsulterAvis/Recherche?ItemId=e570a2c1-e70a-434d-8cba-14abcf701d6f&callingPage=2&searchId=3a87f8fc-e70b-4027-81a5-ac0800d7f6ce&VPos=600
  9. STO bus 2019 is one of 43 new Novabus LFS HEV buses purchased by the STO. It is pictured here at École secondaire de l’Île in Hull after finishing a trip on line 827, on February 18th, on it’s second day of service.
  10. I think it would be really nice if there could be a button somewhere to return to the discussion board section of the site, as I am always looking for a way back when on the wiki and I can't be the only one with that issue. Thanks
  11. Hey folks! I don't know if such a thread already exists but my efforts to find such a thread were unsuccessfull, so here goes: This thread is for those who are looking for pictures of a specific transit vehicle when pictures cannot be found elsewhere. So if you happen to have a picture that is being seached for, feel free to post it here by quoting the request. Please be reasonable with your requests and remember that if someone doesn't want to share their pictures, that is their choice. Here is my request: I am looking for pictures of RTL 2-009, It seems to be one of those "ghost buses" that no transit picture site has a picture of, same for the wiki.
  12. @STO_1601 You'll be happy about this! After the August 26th STO service change, the following pages need renaming due to the renumbering of school specials: Route 339 -> Route 334 Route 539 -> Route 534 Route 666 -> Route 566 Route 671 -> Route 571 Route 676 -> Route 576 Route 696 -> Route 597 Route 625 -> Route 825 Route 627 -> Route 827 Route 629 -> Route 829 Route 633 -> Route 833 Route 637 -> Route 837 Route 739 -> Route 734 Route 767 -> Route 867 Route 753 -> Route 653 Route 829 -> Route 929 Route 839 -> Route 934 Route 735 -> Route 935 Route 737 -> Route 937 Route 733 -> Route 933 Thank you in advance to the wiki admin who will take care of this. More name changes to come! -Dudebrains
  13. One word: Awesome. Thanks so much.
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