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  1. I don’t know. I will try to remember to ask the next time I am at the STO.
  2. I don’t usually post around here, but I was on a little road trip to Charlevoix and saw 2-0009 and 9-922 being towed by Jean Racine Presseur trucks towards St-Tite-des-Caps. So they are dead. Both had signs in their windshields that said “Booster arrière non fonctionnel” (Rear booster broken)
  3. Yeah! They got 2. I rode one the other day on the 921. They have Intercity-style interiors with WHITE, reclining seats, seatbelts and luggage racks. VERY comfortable. They have luminator destination signs, oddly enough.
  4. If you look carefully, above the door at the war museum side entrance at Pimisi, the owl used to scare pigeons is actually OC Owl!
  5. It is a Hull Fishbowl. The rollsign is set to “Parc de la Montagne”, which is the current route 31.
  6. Not to my knowledge, however, the Planibus has been updated.
  7. Not sure if it has been mentioned, but there is a leaf flag remaining at stop 7439 (Kirkwood/Woodward)
  8. I can confirm that Merivale/Viewmount has flashing green arrows!
  9. The contract was for 72 buses to be wrapped.
  10. Definitely, I Saw it coming onto Highway 5, It was going too fast for me to get my camera.
  11. The 09-12 novas are starting to get re-wrapped with the “new” corporate colours of the STO. I spotted 0914 and 1012 with the new wrap today. @STO_1601 maybe you want to start a list.
  12. AH! I saw it deadheading through Bridlewood right behind the last 256! That’s where it was going!
  13. That is because the shuttles have an internal number in the HASTUS system for easy reference and that's what gets posted in the GTFS feed. Most shuttles are numbered in the 800s, here are some examples: -The Gatineau 2017 Mosaïcultures bus was route 813 -The Canada day shuttles are 870 and 873 -The Lansdowne shuttles are numbered 804 (Rapibus), 805 (Robert-Guertin) and 859 (Rivermead)
  14. I watched the video, I think very very cool is an understatement. Thanks for sharing
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