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  1. The Novas are very nice, sooo quiet too! I can't wait to see the back of the Inveros, especially after my sister nearly burnt her hand yesterday on that piece of metal seperating the seats right at the back of the bus on 4493. I checked it and it was actually quite hot.
  2. The folks at the Hull garage are awesome. I can't wait to see the 02s and 03s gone, their ride quality just isn't all that great.
  3. 9138 on the 637 (École de l’Île) this PM
  4. Anyone know of a good mapping platform to create routes (comparable to Google MyMaps, but better)?
  5. I tend to get 2 reactions from STO drivers. 1) They are super awesome and let me take many pics of their bus, etc... (I've even had two or three allow me to change their run boxes after school trips) OR 2) They stare at me wierdly and don't say a word. There really seems to be no middle ground.
  6. I don't know if it's been mentionned, but there is still a pair of leaf flags remaining for the 9 on Vanier Pkwy between St-Patrick and Meilleur (Stops 1398 and 8944). They are in pretty decent shape too.
  7. @SMS please delete, I posted in wrong thread
  8. Probably just about as bad. I go trough there every morning and I will say that the lights aren’t on the opposite side of the Rapibus, making them hard to see.
  9. Oh For crying out loud. That’s the THIRD crash at the SAME intersection since the beginning of the year! Something has to be done!
  10. The STO is very big on interlining, meaning that a "voiture" (run) is not assigned to only one route, so a bus may start a run on the 68 from the Gatineau Garage, end up at Cégep Gabrielle-Roy, become a 37 Ottawa and then end up as a 55 Allumettières (in Aylmer). This means the Classics may be anywhere at anytime. It really depends on luck and the number of LFSs that are broken
  11. New website was launched today WAYYYYYY Better than the old one
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