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  1. The Catherine Street Greyhound station is in the process of being obliterated by demolition crews. IIRC Brigil bought the land, so I wouldn't be surprised to see yet another massive tower of expensive condos go up here soon.
  2. Ooh this is interesting! They'll be doing a joint order with the TTC. Can't wait to see how that'll turn out.
  3. It'll be interesting to see if these actually are faster than the current readers. When the STO replaced their readers recently, I found that the new readers were both much slower and considerably less "sensitive" than the old ones. On the old ones, you just kinda had to put your card anywhere on the target and BEEP! You were good to go. However, with thr new STO readers, you have to bring the card in a much smaller target and it takes considerably longer for the card to be beeped through.
  4. STO mechanics have been on overtime strike since sunday evening. That, along with a bunch of artics being grounded is causing tons and tons of trip cancellations which IMO are being poorly communicated. The only real indicator that a trip is cancelled is the list on the website, but that list isn't accurate and there is no information in Transit App alerts directing users to check the list. The only information in Transit App is an alert saying to check Twitter because of "Network impacts". Extremely vague. Just yesterday, the bus I was intending to take home was on the cancellation list and despite that, it turned up, and the STO never tweeted about it being re-instated as they did for other trips... Full details: http://www.sto.ca/index.php?id=948&L=en
  5. Yep. 1210 burned to a crisp on highway 50 while deadheading back to the garage. It's a write off. STO has announced they are pulling all of their 12 and 13 Artics (which represents 45 buses) from service until further notice as this incident is the second of this type resulting in a write off of a bus in less than a year (1318 combusted spontaneously on the Rapibus last june). Nova is going to come down and inspect all of those units and they will only be returned to service once they have been OK'd by Nova.
  6. That thing looks nice with a rack and LED sign (That's a luminator sign BTW, not a Balios. Notice the Flip-dot sign on the side)
  7. They have been shuffling buses around lately with no apparent rhyme or reason.
  8. According to TransitTracker, the STO is using Champagne Layup at Bayview to turn buses around on the 400. Very clever.
  9. Brace yourselves. The STO is going to be a gong show. A 400 every 15 minutes just won't be enough to get everyone across.
  10. I know that at the STO they have automatic passenger counting (APC) on a decent portion of the fleet. I once requested some APC data for a school project via Access to information and it was borderline creepy. The Excel file they sent me had something like 26 columns indicating boardings/exits PER DOOR for each stop as well as the "current" load on the bus on top of delay information (to the second), position info, as well as run, route, trip and bus numbers. So bottom line is that the data almost certainly exists at OC Transpo, but isn't made public, probably for privacy reasons among other things... (If there's only a few people on the bus, it's pretty easy to figure out where they got on/off...
  11. Good news everyone! STO data in Transittracker.ca is back up after having been knocked out during the cyberattack in september!
  12. Well that was short lived. They're not going ahead with the resumption of service due to the spike in cases. https://transpo.417busline.com/information/
  13. STO 2020, a 2020 Nova LFS HEV, poses for photos on a special lunch-hour trip on line 48 Cook/Perry via de la Montagne on December 24th, 2021. The 48 is one of the most remote routes on the entire STO network, at times even losing CAD/AVL coverage. It is also a particularly scenic route, traveling along fields and in beautiful neighbourhoods, as seen in this photo.
  14. The STO has posted the agenda for this afternoon's board meeting. The agenda is very short but item 8.2 is a big one: The board will mandate another transit agency to proceed with the purchase of 40-foot depot-charge electrics for 2023 to 2026. This means that there will likely be a request for proposals on the SAEO soon for a HUGE purchase of electrics from a bunch of agencies doing it all at once through the ATUQ group purchasing program. I'll keep all of you posted on the matter as news becomes available.
  15. To be honest I don't really know but my feeling is that the hybrid technology at the time wasn't as reliable as it is today, leading to those buses being in the shop more often than their non-hybrid counterparts. Because of their differences from other vehicles, mechanics probably required specific training to work on the buses and it was probably deemed not worth it to give all mechanics extra training that only applies to 2 vehicles on the fleet, especially considering that at the time of conversion to diesel, the STO was already operating a pretty diverse fleet (Classics, 2nd, 3rd & 4th gen LFSs, LFSAs and 2015+ LFS HEVs) which probably all required specific training, making it a pain to add yet another model that represented less than 1% of the fleet to that list. Parts supply probably had an influence as well, since they like to have parts on hand for just about everything, I'm sure they didn't like having a bunch of 07 Hybrid parts taking up valuable space in the warehouse and rarely getting used. As I said, that's my theory.
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