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  1. I have been looking for a picture of those screens for the longest time so that I could compare it to bleh.ca. You should submit that to Lost Ottawa!
  2. Transcollines will be operating on a reduced schedule starting April 6th. The reduced service will shut down routes 922, 925, 933 and 996 and reduce all other routes to 1 or 2 trips per direction per day. Lunch hour buses are also cancelled.
  3. I couldn't agree more with that statement. I have an ex-Longueuil Balios/Axion destination sign at home and trust me, updating it is a pain. Not only is it slow (with the number of routes OC has, it must take ages for the data to transfer) but the process is also very inefficient, as you have to watch the console the whole time to make sure no errors come up (and that's a whole other problem). I can only imagine having to do it for many hundreds of buses, one bus at a time, (insert USB stick, select the file, wait a few minutes, remove the stick and start over, woo) although the STO has a system that allows them to update the programming on the Axion signs in a few clicks via a wireless connection, but now that the Axion signs have been discontinued and replaced by Luminator products, that system they spent $73 811.65 for in 2016 is slowly going to become obsolete...
  4. I can't wait for these to come into service! They look really nice, especially with the white on the back (although I do think the red on the sides should have gone all the way up...)
  5. STO BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING HIGHLIGHTS - Feb. 27th 2020 The STO will be running buses from the Gatineau garage on weekends for spring booking (starting march 30th) for a 12 month period! This means that weekend service will be operated mostly by hybrids (as the may send the 14XX buses out - they are diesel). The opening of Gatineau garage will mean that renovations can be done at Hull garage. In other news, the STO confirms that 26 of the 43 2020 hybrid buses are now on the road with the rest expected to be put into service in the summer. Lastly, I can confirm that 9225 is retired. It was sitting on “death row” and administrative staff confirmed the retirement, marking an end to the Classic era at the STO.
  6. Transcollines has a suburban configured with the seats on the wheel well. The footplate folds up to allow a wheelchair through.
  7. Leduc is selling their LFSs! https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-other/ottawa/nova-lfs-suburban-transit-bus-for-sale-multiple-units/1488287447
  8. True, but the low floor is a lot better for seniors and small children...
  9. The good news with this is that the entire STO fleet is now low floor. Great for accessibility. Rest in peace/peices Classics. You will be missed
  10. Just got word from my STO contact that 9225 is the sole active Classic remaining as of today. Long live Classics!
  11. STO bus 2019 is one of 43 new Novabus LFS HEV buses purchased by the STO. It is pictured here at École secondaire de l’Île in Hull after finishing a trip on line 827, on February 18th, on it’s second day of service.
  12. Here’s a pic of 2019 this AM Annoyingly, the side destination sign is already broken (it was flashing random blocks of pixels, but not the test pattern)
  13. 2019 seen EN TRANSIT at Marie-Burger! (All these 20XX numbers are messing with me!)
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