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  1. I didn't see the bus at the accident location but happened to see it get towed in to Birchmount garage for maintenance, i guess?
  2. Hi, when i try to log in my account the site says ''your password is incorrect'' though i even attempted 6 times to change it, it only logs in for once but the second time it automatically logs out and says ''your password is incorrect'' then i keep on changing my password again and again and it still only logs on for once. Can you please fix this issue?
  3. An 83 Jones opareter is claiming that 56 Leaside is going to be swapped to birchmount though, i really want this confirmed, if so i want to really catch the last days of the 3G and hybrids on the 56. 190 Is being swapped to Malvern again? like 102 in February.
  4. Guys, don’t you know who the developer of transit55 is, well if you don’t it is the administrator of CPTDB @1604 it’s not even a big deal, you guys already know that their the new Novas so why does it matter? It’s not like your going to forget that.
  5. Today I found out that unfortunately yesterday the 3rd car this year ran into queens quay streetcar terminal. Credit to unknown source.
  6. Probably people who don’t know Toronto or use crappy Gps do such things like this!
  7. Rumor says that 56 Leaside is being swapped to Birchmount, can anyone confirm if this is true?
  8. 7713 Was also being used as one at the left corner of 7450 during NYE.
  9. In case any of you are interested, Brad has uploaded a video on youtube of the CLRV charter.
  10. Hello @1604 , i know im new to this board, but I made a mistake for my username and would like it to be changed to 1605. 1605 was the first TTC hybrid I ever rode. Thank you.
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