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  1. Updated the post to reflect the grand NEW JOHN CITY II updates. Growth has been amazing, so I present grand improvements to the server. This includes a mass amount of new static and animated emojis and new/returning users from around the world.
  2. If letters and numbers are changed remember it will cause confusion and may "break" directions given to one
  3. I saw TTC 7844 on 21 Brimley yesterday lol
  4. TTC VISION tracking for BlueBot is now available. It will now tell you if a TTC vehicle is tracking with vision
  5. Added rules link to the post, but in case it's not clear: READ THE RULES: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18BXVZppDFEk-4qe0cjA0z3QIkUMdNh5cDEdMOg-mIdo/edit#heading=h.alv63yrj84xy
  6. but seriously have we seen 86xx on 86 scarborough?
  7. If 8080 goes to quenswy then there wil be 8080 on 80 quensway
  8. Hello does a valid MiWay transfer work with YRT, DRT when boarding at a GO station?
  9. Is it possible to see TTC 8400-8617 novas around Wilson routes east of Yonge St during the day? I think I saw one
  10. Thanks for the unexpected support, you guys seem very familiar.
  11. WELCOME to the TRANSIT CITY OF NJC II Here's the NJC Discord server. We have dozens of users and many users from CPTDB already on board! This server is for those with an interest in public transit and transit simulators with users around the world. Come and chill, and play with our growing collection of emojis. DISCORD SERVER INVITE: https://discord.gg/pYbEAn8 Who are we? We are a community filled with people who are interested in TTC Toronto Transit Commission, GO Transit, and other agencies around the world. We also have users who play openBVE, OMSI, Train Simulator
  12. First trip of 192 is run by a 111 East Mall run. Artics count? --- Check this out
  13. In the Huntingwood area, it's unlikely that most of the residents would consider public transit outside of rush. Most travelers on Huntingwood use public transit during rush hours. Some are more likely to use the bus during the mid-day and weekend daytime. Overall, it currently is a waste of 3 buses running late at night on weekends. This cut may displace a few people, but greater good; perhaps the three buses can be relocated elsewhere more useful. ???
  14. If they can easily consider alternatives, then this isn't much of a loss at all
  15. What I meant was that there aren't much wheelchair users along Huntingwood, let alone riders. People can walk, and plus, Huntingwood is a fairly safe community. Walking will not be a problem when this route gets cut.
  16. Locations along Huntingwood Dr and Commander Blvd are already very close to existing TTC routes with all day, everyday service. Walking would not be a major hassle to the demographics of the riders.
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