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  1. Updated the post to reflect the grand NEW JOHN CITY II updates. Growth has been amazing, so I present grand improvements to the server. This includes a mass amount of new static and animated emojis and new/returning users from around the world.
  2. If letters and numbers are changed remember it will cause confusion and may "break" directions given to one
  3. I saw TTC 7844 on 21 Brimley yesterday lol
  4. TTC VISION tracking for BlueBot is now available. It will now tell you if a TTC vehicle is tracking with vision
  5. Added rules link to the post, but in case it's not clear: READ THE RULES: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18BXVZppDFEk-4qe0cjA0z3QIkUMdNh5cDEdMOg-mIdo/edit#heading=h.alv63yrj84xy
  6. but seriously have we seen 86xx on 86 scarborough?
  7. If 8080 goes to quenswy then there wil be 8080 on 80 quensway
  8. Hello does a valid MiWay transfer work with YRT, DRT when boarding at a GO station?
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