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  1. Our group was 12 , its been 10 for about aweek or so 2 ppl resigned due to personal reasons , birchmont seems to be a very friendly divison , people are always happy and willing to offer help and i have rarely heard negativity ,, so divisions ive been too in training dont have the same feel as birchmount , hope to see you around sooon !
  2. Congrats !! Im on day 18 of training and my group is going to birchmount , as of 3 days ago they started recieving new buses cheers Triggs
  3. What divison are you at im on day 11 of training for bus at birchmount , the class before me yas suppose to be birchmount but got transfered to malvern
  4. I know for operators they hired / are planning on hiring 600 or so . So the process takes alot of time , i would only assume all positions that are hiring loads , give it time im sure the ttc follows the same hiring process for every new potental hire , ref checks , police checks and such good luck and congrats on the interview Triggs
  5. ME TOO who were your trainers ? Cause im sure if they had numbers like that Sal would step in and figure out whats going on ( altho it does make sense because out of 12 in my group only myself and another strudent have their CZ already ) congrats on getting through probation ! What divison are you based out of ? Triggs
  6. I wouldnt worry too much , the exsisting criminal record check doesnt matter the TTC will send away for one anyway . And it seems like everythings on track for a feb / march training date .. my group was suppose to be training in december but it got pushed back to jan.. best of luck Triggs
  7. Hey AlexK my interview was with 2 people , they will ask for your job shadowing assignment right at the start and ask afew questions protaining to that , ( i suggest read over it and try remembering key points of your experierce ) then they explain the interview style and how they expect you to awnser , the 2 ladies i had were so patient . I got the feeling when i was interviewed that they really want you to succeed . The questions i got asked were entirely Customer service questions “have you ever been streesed at work , what steps did you take to resolve it” ”Have you ever had to deal with “ special needs , angry customers ...ect They also ask why you want to be an operator , ( answer with what ever is driving you to this ) ... do not say the money i doubt that goes over well haha Show some personality , And im sure you will be fine ! Oh 100% take water with you its so hot and dry in the room ... Congrats and good luck in the interview Triggs
  8. hey guys! I applied in March and Start Training January 4th. my division will be Birchmount and mode will be bus. just looking for any tips for me, the application process was super relaxed and I didn't find that I waited very long through the steps and to be honest I forgot I had applied, I went on tour for a month and a half and came back to an invite for the information session. My tips for the face to face Interview is be 100% honest with your answers and be yourself ( i didn't think i answered the questions as well as i could've and was actually kinda worried i blew it ) but they started calling references the following week Dont sweat the small stuff Triggs
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