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  1. I don't know what a PRcode is sadly. But, it was one of those buses with no route, just a destination like "Clareview" or "Northgate".
  2. Is it just me or do the rear displays look different recently?
  3. Hi everyone! I saw this and didn't know what it was or if it's anything special, as I haven't seen it before?
  4. The train looks really nice and it's so big and open! I was shocked as to how long it is in person. I do wonder if they are going to change the fleet number. I'm also curious if the exterior displays are green too, or orange like Waterloo's ION trains.
  5. Went to pay my respects. (I love creating melodrama) There was a worker there doing something behind the train and with the track. He said it was getting moved tonight.
  6. 2066 just got dropped off at the E-Track? Cromdale? Whatever it's called. Oh, and I saw someone else taking pictures. Who was that?
  7. 2066 is in Walker Yard now just east of 97th street. You won't see it from the Yellowhead though. Poor lil' C-Train all alone in the rain.
  8. Missed opportunity! 😭 There were some yard staff walking around the flexity, so it so I'm guessing it just got there and 2066 left recently? I don't know how shipping by rail works, but 2066 should be somewhere along the yellowhead or at it's destination in that case.
  9. Should've just posted this in the right place to begin with. Sorry Calgary! 😭 Saw this when I was looking if 2066 was still at Bissel yard. It's not, but this is! Welcome home!
  10. I just went past where 2066 was supposed to be and it's gone! There was something else curious left in it's place. (Unrelated to this thread, sorry!)
  11. Thanks, but I meant the white circular thing above it?
  12. What is that white lump is next to the exterior camera on 2205?
  13. I didn't mean to make it sound like a complaint. Plus, I misunderstood what the city meant so thanks for clearing that up, since I thought this was a change that would last a while. Sorry for any confusion! 😊
  14. I guess now Metro Line trains only go to Central off-peak. Why Central of all stations and for how long?
  15. I've never seen a U2 on the Metro Line before??? Train shortage?
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