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  1. Only 4 out of ten. We had lost 2 in our group of 4. And then in another group of 4 two were lost as well. 2 made it through to Scarborough birchmount. Then me and another made it to Mount Dennis and man the routes are intense. Anyone coming to mount Dennis ?????
  2. Hey guys made it through day 16 and now onto the next : ) Just for full clarity you will do 2 times on the highway and 6 alternate turns. And an s curve that you will need to avoid the curbs. Do not touch or come close to a curb. Just stay away from them. Even if you lose points for going wide : ) Just drive safe and relax. Don’t rush or squeeze in don’t force traffic to move wait until it’s clear. Just drive slow and easy. Nothing more : ) hope this helps. Dont forget railway crossings is front door and window only. Oh last thing move your head and scan the road more than a Xerox machin
  3. Day 16 testing tomorrow, wish me luck and best of luck to those currently in line to get on and or off to completing the bus service : )
  4. So awesome to hear. Please share some day 16 tips if you could. Like any alternate turns or challenges on this mystery route? Anything you can share will help as well. Thanks again for your insight keep it going : )
  5. Hey Thanks so much for the post I actually was going to message you. I’m training with Debbie at Mount Dennis tomorrow. Just worried about the driving test. What are some best practices and how was the route ? How difficult is the driving portion as I just want to ensure I’m successful. Thanks again and congratulations job well done : )
  6. Wow, but how do you Manage all this given that you maybe entering and moving into the intersection and someone or a car thinks they are at a track meet and starts springing I’m guessing they want you to just do a full stop? But please give me a few you might think I’m missing ?
  7. Thanks Ghost. I appreciate that. I made a list of automatic fails, hitting curb not stopping at stop sign speeding railway crossing rules disobeyed not double stopping at close stop signs not scanning mirrors every 5 seconds stipping at least 10 feet prior to instersectuon in case alternate turn is needed watcging for jay walkers and other pedestrians anyone can think of any other automatic rails ?????? Please share : ) just need to Nail this : )
  8. Having a hard time sleeping given I’m starting training Monday. Keep dreaming of hitting a curb and or just missing something. Sweating buckets here. Just want day 16 over with already. Please anyone have tips for the driving test keep me coming. Thanks greatly : )
  9. Hey ME-TO thanks so much for the reply. I’m excited and super nervous because I know the expectation surrounding safety I’m happy it’s Mount Dennis as it is closer to home so thank goodness. I’m still scared of the dreaded day 16 test because I would like the opportunity to really practice those alternate turns as well I’m worried about pedestrians doing something random on my test day despite the scanning and practice I put in. Those are my real worries. I enjoy the education part but I’m terrified about the testing on the road not sure how reasonable they are given the challenges today with
  10. Hey Team I officially start at Mount Dennis on April 2nd 2018 : ) Any mount dennis guys on here what is the division like and what can I expect ??? Thanks team. Really scared for the testing as this is it for me so again any pointers or help is greatly appreciated.
  11. Hey R2, Just use your top 3 references. I would focus on the more recent and most effective ones. We all have issues in our past why have them represent you. Maybe more experienced people can answer the rest of your questions. Question for the others, I got a tentative start date of April 2nd ,2018. They did not mention mode nor division does anyone else have this tentative start date?? Also I didn’t know they don’t always have this info ahead of time so quite interesting. Anyone else just recently finish training and can share some best practices? I’m so scared of that damn driving
  12. Hey don’t give up hope. I’m confident things will be explained. I hope all goes well. Thanks Betablocker for that amazing response. Just wondering what do you do now you mentioned greener pastures????
  13. Congrats to getting your training date : ) Back to steeetcar talk, thanks a million https://cptdb.ca/profile/29507-ttcopitm/ I am scared I’ll get into streetcar and never leave but I’m totally good with dual mode training that I’m willing to do : ) If that’s an option I’m totally in : ) That way I’m more valuable and for sure up my pay : ) Plus I could take some bus routes on my day off for over time. You have been super helpful. Any tips for training? What to do to ensure I pass and get on ?
  14. In your opinion do you enjoy this mode ? Also what are some pros as you did list the cons : ) Amazing to know all this. Sounds like it is very involved. Also do you think streetcars will expand operation in terms of growing the network or are we just replacing the old trains? Would you switch modes and or do operators stay in those mode for most of their careers ? Sorry for all the questions just scared I might get streetcar and truly want bus or subway? Thanks a ton : )
  15. Anyone have experience doing street car or subway how do you find it in comparison to other modes ???
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