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  1. The job shadow was suppose to be done before interview. At least that was how it was for me 4 years ago. I guess if you already got this far and references are checked, then you should be ok
  2. Good luck to all the new trainees
  3. Probably not with the new lockdown. Who really knows these days anymore.
  4. Just saw new training class at Eglinton yesterday!
  5. Probably because of the long break in between the process? Or maybe policies have changed in these past few months? Just be glad you got an email back from them regarding your process.
  6. Just out of curiosity. What did the TTC say to the people who were in the middle of the process? Did they email you guys anything?
  7. People awaiting training / medical dates will probably be waiting a very very long time. They will need to recall operators laid off first before even thinking of new training classes.
  8. You should probably shoot your recruiter an email instead of asking here
  9. Yeah day 25 is easy. The instructor will be much more lenient. I took a wrong turn for day 25 because of a detour for the 108 Driftwood route. The instructor guided me back on route and did not dock me any marks for rubbing a curb on a very tight right turn I had to do.
  10. Just be patient. You got this far already. Let the process take its course.
  11. My training partner failed day 15. It's unfortunate but it enabled me more 1 on 1 time with my instructor. He also had conflicts with my instructor prior to day 15. We had a new instructor on day 15 and he gave him the 2nd unsatisfactory for running a yellow light.
  12. Color blind = no subway. Bus is fine my friend is color blind and he's a bus operator
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