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  1. I only said that's rough because Mt Dennis is not close to you at all lol. I live in Scarborough and was lucky enough to get placed at Eglinton. Trust me when I say that it is a blessing to live close to division especially when you'll have splits that are 4 to 5 hours long. And there's no "sarcastic" good lucks given. I do mean good luck.
  2. That's rough. Good luck with training.
  3. Yeah probably the general behavioral questions but not as many I would think. I wasn't part of the fast track last year so my interview was close to an hour long with 2 interviewers. I still have the questions they asked me if you're interested send me a pm
  4. My friend has color blindness and he's doing fine. You just won't be able to work subway
  5. Yeah one of my classmates failed years ago. He kept his badge number though so he's like a low 7 badge so everyone thinks he's senior lol
  6. Yes I've heard of people getting appeals to re-do training. Heard of one student who blamed his failure due to having too many different trainers during driving. He got a second chance but failed again (not a surprise).
  7. If that is your mentality than don't bother going at all. And street car training I hear is harder than bus. If you go into it thinking of failure than you're gonna fail.
  8. You're the same age I am, and last year I was in the same position you are in. I had to quit my job to do the training and pretty much gambled on passing. Some people are fortunate that they can take vacation or leave of absence for the month, but not me. Fortunately I passed and I just finished my probation last Saturday. It was a leap of faith that paid off and I don't regret leaving my last job one bit. You have to make that choice yourself. Go to the info session and see what it's like. It's a shame they don't require people to do job shadow assignment anymore, because then you can actually witness an operator at work and what the job entails. The training is tough at first. The first few days of driving is nerve wracking as with anything that is a new adventure. But you'll get it, it will click and you'll understand driving and turning the bus. Be on your instructors good side and listen to what he/she is saying, they are there to see you pass, they don't want to fail you. Give me a PM and I can answer anymore questions you have. I think they are still doing interviews on the same day as the session. At least that's how it was a month ago, but I'm not sure if they changed it or not
  9. Anyone know how many operators they are hiring this year?
  10. So they are bringing back job shadow assignment. Good to know.
  11. Yeah he wasn't required to do the job shadow assignment
  12. I am so thankful that I got Eglinton division because I live in Scarborough. I think I would be super miserable if I got a division in the west end, just like my friend who got placed at Arrow and quit 2 months in... such a waste but he couldn't deal with the hours and commute .
  13. You can still fail out before the day 16 test for mounting curbs. I'd say for the first few days of driving it's OK, but by day 15 you should be confident enough to not hit curbs. My partner got kicked out Day 15 for 2 unsats, one for mounting a curb and one for running a yellow light.
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