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  1. how many trump units are there left at this point?
  2. 3731 went out for PM rush service last night. Caught it on 141 Mount Pleasant Express. Can't wait to catch one on the 14/28 Interlining.
  3. How often does RT90/91 come out? and can you know that they are actually out? Also, I remember seeing a full 6 car T1 set sitting on the exterior storage tracks at Davisville yard on August 13 IMG_1629.mov
  4. honestly if theres a charter for 7901, I'll join asap lol
  5. Montreal has already retired most of its 2002's and already started scrapping 2003's so i'm not surprised that STO is doing the same.
  6. LMAO yeah that was sent in the chat in January 2019. But yeah that's why I figured it didn't make sense that they were still out. 9001 and 9011 was referring to TTC buses
  7. I don't know if this was true but on January 28th, someone claimed that this STO 89 classic went back into service and "took a picture of it" . Is that true?
  8. That's true haha. I still need to catch that one too.
  9. I tried tracking down the Sainte Julie Orion V for a month and couldn't find them. I believe that they may have scrapped/sold them. Saint-Jean-Sur Richelieu may still have 1 or 2 of them but that's yet to be confirmed.
  10. I'll be in Ottawa this Friday to Sunday so hopefully I get to ride at least one Classic by the time I leave
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