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  1. also to the person that like sreading PDFs, i think this would be interesting https://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy07osti/40585.pdf maybe i dunno
  2. I mean I saw some of the green wrapped 6250s on the E line, a lot
  3. Damn, they really dont wanna for some reason. Anyway, I saw 6245 and 6259 on the E Line in their natural red colors, I think the majority of the green wrapped 6240s-50s are unwrapped now
  4. when theres an XDE60 on the E line going north aurora and 3 7100s on the E line tagging along, most be a full rush hour
  5. i made some dumb drawing when i was much younger of a bus, i recreated it in ms paint to see how bad it would look in real life, it doesnt look too bad, but i feel like its an overkill shuttle bus
  6. does anyone happen to know the model of seats used on the KCM gillig phantoms and 2003-2008 new flyer low floors?
  7. cool. thanks for sharing no problem, found it from a google result of something in the "images" tab and a giant PDF file caught my attention i think its going to AB just to rtake a break for a few, then go onto another route and rinse and repeat, before actually going back to its base, im pretty sure part of the schedule is to go to other bases also.
  8. i meant the 2008 de60lfs and 20010-12 de60lfrs, some of them had gillig steering wheels Also does anyone happen to know the model of seats used on the KCM gillig phantoms and 2003-2008 new flyer low floors?
  9. Also does gillig sell steering wheels by themselfs? Because on some of the 2008-2012 Low floor king county metro buses, I saw Gillig in the middle of the steering wheel. Or where they parted for some reason?
  10. dunno why but the 359 incident hasnt been put in this https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/King_County_Metro_Transit_2000-2201 the bus is 2181 that fell off a bridge in 1998
  11. Im gonna post this here since I used a "paperbus" sketch of an XD40 to make this thing, and it happend to be in the MTA livery, I made a sketch of a 30 foot xcelsior! Dunno why i did that
  12. and i made a gillig articulated bus lol!
  13. sooo, i made a thing, in MS paint i edited a sketch of a gillig bus for some reason
  14. found this quite amusing in https://kingcounty.gov/~/media/depts/transportation/metro/about/planning/pdf/2011-21/2018/transit-facilities-guidelines.pdf
  15. Also, what is a "center park" bus? What was the 3198-99 buses used for? Where does center park go and what purpose does it serve?
  16. thats an "engineering" bus, it got sold to the BAE systems company for tests or something
  17. love it when 2797 takes my street to north base lol, kinda cool to see a de60lf for once way after the discontinuation of route 316, which mainly used de60lfs
  18. also, what happened to the teal buses? none of the 81000s or 8200s have them, and the 8000s seem to be the last buses to get teal. hmmm.
  19. why? out of 300 buses, why does 12 have a different reader board than the rest of the luminator horizons in the entire fleet? hmm
  20. also theresd this 6867 bus on my street rn that says "to terminal" on the rear reader board in small text instead of "TRM" kinda odd
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