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  1. East base sent about 10 (I think?) more coaches to central.
  2. Yes, the D and E lines are currently a sh tshow, and route 5. They seem to be taking coaches from south base to run up here (and north bases de60lfrs and xde40s). Clearly this doesn't seem to fix the entire gap, but I guess south base has so many spare buses from peak only routes and incoming electric buses.
  3. After Metro seemingly realized that the route 20 has very low ridership, they have started adding more 40 foot buses to its mix. Now 79 runs 1, 5, and 6 always have 60 foot buses.
  4. 42-05 on Grade St and Allen St on the route 57 loop. 42-17 on the Route 44 loop entering the Three Rivers Mall. This bus has a different destination sign and my camera doesn't show it too well, which is unfortunate as I liked the rest of the photo.
  5. After a week of the new shakeup, north base has already put 6800s on the E and D lines. I guess 6245-6269 wasn't enough? Or maybe they don't have enough spare parts yet.
  6. It turns out that this is because north base will be covering half of the E line and D line trips (that start and end on the outbound terminal) for fewer deadheads, and will use the 2019 xde60s (thanks casey from facebook).
  7. One of RiverCities Transit's most common buses, the Gillig BRT 35' is operating on the Route 57 loop, on Corduroy Road.
  8. I saw a rapidride coach inside the north base lot, the one I could see on I5, I think the coach number was 6269.
  9. Ah, that makes sense now. For king county metro, anywhere on 3rd Ave between Olive Way and Yesler Way. For sound transit and community transit, 4th Ave and 5th Ave, I'd suggest (especially during peak hours). That will have mostly every thing except for proterras, which only operate in Bellevue on routes 241 and 226 (come on metro it's been 7 years). The electric xcelsiors can also usually only be found during peak hours. also something else, there were king county metro Gillig low floors on sound transit routes 542 and 566. I wonder if anyone got any pictures.
  10. Why does the route 65 to Jackson Park skip 30th Ave NE, and then turn right onto 28th Ave NE, left onto 127th Ave NE, then turn left onto 30th Ave NE, instead of immediately turning right onto 30th Ave NE? This deviation doesn't have any stops on 28th Ave or 127th. It has existed as long as I recall. Does anyone know why?
  11. North base only has one route to downtown Seattle, but it has three routes to First Hill, which is near Central Base. Does the 661 still take drivers to north base after AM peak, like it did with the other peak only routes that used to exist?
  12. https://kevin.wallace.seattle.wa.us/foi/thebook/ I found a website where you can find the recent copies of The Book and the route book.
  13. I always found the bold numbers on the front sign of route 8 buses interesting. All the new and revised routes from last shakeups have normal numbers on the front but bold digits on the driver's and rear boards.
  14. Does metro still have coaches 1752 to 1755? If so, are they going to be put back into service? I personally prefer them over the 4700s and 4800s
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