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  1. North base only has one route to downtown Seattle, but it has three routes to First Hill, which is near Central Base. Does the 661 still take drivers to north base after AM peak, like it did with the other peak only routes that used to exist?
  2. https://kevin.wallace.seattle.wa.us/foi/thebook/ I found a website where you can find the recent copies of The Book and the route book.
  3. I always found the bold numbers on the front sign of route 8 buses interesting. All the new and revised routes from last shakeups have normal numbers on the front but bold digits on the driver's and rear boards.
  4. Does metro still have coaches 1752 to 1755? If so, are they going to be put back into service? I personally prefer them over the 4700s and 4800s
  5. Why didn't you like it? Why is the 40 foot length awful?
  6. 2003 Gillig Phantom 42-03 on Allen Street in Kelso in the afternoon
  7. King County Metro tracking was down all day today. rip
  8. A DE60LF was on route 348 today for 3 trips.
  9. https://kingcounty.gov/depts/transportation/metro/schedules-maps/service-change.aspx New march service changes are coming, nothing interesting happening though, except curiously, 522 will not end at green lake, and instead terminate at Roosevelt station. I also heard that st 566 is switching from pierce transit to metro.
  10. It seems that route 330 existed in 1983 from the scanned suzzalo library map, but then in the 90s it got deleted, then restored? Does anyone know why?
  11. Does anyone know the pattern for kcm's old plastic seats?
  12. I think Bellevue base, with no 60 foot buses would be better off with electric gilligs,12 years in the future of course
  13. Similar question to the one above, does anyone know what route "91" was used for in the 90s? Is it some sort of shuttle, or normal route?
  14. Yes, thanks a lot ive been wondering about that for a while
  15. weird question, does anyone have any sort of map on the old "route 334" from bothell? it seemed to exist since the mid 90s and got suspended the i-695, and the page for the map on web archive is broken. thanks
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