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  1. From my information, the only thing the Union didn't get was 25% of the LTD cost paid for. The Union Executive all endorsed the CBA. I'd be really surprised if it doesn't pass a vote.
  2. Dear Sisters and Brothers. After spending the whole day at the labour board the offer brought by the district was highly disheartening and disappointing. Effective October 24,2016 @ 4:45am we will be officially on strike!!! For the time being report to the yard for your regular shift time and working days and you will be given further instructions Please spread the message to your coworkers and get the message out! Thanks Your Executive board
  3. From my sources, the situation is about to escalate. If both sides are still far apart Thursday, there could be a full strike by next Monday. Look for an announcement from ATU on Thursday.
  4. The turnover of Mechanics is by far one of the issues of greatest concern. Also, like Winnipeg Transit, West Van has had difficulty keeping the 2012 Xcelsiors on the road. (2010 EPA engine). When all of the 1995 D40LFs were active, it was rare to not have the required buses for book out. After the 2012 Xcelsiors and with the turnover of Mechanics, its been more frequent. Over a year, there were at least 2 afternoon runs cancelled on a regular basis. (Not daily but almost). This mostly resulted in afternoon 255 trips and some 250As being cancelled. So, has been for a long time periodically only 30 min. scheduled service for the 255 and some gaps with the 250A service. This labour dispute also involves the Municipality trying remove certain benefits in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Not sure about the details though, as I've been out of the loop for awhile now. Someone mentioned the Municipality no longer wants to cover short term sick benefits, and the union wanted something done about 255 service. Also as mentioned, the Union wants to have better working conditions for the Mechanics so that there isn't such a high turnover. There has to be more to it though.
  5. Wow, thats surprising 993 has been retired as that was one of the nicest 1999 D40LFs to drive! I figured they would scrap 991, 992, 994, 996 and 997 based on how those ones drove. In particular 994 was rather sluggish the last time I drove it. Of course there could have been other issues with that particular bus.
  6. Looking back to 2009, the decision to scrap the trolleybuses was very controversial. The motion to scrap the trolleybus system passed 5-4. If I recall correctly, Don Iveson was on Council at the time and is the current Mayor of Edmonton. He was one of the votes in favour of keeping the trolleybus system. While scrapping the trolleybus system may not have been favourable, at least ordering a few electric buses is a start in the right direction. Here's a link to Don Iveson's blog post from 2009. http://doniveson.ca/2009/05/01/last-run-for-edmonton-trolleys/
  7. If i remember correctly, the figure was over $300,000 per bus. Much more than the $180,000 Arboc cost. I remember when they first got them, they were based at Victoria Park and didn't seem to get the same TLC as the other shuttle buses. Someone on this board mentioned they were more reliable out of Spring Gardens.
  8. Keep in mind, there is a bus garage in North Vancouver still, as we know West Vancouver Blue Bus. Its definitely not to capacity and has room for over 50 more buses, assuming buses are parked as they are in the North Vancouver Depot. The only way it would work would be to abolish Blue Bus and combine CMBC operations or allocate more North Vancouver runs to Blue Bus (unlikely to happen though). Having said that, in the event of an emergency, there still is a garage, and there still are 50 buses.
  9. Surprising.... was told it was not worth fixing for the amount of $ required but obviously it wasn't as bad as was made out to be. It is definitely a beautiful bus. One of the best Novas I have driven.
  10. V7198 has been renumbered to 971. Should see service early next week.
  11. Confirms that the Eldorados were indeed the impetus for the Calgary purchase. I'm not sure the exact cost of a new engine but it appears to be around $5000-$8000 per engine. That is likely over the cost of the 1993 D40LFs including transportation costs. Also, there is consideration to the condition of the 2010 D35/D40LFRS.
  12. To see the full story with pictures: http://www.brandonsun.com/local/brandon-transit-puts-old-calgary-buses-into-service-299022501.html?thx=y (I copied the story in case of paywall). Brandon Transit puts old Calgary buses into serviceBy: Graeme Bruce Wednesday, Apr. 8, 2015 | Comments: 0 Brandon Transit is squeezing a little more life out of five retired Calgary city buses as it deals with a surge in maintenance on its own fleet this year. In mid-March, the City of Brandon purchased the beater buses for $5,000 a piece, roughly the same price as a used 2004 Honda Civic. These 20-year-old buses have travelled Calgary roads for an estimated two million kilometres, but they all have rebuilt engines and three of the five have fewer than 100,000 kilometres on the engines. Tim Sanderson, the city’s director of transportation services, said Brandon will only keep the new-to-us buses until the city can replace four problem-plagued buses purchased just eight years ago. Sanderson said the lifespan of a regular city bus is anywhere from 12 to 20 years, but Brandon’s four 30-foot ElDorado-built buses, purchased before Sanderson was on the job, are already in dire shape. "They weren’t designed for regular transit usage," he said. "We’ve had nothing but headaches with these things." A tender is out to replace them, but at least two of the ElDorado buses have experienced major mechanical problems and are off the road entirely, Sanderson said. "We don’t feel it’s worth it to replace the engines on something that we’re only going to be hanging on to for seven or eight months while the tender’s out, so we’re using these gently used Calgary buses in place of those." Meanwhile, the 11 newest buses in Brandon’s fleet are all scheduled for routine maintenance this year and each will be off the road for at least two months. The old Calgary clunkers will also be used as temporary replacements while the fleet gets sent off for work, one bus at a time. "Normally, we’ve been sending them off to Winnipeg," he said. However, "we’ll send them anywhere — it really depends on what’s available and what the price is." Once Brandon’s fleet maintenance is complete, the city will get rid of the Cowtown hand-me-downs, rather than keep them around. "With something like a bus, we can’t just park it for months and just pull off the mothballs when you need it," he said. Calgary was selling off 50 buses earlier this year and Sanderson said Brandon "got the first pick of the best five of those buses." » gbruce@brandonsun.com
  13. In 2005/2006, there was a Transit Manager who believed that Brandon Transit would be best served buying small cutaways and medium duty buses. It was to be a new direction for Brandon Transit, thus the new buses were numbered starting at 1. 1 to 5? were 2006 Aerotech cutaways (retired by 2012) and 9 to 12? were Eldorado Ez Riders, the buses that are to be or in the process of being retired. A different philosophy on public transit prevailed with a different Transit Manager and Mayor, thus in 2011, the large order of D40LFR/D35LFRs was made. The current Transit Manager and even the new mayor can't be held responsible for a decision or philosophy put in place around 2005/2006. It was unfortunate and was definitely a waste of taxpayer dollars. It reinforces the importance of using heavy duty buses to provide a high quality transit service as opposed to vehicles that aren't necessarily up to the task. That is why most Transit Systems, aside from very small systems use heavy duty transit buses as the backbone of their service, and small/medium duty buses for a small percentage of service. (Calgary is possibly an exception to this).
  14. Not sure, will update when I have more information.
  15. I suppose this hasn't been posted yet... V7198 at Blue Bus to replace 964. 964 didn't pass safety and is now off the property.
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