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  1. I propose some updates for the trimet wiki

    The 2600 busses are all retired .

    The 2700s are all out of service for now.

    The 3800s are also out of service for now.

    4201-4239 are the next busses to go into service.

    1. TriMet Bus Fan

      TriMet Bus Fan

      Yes, the wiki is a little outdated. 

      I don't have the ability to edit the page, but I can tell you a few things. 


      The 2500 series buses are retired (the last day for them was when they were unexpectedly sent out on Aug. 31, 2020), but two 2500s (2530 and - I believe 2532) are still on TriMet property at the time of writing this post. 


      The 2600 series buses have (technically) been retired since about March 2020, but 2624 still remains on TriMet property.


      Two of the 2700s have been retired (2722 to the Bybee Lakes Hope Center, and 2719 for unknown reasons). The rest of the 2700 series buses are in 'Contingency' status, meaning they are only going to be used in emergencies, or for training. 


      Also, bus 3042 is back in service. It has been refurbished and repainted by CCW in california. It is the only 3000 to feature the dark blue paint scheme that the 3900s and newer feature.  

      Buses 3043, 44, 45, and 46 are also getting this refurbishment, but they are not back in service. 

      Buses 3048, 49, and 50 are also at CCW, but are also being converted to be a BEB.


      As of last Monday, the 3800s are back in service, after ongoing charger issues at Sunset Transit Center have been temporality resolved. 

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