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  1. TTC in the news

    The author of the article is clueless. He forgot his metropass at work and now thinks he should not face the penalty. Well go out in your car without your license and get pulled over and see what kind of a fine you get. Get stopped by Conservation Officer and tell him you left your fishing license back at the cottage and see how far that gets you. The whole point of Proof of Payment is to have the proof on you otherwise every scammer would just say i left it at home. Fare Evasion is much higher than 4% i think. You see it with all the 14-15 year olds pretending to be 12. The Drivers have given up as there is nothing they can do. I think TTC wants the vehicles moving and not delaying everyone for a fare evader. Funniest one i saw was a guy ask the driver for a ride to the station because he spent his change on a coffee which he was holding !!! Driver called it in and i guess they told him to continue , he said something about putting in a report. I cant imagine what even happens on the Streetcars. I heard if the Officers stop you, just run away there is nothing they can do they wont chase you lol
  2. Today's Sightings

    Today was the last ever 41B Keele Bus. It was Bus 1587 Run 10. It left Keele Stn at 6pm and arrived at Petrolia at 715pm. The driver brought a cake and had his camera ready for the big occasion but it was just me and him there. Apparently the Line 1 extension was more big news than this historic event.
  3. 8930 was on 86 Scarborough yesterday.
  4. 7621 and 7577 are done RIP
  5. ^^ Birchmount is getting some streetcar lines. Sorry but i dont know exactly which ones at the moment.
  6. Not sure the exact number but 50-70 drivers from Birchmount went to Malvern along with the 102. All were voluntary, nobody was forced. 169 has what 5 buses all day maybe? So its basically a swap 190 for 57. Again with the TTC you never know it might never happen could be just a rumour. We shall see.
  7. Rumour mill is saying 169 and 190 to Malvern. 57 to Eglinton .
  8. Missing in Action buses

    ^^ If i knew about this board 3 months ago i would have replied then.
  9. Missing in Action buses

    To me it looks like the hood of the car is bent so the car hit the bus. Bus probably pulled out and blocked eastbound lanes because westbound traffic was coming and the car slammed into the bus. If the bus ran the stop sign it the car would of ended up in the westbound lanes of Progress.
  10. 7699 and 7503 are gone
  11. If you look at the back of 7418 you will see new stickers for 418 and 561 faded out. So is it the old 7561?