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  1. Ok so 8120 has been moved and 7812 has arrived with a stop sign paper on the windshield. It could be the end for 7812
  2. lol Dr. Bus lighten up a bit hows the smell from the transfer station next door?
  3. 8120 is at Eglinton division on the fence by the theater. Wonder what they have in store for it ..... enter twilight zone music
  4. TTC Orion VII Movement List

    Lots of movements, looks like the roaches get a free ride to visit the west end !!!
  5. To your first question which you already answered yes that piece is there to block the driver from being videotaped. Now as to the TTC making sure drivers are being good boys , that video can only be pulled if the police need it for an investigation or it can be pulled by the TTC if there is an accident (lets say an onboard fall ) . At the end of an uneventful day the TTC cant just go into buses and pull tapes to see if the driver has been naughty.
  6. Today's Special Sightings

    Uncle Phil gets the transit geeks all wound up by going to other divisions.
  7. 1342 has a half wrap for the ' Art Shoppe'
  8. Can you bus freaks tell me if there is an 8717 , 8718 and 8719 . I am looking for somethings that doesnt exist?
  9. Ok this is what we can tell you . 7778 is stripped and done. We can also confirm that 7877 is at Eglinton Garage but not stripped .
  10. Check out the numbers of 8875 above the driver on the closed side. They are much bigger . Dont know if the stickers are new or they came like that from Nova.
  11. 1278 has a Seneca College (open house ) half wrap. Another first timer
  12. We would like to announce that 7871 has found its way to Eglinton Garage. We shall wait and see what is going to happen to it.
  13. We can tell you that 7797 and 7870 are at Eglinton division. Not stripped . We will wait and see what happens
  14. Today's Special Sightings

    Its just a Malvern driver doing Overtime on an Eglinton Route. He probably finished his work out of Malvern and went to do the 116 .
  15. The top of 7880 is wrapped with DUItoronto.com . First one i have seen for this company.