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  1. Im more of a 103.5 guy . Anyway 1767 half wrap for FBI on Global .
  2. 7858 half wrap for 98.1 FM Darren and whatever her name is
  3. With Vision the Operator will be able to make exterior announcements. So if he pulls up to a stop and there is a person in a wheelchair and 20 others he can tell everybody that the person in wheelchair is boarding first. Or if there is a constant fare cheat he can tell them 'no money , dont bother coming on ' lol
  4. Never once said it was stripped or anything like that. Just mentioned it (8051) was at Eglinton which was kind of Odd. Leyland did you manage to see it ?
  5. Just want to let everyone know that 8051 was at Eglinton Division a few days ago along the fence by the theater. It has now dissapeared....
  6. 8105 half wrap for Dspot 'step up to the plate' . 1555 half wrap for West Jet
  7. This is BIG ! 1117 and 1381 full wrap for Delta Bingo .... BIGGEST JACKPOT EVER
  8. 0=0

    TTC Service Changes

    Because i like starting rumors... The "Rocket" was taken out because somebody complained to the commission that it was offensive/inappropriate.
  9. 8014 half wrap on drivers side for Homesense. 1825 Half wrap for Hotel Transylvania
  10. 8100 half wrap on drivers side for Hotel Transylvania 3
  11. 0=0

    TTC in the news

    Not sure where to put this but here must be the best place. Check this out. You think the TTC gave them a permit to film this on their property??
  12. I will get this one in now while i can ... 7707 has arrived at Eglinton Division.
  13. 8624 has blue seats behind the driver that can be lifted individually.
  14. Just noticed something different between 8600's and 87 to 8900's. Inside the bus the 8600's have advertising along only one side. The 8700-8900's havethe advertising running along both sides of the bus.
  15. 1669 and 8118 have got a half wrap for ' AVENGERS Infinity War'