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    Today's Special Sightings

    I saw Toronto Transit Commission 8822 on the 24 Victoria Park at around 830pm nov 23rd
  2. Spotted 7839 on the back of a tow truck headed for the scrapyard today on Kennedy north of Eglinton.
  3. On the Novas there are 2 types of stickers for 'low clearance watch your head' that are behind the driver facing the 2 seats. Majority of buses have the small size and written 'low clearance' . But there are buses with these other stickers with just a picture of a guy banging his head on the top . 8666, 8698 and 8911 are some off the top of my head with these stickers.
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    Missing in Action buses

    About 9003, what we are hearing is that the bus serviced the stop so it did not lose control coming down the hill. There is talk that the driver serviced the stop then proceeded and then tried to avoid a pedestrian who was on the roadway ( no details if the pedestrian was crossing on red or if he had the right of way)
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    TTC Electric Buses

    There is talk that an electric bus arrived at Mt Dennis a few days ago. I saw a pic of it . You guys need to get down there if you want to see it. It says 'Proterra Catalyst' from what i saw on the pic.
  6. We are going to add 8813, 1547 and 7731 with the Porter Airlines top wrap
  7. I saw 7839 last night (friday) at 1130pm disabled westbound on St Claire at Birchmount
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    Today's Special Sightings

    We are getting word that these shuttles or extras will be added on Saturdays. So be on the lookout for special sightings this weekend.
  9. Already reported in the MIA section.
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    Eglinton Crosstown line

    This is what they are doing but i heard it was a mess the first day so some express buses were sent down transway to Kennedy.
  11. 1283 half wrap drivers side MINI ALL4 All wheel drive
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    Missing in Action buses

    1578 is at Eglinton Garage
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    Today's Special Sightings

    I saw 8026 on the 10 Van Horne around 4-6pm today
  14. 8174 and 1637 half wrap drivers side for Hayu.com Reality on Demand