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  1. I saw it on the back of a flatbed truck (half of it actually) on Kingston Rd and Golf Club Rd around 3pm today
  2. 8898 also has this. D spot desert cafe i believe
  3. Add 8882 also with Invisalign.com
  4. 8766 has a half wrap for something called Invisalign.com
  5. I was on a vision bus today the driver was pressing buttons and it made an announcement 'Thanks for the amazing work out there today' . I went over to him and asked him what was that. He said that it was a private message intended for him only but that i had made history by being the first foamer to hear it.
  6. So with vision the 116B sign stays as 116B towards Kennedy. It does say 'to kennedy stn'
  7. Eglinton Vision buses going on 67 Pharmacy and 70 O'Connor for now
  8. 9209 has the Dolphin Gaming half wrap
  9. 8661 was on the 9 Bellamy from 8pm till 130am
  10. 8639 was on 24 Victoria Park about 2 hours ago.
  11. 3444 on the back of a Tow truck around 3pm at Passmore and Silver Star
  12. I saw 3444 Not in Service on Don Mills just north of Overlea . Maintenance worker driving it.
  13. I saw 8673 on the 72 Pape a few hours ago.
  14. 8766 has the half wrap Dolphin Gaming
  15. There was a pretty big one today at Kingston and Eglinton. SUV ran the red light WB on Kingston while bus had green light making left from Eglinton. SUV is a write off bus has some minor damage. Sorry we don't have bus number at the moment maybe leylandvictory knows ???
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