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  1. The LCTA recently undertook a renumbering of almost all of their buses. Could one of the admins please rename the following pages: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Luzerne_County_Transportation_Authority_103-105 103-105 --> 13-15 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Luzerne_County_Transportation_Authority_201-207 201-207 --> 21-27 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Luzerne_County_Transportation_Authority_800,_801_(3rd) 800-801 --> 80-81 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Luzerne_County_Transportation_Authority_906-910 906-910 --> 9, 96-99
  2. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/San_Francisco_5001-5003 For some reason this page was created without the "MUNI" suffix. Can this get added in please? Thanks
  3. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Rockford_Mass_Transit_District_2101-2104 Hi admins, could you please switch out 2104 for 2105? Thank you in advance.
  4. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Durango_Transit_974 Can this please be renamed from "Durango Transit 974" to "Durango Transit 974-976"? Thank you.
  5. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Laketran_1721,_1770-1771 Can this be switched over to just 1721 please? I realized that there's a difference between a Turtle Top VT3 bodied Transit van and a regular Transit van shortly after making this...
  6. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Simi_Valley_Transit_4535-4536 Can this get renamed to 4535-4357 please.
  7. Additional request - Can 3032 be swapped out for 3034 instead? Thanks. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Space_Coast_Area_Transit_3031-3032
  8. 15GGD2714N3196987-N3196991 I am going to assume these are the suburbans
  9. Hi admins, a couple requests for some issues that I found, could you take care of these please? For River Valley Transit, 1204-1206's page should instead be 1204-1205 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/River_Valley_Transit_1204-1206 The fleet numbers for both ends of this page number are incorrect, it should run 4001-4005 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Kitsap_Transit_4000-4007 4053-4057 instead of 4053-4058 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Gold_Coast_Transit_4053-4058 4058-4062 instead of 4059-4063 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Gold_Coast_Transit_4059-4063 Request for deletion: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Transit_Authority_of_Northern_Kentucky_940 seems to be redundant (See https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Transit_Authority_of_Northern_Kentucky_936-948) Thank you as always.
  10. Just located another page with an incorrect fleet # range. Can this be changed from 0412-0416 to 0409-0416 please? Thank you. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Tulsa_Transit_0412-0416
  11. Centro G27B102N4: N3197009-N3197012 (4) Centro G31D102N4: N3196969-N3196986 (18) Centro G27D102N4: N3195601-N3195608 (8) For those keeping score, this is what i am aware of for 2022 serials as of today. Based on RailBus' information quoted below: It looks like Syracuse's CNG batch seems to be complete. I'd like to add 2213-2214 to that now-in-service report. I don't track Syracuse religiously nor do I live in Onondaga/Oswego Counties so I'm not sure about 2212, but it seems logical that it exists as well.
  12. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/GoTriangle_2111-2120 Could someone rename this to GoTriangle 2114-2123 please? Thank you.
  13. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Cache_Valley_Transit_District_4011-4012 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Stark_Area_Regional_Transit_Authority_1918-1921 Can 4012 be swapped out for 4014 and 1921 for 1922 please? Thanks
  14. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Transport_of_Rockland_RC308-RC312,_RC314-RC321 Can this be changed to RC308-RC312, RC314-RC316 please
  15. 15GGD3114N3196969-72 so far for the 2022 40' order
  16. The wiki is very inaccurate right now as far as figuring out what's retired vs active. I'm fairly certain everything older than 2003 at the very least is gone now that the 2021 Gilligs have entered service, but the problem is I cannot definitely prove that, so I can't edit that in to the wiki. The 2003 Gilligs may or may not be around, that I don't know and I'm not about to comb through transsee to try and find one active.
  17. Dropping the TARTA sheet here. It can be found on google though by googling any of the VINs on there. Bus-and-Shelter-Data-for-Addendum-1.xlsx
  18. Ah perfect, that 400 note explains a lot. I wasn't really sure what to do with that "Neogen" note and the Neoplan that they once had Regarding the loaner note, I assume so based on their supposed history of loaning a bunch of buses but only buying a subset of them.
  19. Couple questions Is 2915 a typo for 2913? 2913 popped up in Toledo around the same time as the rest of the Dayton units, and as far as I know, 2915 was scrapped https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=4015642565130609&set=gm.1020421305110630 Per an Excel sheet TARTA put up last month, TARTA 2817 should be GDRTA 1011. COTA 2702, 2703 were registered in Kentucky in 12/2019 but have no registration records in Ohio after July 2007 when COTA got them. Were they sold to TARTA via Kentucky? COTA 2721 turned up Toledo in Feb 2021 on the other hand. COTA 2930 appears to be dropped from this. It became TARTA 2909
  20. https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=254&acctid=19117
  21. likely not. 4025 has not been operational for some time 4024 was auctioned off in 2021
  22. Is 7186 a typo from 7187? I've ran NMVTIS title check a month or so ago on the whole COTA 2700 series fleet and 7186 went down to Kentucky (Presumably among the TARC that went to COTA?) in Dec 2019, but 7187 (And the rest of the serials you mentioned under 321-320, 321-325) was in Saginaw, MI by Dec 2018. I went ahead and double checked myself today - screencaps attached
  23. Length code errors in Gillig VINs are rare but not unprecedented so it could be that. I swear I came across at least two this past year but I can't remember what the properties/fleet numbers were...
  24. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Ride-On_5100-5129 Can 5129 be changed out for 5130 please? Thank you in advance.
  25. https://www.nfigroup.com/press-releases/ copy-paste
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