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  1. If by a while you mean that they won't be retired immediately, then that's probable. But they'll still be retired fairly soon.
  2. The only place they legally cannot stop you from taking photos at is the street. Parking lot is UCAT property as well and they have every right to kick people out from there as well
  3. well that's what happens when you try to access an agency's property without permission. it's private property, you don't need a sign to tell you not to access it. There probably is no sign there because the public may come to their office for a legitimate reason (Ex. Purchasing a bus pass, obtaining schedules, etc. I'm not sure what services UCAT offers at their office, but those are just a few that comparable agencies i know of offer)
  4. They're supposed to retire Charleston's D4500CLs. ------------- I feel it;'s worth noting that the batches are probably moot at this point, they would have just blended together into a seamless nonstop stream of Prevosts being delivered, and the schedule could very easily be thrown off. I probably shouldnt have bothered putting them up anyway. I'm not sure what's going on with the 2001-02 MCI retirement micromanaging but that's not how they retire buses. If there is a mechanically sound 2001-02 and a 2005-2007 that's a shop queen who just recently shit the bed, the 05-07 is going before the 01-02.
  5. I would like to request all of my images removed from the wiki please (The photos I put up for folks who don't have CPTDB accounts probably should stay on the wiki, probably, since it's not my decision if theirs stay up...). Thanks Note: I have unliked all images from where I know that they are posted and linked replacements where possible. They can be found here- https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Special:ListFiles?limit=50&ilsearch=&user=Orion6025 Tthe textual list is as follows - Metropolitan Transportation Authority: 3597-a, 2859-a, 598-a ,546-a ,4083-a ,6518-a ,700-a, 2209-a, 2775-a, 638-a, 2235-a, 5062-a, 5244-a ,4741-a, 4477-a, 7487-b, 4309-a, 9348-a, 0017-a, 4738-a, 5483-a ,9094-a ,7634-a, 3301-a ,3468-a, 2287-a ,5428-a ,1231-a, 6610-a, 6689-a ,8020-a, 8218-a, 7311-a, 7454-a, 7369-a, 101-a, 2826-a, 7809-a ,3838-a ,6088-a, 6425-a, 6702-a, 6031-a, 8083-a ,3026-a ,2808-a, 3668-a, 3537-a, 4825-a, 3998-a, 5447-b, 0016-c, 0013-a, 0016-b New Jersey Transit: 20803-a Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit: 1902-a ,2501-a Antelope Valley Transit AUthority: 308-a, 4373-a,, 4356-a, 60701-a Metro Regional Transit Authority: 2304-a, 2007-a, 2005-a Greater Cleveland RTA: 1805-a, 1705-a, 3702-a, 2284-a, 3205-a, 2845-a, 2903-a, 2611-a, 3515-a, 2952-a, 3251-a, 3321-a, 3558-a, 2415-a ,3016-a, Indygo: 2702-a, 0104-a, 1606-a, H1021-a, 0114-a, 1008-a, 1303H-a, 2304-a, 0214-a, 0009-a, 0136-a ,1512-a ,9799-a, 1713-a, 9926-a Academy Bus Lines: 2908-a, 2308-a ,2148-a Roosevelt Island Red Bus: 9-a 7-b 3-c RIPTA: 0517-a, 0931-a, 1010-a, 1302-a, 1328-a, 0469-a, 1608-a, 1087-a SEPTA: 8308-a, 3012-a Fairfax Connector: 7791-a DC Circulator: 2001-a, 1138-a, 1144-a WMATA: 5463-a, 2661-a, 6415-a, 2816-b, 7353-a, 7202-a MBTA: 0882-a OC Transpo: 8154-a STO: 1708-a, 1806-a
  6. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Greenville_Transit_Authority_1912-1913 Bungled the fleet numbers. Could this be changed to 1913-1914 please? Thanks
  7. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Los_Angeles_County_Metropolitan_Transportation_Authority_19500-19505 I'd like to throw this one in the pile too as well. According to my LA Metro roster, the series is 19500-19539 instead of 19500-19505
  8. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Jacksonville_Transportation_Authority_B012-B018 Could this page please be renamed to B012-B024? I published using the pre-existing link on the wiki without verifying if it was the correct fleet number range.. Thanks
  9. 2501 is once again removed from service and is stored on property. Given 2501's history of being retired then recalled back into service because of fleet shortages, I'm holding my breath as to whether this is for good or if it will end up back on the road in a month or so.
  10. The trolleys could have been hit by the miles issue. The deadhead from the garage to the anna maria island trolley route is quite long (unless they have a satellite facility closer that i’m not aware of). Traffic is horrible on the island in peak season so they don’t move terribly fast, but they might rack up a lot of miles by simply doing so many trips all day, 7 days a week. I forget if the beach express route uses trolleys or regular buses, but that might help drive up miles. MCAT took delivery of 3 trolley replicas within thr past year so that may have something to do with it
  11. Lol usually just from the pic it’s easy to tell anyway. For what it’s worth, I doubt any enthusiast is stupid enough to waltz into an MTA facility/garage but i suppose a lot is possible with some of the clowns in ny.. I haven’t heard/reached out about it so unless someone of NYCTF spilled the beans, no. just wait and see. I get that it’s more fun to know what’s going where, but all will be reveAled by the TA eventually. Just as well with nearly all of the recent orders, things changed from the original plans
  12. https://www.ttmg.org/nymta-novaq.html it’s at zerega If anyone wants to create the page in the next ~~24 hours please note that 9620 is 0022
  13. 5232 sustained accident damage today on the port ramp
  14. Yeah I'm not sure what to make of it. Vehicle history and the vIN you provided above is the obviously the correct one, but the proximity of the faxvin VIN to the MTA XD40s, the fact that the plate is probably being reused, and the fact that there is only one other city running XD40s in the state make this odd... And based on the model year of the NFI VIN, Rochester had already switched over to Novas anyway. I could check my roster from them later but I doubt it would be on there..
  15. Faxvin and autocheck are giving the xcelsior one. They must have transferred the plate between buses (but from what agency’s bus...).
  16. Huh this is weird. Yeah the VIN I posted above can't possibly be a Nova b/c of the WMI. The odd model year stood out to me but the WMI didn't for some reason, idk. I just went back to that vid that trespassing kid made to see if i mistyped the plate in the website but it still returns as a NFI, interestingly enough the serial right after mTA 7593..
  17. https://www.tcatbus.com/tcat-fall-2020-schedules-and-maps-pdfs/ Route maps and schedules are out
  18. 0022 @ secaucus facility vin 5FYD8FV04KB054754 plate BB3664
  19. I recently received a roster from CENTRO and since I give a hoot about the system, I've taken the liberty of summarizing the bus/city assignments. For more details see the wiki. A few notes - 1. There is the conspicuous absence of 671 and the various 2500s in the contingency fleet. It's unclear to me if they simply did not choose to include contingency fleet or if they retired them, since with the 2020 State Fair cancelled and 2021 Gilligs on the way, there's not much of a reason to keep them around. I'm tempted to go with the latter (Especially since the vast majority of rosters that have come across my "desk" include contingency vehicles), but i don't know for sure... 2. Since I feel most enthusiasts (including myself) couldn't care less about paratransit cutaways, I have/will not make note of them below (and on the wiki). That said, if anyone in the topic is interested, specify the city or division and I can provide fleet #s/models here. 3. I have in service dates for each bus that can be provided on request (I have not put them on the wiki due to the amount of time it would take to add them all). -------- SYRACUSE 682-686 2009 MCI D4000CT 1000-1017 2010 Orion VII NG CNG 07.501 1200-1255 2012 Orion VII EPA10 CNG 07.501 1269 2010 Orion VII EPA10 CNG 07.501 xOrion 1270 2011 Orion VII EPA10 CNG 07.501 xOrion 1271-1272 2012 Orion VII EPA10 CNG 07.501 xMTA 1625-1631 2016 Gillig LF CNG G27D102N4 1709 2017 Gillig LF G27E102N2 1750-1781 2017 Gillig LF CNG G31D102N4 1900-1913 2019 Gillig LF CNG G31D102N4 2800, 2802 2008 Gillig LF G27D102N4 2900-2902, 2904 2009 Gillig LF G27D102N4 OSWEGO 1267-1268 2010 Orion VII EPA10 07.501 xOrion 1700-1704 2017 Gillig LF G27E102N2 1800-1804 2018 Gillig LF G27D102N4 AUBURN 690-696 2015 MCI D4000CT 1705-1708 2017 Gillig LF G27E102N2 1805-1809 2018 Gillig LF G27D102N4 2801 2008 Gillig LF G27D102N4 UTICA 1019 2010 Orion VII NG 07.502 1101-1112 2011 Orion VII EPA10 07.502 1260-1261, 1263 2012 Orion VII EPA10 07.502 1920-1921 2019 Gillig LF G27B102N4 2903 2009 Gillig LF G27D102N4 2905-2908 2009 Gillig LF G27B102N4 ROME 1262, 1264 2012 Orion VII EPA10 07.502 1266 2012 Orion VII EPA10 07.503 2810-2812 2008 Gillig LF BRT G27E102R2
  20. Oh one more thing i forgot to mention - Tconnect will be using the 2019 Champion Defenders. I just realized I made a mistake the TLDR section of my post above; I'm sorry about that. It's been corrected.
  21. Proposed service changes for August 30 thru November 28 are out. Not worth summarizing everything in great detail, but I've included some major takeaways below. Some are merely extensions/formal adoptions of changes made during the corona changes. - Urban: Route 11N: Remains suspended Route 13: Truncated from Cayuga Mall to Ithaca HS. It now functions as a loop/a quasi Fall-Creek circulator route. Though the map isn't finalized yet, the routing should be quite similar to the pre-corona 13, except that the annoying little spur from Aldi's has been cut and incorporated into a new route and everything north of Ithaca Mall is not happening. Route 13S: New route that is a complementary circulator to the 13 connecting various food-acquisition-places (I don't know a general term that encompasses businesses that are supermarkets and whatever food co-ops are...). Map isn't out yet. Route 15: New express trips that bypass Titus Towers are being implemented The rush hour extras for the 31, 32 have been cancelled. No word if the 30 and 51 backup trips are lost, but I imagine they are (See university-related routes). I haven't bothered to compare the newly proposed headways with the pre-corona schedule to see if there are any major differences. Rural: General Note: Routes 20, 21, 37, 40, 52, 65, 67 are once again being rerouted to serve Cornell's West Campus to replace the short lived 83W. I would need to look at old schedules to see how many of these reroutes are just service restorations, since at least the 37 and 52 had their loop replaced by the 83W this past winter and I have forgotten the rest.. There is at least one short trip that will essentially be an 83W that continues to BTI. Routes 36, 37: Seems like they're returning to pre-corona routings. Routes 40, 43: Now operate on weekends. Replaces the 74, 75. Route 41: The southern terminal has been swapped from Schwartz CPA to Cornell's west campus (Essentially helping replace the 83W). Route 53: Down to 2 total trips per rush instead of 3. Route 67: Buttermilk/Southwest Shopping short trips are probably cancelled, but I'd need confirmation on that... Tconnect: Originally the plan was to run a pilot Tconnect service in the immediate Dryden area, essentially operating as an on-demand feeder service for the route 43 from rural areas that cannot justify having a bus route. That plan has been scuttled for now because of corona. Instead, the pilot will operate in Lansing and Etna, completely replacing the 77 (and helping pick up the slack from the 74). University-related: The university network has been restructured (again). Previously, the 82 was the "big honcho" connecting cornell's north campus to central campus and the various residential areas with high student populations to the SW to central campus. The 81 served as a supplement to the 82, operating in the reverse direction/helping alleviate crowding in the morning "rush", and then basically acting as a series of northbound short turn 82s connecting central campus with north campus in the afternoon "rush". The 83 was essentially a short turning 82 from north --> central campus that ran when the 81 wasn't running, and the 83W was the west campus-central campus "circulator" if you will. The new network threw that "pecking order" out and is a slightly simpler network of equally-important circulators. The new 81 is exactly the same as the north half of the old 82, ending at the B lot (Still retains the early morning trippers to Schwartz CPA). The new 82 is exactly the same as the south half of the old 82, ending in central campus. The 83 remains suspended. The 83W has been replaced as discussed above. A new route 84 is being created (Well, technically the 84 has been resurrected) which is a Collegetown/South Campus to Central Campus circulator route which seems to be essentially replacing the 30 and 51 backup trips (But we'll see.). Night network: Route 11N: Remains suspended Route 90: Reverts to the pre-11N routing (Last used in the summer 2019 schedule) of running to downtown. Route 92: No longer serves East Hill Plaza Route 93: No longer serves North/West Campuses. Service also now ends at midnight, instead of 3 AM. TLDR VERSION: Routes operating - 10, 11, 11S 13, 13S, 14, 14S, 15, 17, 20, 21, 30, 31, 32, 36, 37, 40, 41, 43, 51, 52, 53, 65, 67, 70, 72, 81, 82, 84, 90, 92, 93 Discontinued or Suspended routes - 11N, 74, 75, 77, 83, 83W New routes - 13S, 84 Routes with new routings - 13, 15, 20, 21, 37, 40, 41, 52, 65, 67, 81, 82, 90, 92, 93 ------- Once the schedule book comes out, these changes will be edited into the wiki (As well as the miscellaneous corona service changes). General service change info link, route 81's map/schedule (The only one that is released)
  22. 20081 and 7271 got into an oopsie in Secaucus. 7271 (On the route 139) rear-ended 20081 (On the route 113). 20081 has some rear damage but 7271 doesn't look so good. 20081 got some panels by the exhaust taken off and the engine cover has been pushed in a bit (And of course minor bumper damage). There's a lot going on with 7271's front so I don't really want to to describe it but it seems to have broken through a guardrail... Hopefully the operator got out of 7271 (and 20081) okay; the driver's area of 7271 doesn't look demolished at least..
  23. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Greater_Cleveland_Regional_Transit_Authority_63xx I'd like to throw this on the above list as well. GCRTA 6301-6318
  24. Could someone please rename the following? https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Roosevelt_Island_Red_Bus_Service_New_Flyer_D40LF - To Roosevelt Island 1-3, 6, 8 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Roosevelt_Island_Red_Bus_New_Flyer_Industries_XD40 - To Roosevelt Island Red Bus 8-9 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Roosevelt_Island_Red_Bus_Orion_VII_NG_HEV - To Roosevelt Island Red Bus 5-6 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Roosevelt_Island_Red_Bus_Orion_VII_NG_HEV_"Demo" - To Roosevelt Island Red Bus 7 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Roosevelt_Island_Red_Bus_Service_Orion_VII_HEV - To Roosevelt Island Red Bus 1-4 Thanks in advance
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