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  1. Never mind i did not see the later replies
  2. My understanding was that the option order is for fleet expansion to take over the sim23 and 24 instead of bus replacement/displacement, unless that changed.
  3. given how all 50 of the nycta units are going to meredith and how the 7 d4500s are located at yukon, replacement would probably happen through a garage transfer..
  4. sheesh they jumbled the vins out of order, that's exactly what i was worried about lol
  5. Are the D40LFA, L40LFR under threat of being retired this summer? I'm looking at the wiki roster and it looks like none of the orders listed will be affecting those models, but it always seems like that page isn't kept up all that well so I wanted to check here as well..
  6. They're not as bad as people make them out to be. The proterras were out of service at the MTA for some door issues(????) IIRC, but their range is great relative to the XE40. When the XE40s would pull in at the end of the evening rush, the Proterras would keep going well into the night. SEPTA is reportedly working on fixing their Proterras right now, they're not being disposed. The reason they removed them from service is kind of *odd* as well (frame/body), considering no other agencies have had similar problems with their Proterras.. As a matter of fact their carbon fibre bodies have pro
  7. buses accrue mileage quickly in staten island, they moves are to keep the average mileage of the buses in each depot roughly equal. Move things off the island to a place where they'll run less miles per day, move things onto the island that have low mileage. there's not really a certain age for moving things off staten island, it might look like that though because recently a lot of SI buses have been transferred to other garages across the city and because of talk of the 2011s following suit.
  8. I heard 7000-89 are staying in Staten Island and that they’re only going to move Novas around but hopefully that plan changes
  9. Has 1111 been out in Rome lately? I noticed it almost halfway between Rome and Utica on the NY-49 heading towards Utica but I can’t remember if it was one of the 2011 Orions out in Rome
  10. 2009 refers to model year as it has a 9 series VIN, 2010 refers to year built.
  11. Would it be possible to make it a strong recommendation or something for editors to archive all Public Surplus vehicle auctions linked into the wiki? After the auction closes, for nearly all agencies on public surplus, the information disappears and becomes hidden behind a login screen. If the auction is archived though (On http://web.archive.org or the various alternatives), such information is retained. Essentially, there is no point in pasting a public surplus link into the wiki unless the auction is archived; it is no different than something like this page where the auctions aren't linked
  12. No problem, I'm quite surprised as well. I'll report back in this topic if I can dig up anything more...
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