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  1. Orion6025

    Metro Transit

    well what buses need to marked as scrapped
  2. Orion6025


    Perhaps a stretch but XN60s built in Anniston?
  3. Orion6025

    SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    According to a few SEPTA employees 2301, 2303-2308 are all being leased to NJT because of their PTC equipment shortages
  4. Orion6025

    Nassau Inter-County Express

    Well 6000 was scrapped so..... It's not just me saying/implying it...... And here's why: 100 (1959 TDH-5301): representative of NYC's first order of fishbowls 1059 (1961 TDH-5301): Representative of the NYCTA livery 2151 (1962 TDH-5301): No idea why they have this one. Largely identical to 100 3758 (1963 TDH-5303): Representative of the 5303 model 8466 (1966 TDH-5303): Representative of a Fishbowl with the batwings advertising 8928 (1968 TDH-5305A): Representative of the 5305A model 5227 (1971 T6H-5305A): Last Fishbowl to operate in NYC, representative of the Blitz rebuilds 236 (1979 T8H-5307A): Representative of Triboro Coach in the museum fleet 1502 (1982 T8H-5308A): Representative of NYBS in the museum fleet -- So there's a *reason* why the MTA has all the fishbowls. It isn't some casual flippant thing of saying "Oh wouldn't it be nice to have [X] because i want it." All but 1 have a unique purpose and all are frankly easy to hold on to because of the parts availability on the market, as well as the parts donor they have in eastchester... Furthermore, they *have* demonstrate that they realize they have too many of them. They sold of a Jamaica Lines bowl to Hershey, and scrapped a cutdown Bowl that served as a roadeo bus... There are 3, and just like the Fishbowls, they all serve a unique purpose in the museum fleet... same story for the flx new looks 1201: First RTS for NYCTA 10001: representative of green bus lines 275: representative of queens surface 3865: representative of jamaica bus lines 4904: " " command " " 1996 TBD: Served as part of the atlanta olympics bus shuttle 5249: last production RTS for NYCTA So first of all, it's 6 (Explanations for whatever other ones you mention are at the bottom). Secondly, they all have a purpose to exist, just like the Bowls and old looks. Oh I will. It doesn't make fiscal sense at all. Let me quote what you conveniently avoided, explaining why it makes no fiscal sense: And furthermore, if the MTA cared about preserving their MSBA and LI Bus history, they would have held on to that MSBA Fishbowl instead of sending it off with the rest of the LI Bus fleet to NICE... You can keep saying that "They have saved [X] number of [Y] bus model" but ultimately that means nothing in this context because: *There's a reason they have so many. *It's evident the MTA doesn't care about their Nassau County history *The museum evidently has no interest in preserving CNG buses. Look at 4904. That bus didn't move at all from 2007 until 2018, and it only moved in 2018 to go up to Eastchester to get scrapped, and it WOULD have been scrapped along with 6000 and 1004/1000 had the appropriate people not stepped in. And even so, the museum has not put much effort into that bus, partially because of the significant investment it would take to restore it to legal and operational condition. It's not cheap to retank or recertify tanks on a CNG bus, and then they'dhave to continually invest in the tanks for decades, and that just costs too much.... Especially considering the fact that you'd put so much money in for so little payoff (Busfest, bus roadeo...). Even given the significance of the MTA's first c40LF order, they still haven't acted on saving one... They didn't set aside 7560 either... *There's already an Orion 5 suburban, and I realized they have 2 Orion 5 transits purchased second hand from Bee Line... That covers all possible feasible bases of preserving MTA Orion 5s... *And like i already said, why would they save an LIB Orion 5 CNG, when they declined to save an MTA Orion 5 CNG, which is much more relevant to the NYTM anyway ---- The museum has a budget to hold, and a lot of that is going to the subways in order to restore the majority of the cars before the mechanics who know how to maintain them retire. You have to approach this from a logical and fiscal standpoint as opposed to an emotional one. It would be cool to see a NICE Orion 5 CNG get preserved, but it won't happen on the dollar of any agency or museum... Don't get your hopes up. 6326 was last marked as a maintenance trainer and such buses usually disappear....... Very likely hybrid That's a metrocard bus not a museum bus Those are functional mobile command units, not museum buses
  5. Orion6025

    Cornwall Transit

    Orion 6 replacement?
  6. Orion6025

    Nassau Inter-County Express

    You're missing my point: you can say all these things but all of that costs money. These are transit agencies not bus museums, the MTA has no business buying back an old, beat to s#it CNG bus, refurbishing it mechanically and aesthetically, paying a lot of money to retank it or recertify the tanks, just to hide it away in Ansterdam depot where it will never see the light of day for the next 10-15 years because the Orion 5 design isn't considered old by them yet. It just doesn't make financial sense given how this is not southern california, NICE has zero money to spare, and the NYMTA has ZERO interest in preserving CNG buses (Note how they almost scrapped the 1994 TMC RTS-06 CNG, note how they didn't preserve a single MTA-legacy Orion V CNG (which they would have kept if they really wanted an Orion V CNG, as opposed to an ex-LIB one), and also the c40LF allegedly "reserved" for the museum hasn't done anything for years and is sitting stripped of paint in eastchester...). Furthermore, the MTA has indicated they have ZERO interest in preserving another Orion 5 beyond 93001. They had 6000 for almosr a year, but then scrapped that because it would be redundant to have 2 Orion 5s that have no significant exterior differences (Frankly the only thing going for 6000 was the transit interior and even that wasn't worth keeping). So no, no NICE Orion 5 CNG is going to be preserved unless someone decides to step up and privately preserve one...
  7. Orion6025

    Nassau Inter-County Express

    They barely have enough money and manpower to maintain the buses to make service as it is, preserving buses is likely not on their agenda. Also especially given the costs of retanking or recertifying the tanks... Notice how the preserved Fishbowl is never used.
  8. Orion6025

    Charleston Area RTA (SC)

    Does anyone know when CARTA plans on retiring the Flxibles and D35HFs?
  9. Orion6025

    WMATA Washington

    Occasionally stuff is anecdotally put up on facebook, but in order for it to be meaningful you need to have a baseline understanding of where everything is, then those occasional sightings of bus moves makes sense. And that baseline is nowhere to be found it seems like
  10. Orion6025

    WMATA Washington

    Is there a WMATA roster divided up by division? I've been looking for one for forever.
  11. Orion6025

    WMATA Washington

    Very unlikely. Tanks expired on the newest C40LF last year (Bear in mind those buses were built 2001-2002) so it wouldn't have made much fiscal sense to retank or recertify a bus that may or may not run again. Perhaps there may be some sitting around awaiting scrap. They do. There's a 1997 Orion V, a 1979 GMC RTS-03, an Old Look, and 2 New Looks
  12. Orion6025

    SEPTA (Pennsylvania)

    The 2001-2002 d40LF are still around...
  13. Orion6025

    Everett Transit, WA

    I suppose this is the end of the 1994 and 1996 Orions. Oh well, at least the Proterras look nice and are more easily accessible
  14. Orion6025


    Does anyone know whether the 2000 Nova LFS will be retired before, or after the 2002 Gilligs? I'm working on cities to visit in summer 2019, and if Buffalo has any 2000 Novas left, I'd be quite interested in making the trip..