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  1. Wow that was fast... Oh well, fun while it lasted
  2. Orion6025

    Metro Transit

    Well it's encouraging at least to see that it looks like there aren't any articulated bus orders due before July 2020 (Assuming the D Line XD60 options are only exercised once the D Line is ready to open). Really as long as any number is in revenue service (NOT the fair) I'll be happy. As part of the fair stuff or in revenue service? Good idea, I completely forgot about those. ----- Thank you for the advice by the way. I'll probably end up stopping by as long as I don't see too many D60 auction links being posted here lol
  3. That’s good to hear but could you post that info pls? We can’t do anything about it until you (or someone else in the know) posts
  4. If it were up to me i woulda put the XN60s in the 60XX series since it’s not like they’ll ever own more than 100 artics at once. Too bad they can’t do 40XX and have it make sense
  5. Orion6025

    Metro Transit

    Hi Minnesotans, I’m planning a road trip out to the central-northern Plains region and though Minneapolis is a bit of a diversion from my path, I’m willing to make it for a few D60s and Gillig Phantoms. Will any have a chance of being in service come July 2020 or should I just bypass Minn. and return at a later date? FWIW, are there any other buses (new or old) that may be of interest in Minneapolis or the entirety of Minnesota? I combed through the wiki and the D60s and Phantoms were all i could come up with, but if anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears. Thanks I don’t know what’s going on in Mexico but at least in the states + Canada, those are definitely the last
  6. 1827 is at some vendor along the QEW (I imagine it has something to do with the engine, since a benz logo was one of numerous on the building)
  7. As i was making my way out of Milton today, I noticed a D40LF in a lot at the very back of the Milton Civic Operations Center, visible from the road. I didn’t try to get close for obvious reasons to read the number, but I’m just putting this out there if anyone could find this info useful it was in the old Milton livery fwiw
  8. I think a few of the RTSes are still active as UMass field trip buses. One 1995 Nova and a 1990 or 91 TMC at least. Someone from the area would be more qualified to give specifics though.
  9. Are there any replacement buses in line to knock off the remaining little hools at dc circulator?
  10. He got it on the 144 but mentioned the 140 gets em a lot
  11. A friend of mine rode one of these and saw at least one other this past saturday Honestly for NH if you stand in downtown (i forget the intersection) you’ll get almost everything so I’d just suggest going there and waiting for some bus you like to come. Last time i fanned nh (last spring), I stood there and saw at least one of everything within an hour. There’s not much really in the way of variety
  12. Are the classics still passing through downtown on a (week)daily basis?
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