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  1. A bunch of Novas and Prevosts were recently registered. Appears we will have more 2020 model LFS HEV than expected Novas: 4RKYL82LXL9777634 4RKYL82L1L9777635 ------------------------- 4RKYL82L1M9777782 4RKYL82L3M9777783 4RKYL82L5M9777784 4RKYL82L7M9777785 4RKYL82L9M9777786 4RKYL82L0M9777787 4RKYL82L2M9777788 4RKYL82L4M9777789 4RKYL82L0M9777790 4RKYL82L2M9777791 4RKYL82L4M9777792 4RKYL82L6M9777793 4RKYL82L8M9777794 4RKYL82LXM9777795 4RKYL82L1M9777796 4RKYL82L3M9777797 4RKYL82L5M9777798
  2. model year is TBD but 1980 at the very least was built in late 2020 based on a photo sent to me a couple weeks back
  3. https://www.facebook.com/nycfirewire/photos/a.502505136493704/3635855699825283 Jesus F Christ... Looks like 1020 on the Bx35
  4. If my memory serves right, they never wanted frameless windows on their buses and the reason they got those was because that was what the Next Gens came with. If someone more knowledgeable on this can either correct me or add info please speak up
  5. I don't believe so, some 2004s from the 6365-6489 order were held onto as driver trainers at Zerega, but i have heard nothing about the museum picking up a bus i would guess probably? It helps that the MTA no longer has any CNG buses up for immediate replacement. What it boils down to is how soon the MTA wants to retire the C40LF and when they want to/are able to buy ZEBs in significant quantities. Of course there are the other outlying cases like expanding articulated bus fleets at CNG-capable depots ,but that conversation has been quiet as of late.
  6. 23 is at Far Rock now. Well as of now, only 6824 is registered to FP. The rest were removed from service, many on the 31st. They knocked out 6834 this morning IIRC As far as I know those are still pending according to the person who I trust for this sort of info. Unless someone reputable from there specifically said they're no longer pending...
  7. 23 presumably will be returned just like 8090 was. I wonder when they'll register 1301 and 5 to CP, it's taken them a while just to get to CP after all that time in Secaucus..
  8. Yes https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/GoRaleigh#Retired_Buses I wonder if the Orion 5s are still around? I assume they are because they’ve already moved on to retiring the gilligs, but I haven’t seen any confirmation yet..
  9. 1300 (2nd), 1301-4 assigned to CP this morning, all 2021 models. 23 (2020 model) is being rejected it seems, it ran the qm32 this morning and remains assigned to CP for now. I heard delivery order is CP then EC right now.
  10. Did they retain the #s 2821-22 at GoRaleigh?
  11. Yes fleet 1 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Massachusetts_Bay_Transportation_Authority_1101-1132 fleet 2 https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Massachusetts_Bay_Transportation_Authority_4101-4128
  12. VINs for the 2020 Gilligs are as follows - 15GGD3119L3192543 15GGD3110L3192544 15GGD3112L3192545 I am not able to confirm however which VIN is connected to which bus, it could very well be (and likely is) that the VINs were assigned to 2020-22 in the order that is posted above, but I don't have any way of confirming that.. I'm putting this out there in case anyone can provide info confirming which VIN belongs to which bus, or alternatively this can serve as a catalyst for someone else to make the page with confirmed fleet number-VIN pairings.
  13. They do have a non-revenue vehicle section on the doc fwiw, pages 26/27. At the end of the day, this isn’t something i’m invested in enough to throw a hissy fit over or anything, I’m just pointing out the source for my doubts.
  14. I put up some miscellaneous updates to garage assignments, delivery dates, etc to the main wiki table (on order section and the 1300-1629,9620-9784,9510-9619 rows) last night. I’m not retyping everything for a second time here but notable notes include prevost delivery starting jan 2021, nova hybrids in feb 2021, new flyer hybrids in mar/apr 2021, and nova diesels in late 2021/early 2022. In the short term, the following bus series will be retired NYCTA 2006/7 Orions Bus co, NYCTA 2001/2002 MCI bus co 2005/2006 mci ( majority), seems theyve decided to delay 2007 mci retirement?
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