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  1. 1904, 1906 are delivered. The rest of the order will slowly be trickling in. 1910 and 1912 will likely enter service next week. These cutaways (champion defenders) are being restricted to the 37 and 53 as much as possible.
  2. Your aforementioned sighting of it in june supports that theory
  3. TCAT update, 1911 is in service; it’s some international cutaway thing... I first sighted it a few days ago (on either the 81,82, or 83) but wasn’t able to get a number/confirmation what it was but it finally showed up today on the 53. Cutaway 1403 is conspicuously absent from it’s usual post on the 41, i’m not sure if that has anything to do with 1911’s presence. As for the second hand buses, surprise surprise all three are out today... 212 was sitting in their lot missing a few parts this weekend but lo and behold it’s on the 31/13 runs right now so....... FWIW it’s still untrackable. 2501 is also back from the dead and from my understanding it’s supposed to be only used for PM runs (But we’ll see about that...). It’s trackable. 2506 is doing very well as always and is also on one of the 31/13 runs right now. That bus gets around a surprising amount, it’s been even on the 93, 11S in the past two weeks. The 11S trip was this past sunday, it also ran on the 30 on Labor Day...
  4. Do any of these older vehicles still come out on weekends, or is it just weekdays when they’re needed?
  5. TCAT probably won’t be supplying buses since they keep running out of buses to make service. But i guess anything’s possible. Might explain why they had to drop a few trips on the 30 this morning.
  6. I walked by their depot today. There are at least two International cutaways sitting amongst the in service buses in full TCAT colors. One is numbered 1910, I wasn't able to see the # on the other vehicle. The two parts CENTRO D40LF parked out front are numbered 2517 and 2510.
  7. We’ll see what happens. There’s been so much bitching that the MTA may lessen the severity of the (rumored) cuts 307 Only sbs running exclusively buses without SBS colors. The q53+ is assigned 6234 in normal colors None have been replaced. The XDE40s should take care of these. That didn’t happen in the end. Every hybrid orion is off SI
  8. Update/Follow-Up: To my surprise, TCAT #212 does still run! I always assumed that it was a bit of a shop queen since it would run/track for a month, then disappear for a good while. That said today it was out and untrackable, so that could explain its absence on the tracker... Alternatively it could just be their backup/last resort bus. Today TCAT had to put out a couple extra buses to run shuttles for cornell’s move in day and they may have added a few extra 81 or 82 trips(?), requiring 212 to run... FWIW, 2501 has been quiet lately, while 2506 has been out very frequently. It’s on the 30 now... ———— Now onto C Tran in neighboring Elmira, NY. Their services are dominated by 1400 series gillig BRTs as mentioned by the wiki with the 1200s taking up the commuter and some local services (mall express for instance). I’m not sure what replaced the 2005 El Dorados and it looks like the pre-existing fleet of 2011 and 2014 gilligs were/are able to handle C Tran’s route demands... I assume they just got a few more cutaways? Their depot was crammed with well over a dozen cutaways when i drove by...
  9. Easily. They haven’t even awarded an order for replacements yet and transit and bus co are perpetually short on coaches Some will remain in service probably. Most if not all of the 2006 and older buses will be retired. Last I heard the plan was to get 4300-4329 and 2210-2228 off island. 4300-4329 will either be retired or transferred to bus co (last check was retired) so at the very least 2210-2228 should take out any remaining 2006s... Every depot with 2002s uses them every weekday. Even baisley park sometimes let them out on weekends, but they’re a disaster so that sort of makes sense...
  10. I just updated the wiki with more accurate and new information, but I figured it was worth summarizing the news here too: 1. The 2019 order is for New Flyers not Gilligs. I assume it’ll be 9 XD40s since TCAT only purchases 40 foot buses now, but out of an abundance of caution i chose not to list the model... 2. Delivery for the Flyers will be in september (“next month”) and then it’ll take a few weeks for them to be prepared for service so most/all will likely enter service in October with the issuing of the fall round 2 schedules... These are supposed to be replacement buses 3. I realize I forgot to list them (crap....) in the update but TCAT is due 2 Proterra (BE40s?) soon. I heard sometime in late 2019 is delivery... That said after the initial announcement not much has been said so i don’t know if everything is on track 4. TCAT is launching new 11N and 11S routes (see website)
  11. Fairfax Connector stores buses in WMATA's West Ox yard? While we're on the topic of fairfax, all their 2002 Orion 5s are retired, right?
  12. I guess that makes sense, especially once they stopped running the 2004s on weekends. Now that I think about a lot of their routes aren't exceptionally long.
  13. Will any of the 2000 new flyers survive the Nova invasion or is this it for those buses?
  14. That was only because it was damaged in a collision. AN459 retirement hasn't started, but Big tree and Hilton aren't using them as much as they used to. The XD60 pilot is supposed to be arriving soon but production units don't arrive until winter so the Neoplans aren't going anywhere for now.
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