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  1. Yeah I heard the same thing as well. I guess this will be another one of the "what-ifs" consigned to transit history.
  2. Right, the batteries make repairs much more expensive. Coupled with the fact that the hybrids generally have lower MDBF when compared to the diesels, it doesn't make much fiscal sense to keep repairing them endlessly when they can be replaced using federal money anyway. It's just lobbing money into a furnace to keep them around. The goal is 12 years, not 15, based on eligibility for federal funding.
  3. shoot they didn't waste any time getting rid of that lone 2008.
  4. If you mean increasing fleet size again so that it matches what it was pre-corona, then that wouldn't be surprising, but expanding beyond that?? I wouldn't go so far as to call it a fact lol. Just because a depot isn't full doesn't mean it has to be, it isn't some goal to pack them wall to wall with buses. The goal is to have enough buses to make service while maintaining a reasonable spare factor. As New York reopens and service is appropriately increased, some of the freed space will probably get filled in with the 130 or so 'expansion' buses that are retroactively replacing the 2005-2007 O
  5. Here is the math. There are 291 LFS HEV #9620-9910 There are 209 LFS #8755-8963 There are 194 XDE40 #9416-9499, 9510-9619 There are 139 XD40 #7851-7989 That's a total of 833 new buses. There were 200 2006 Orions #3500-3599, 6690-6789 There were 300 2007 Orions #3600-3783, 6790-6905 There are 160 2008 Orions #3800-3959 That's a total of 660 buses. Of course this wasn't exactly 660 prior to the mass retirements in September-November 2020, it was a little less, but to keep this simple let's just keep it at 660. No 2005 Orions were retired between
  6. Like I said, some 2009s are going to be retired regardless of their mechanical state based on how many Novas and New Flyers that are on order. So, it's more economical to retire a 2009 Orion with an expensive mechanical failure now, than it is to repair that bus only to retire it within a year's time again.
  7. 6691 is still with MV, it's on the M116 right now.
  8. Based on the # of Novas and New Flyers on order, some 2009s were bound to be retired. If one of those breaks down and it is uneconomical to pay for the repair, then it’s simpler to just retire the bus instead of spending a large amount of $ repairing it.
  9. They got 93001 but they failed to get one as a representative for transit configured orion 5s. They were going to get one of the two 1996 Orions r/n into the 1300 series, but both were scrapped, they then tried to get 6000 but there was too much frame rot so that scrapped that, 6326 *appears* to be scrapped as well. the 1993 orion used at zerega was junked too. There are also 174,180 but being roadeo equipment buses, I’m not sure if that counts as preservation (considering all past roadeo equipment buses have been junked).
  10. I would endorse this as well ^^. Of the top ~~100 rows of the L VINs page, only 19 of them have to do with L-series VINs... Granted, we’re certainly missing some serials that would fit in the huge block, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that the page doesn’t really look as nice and doesn’t communicate information well. I mean,,, currently only 19% of the first 100 rows has information relevant to the page title... And while the K VINs page looks a little less extreme, that’s because only a couple 2018 model blocks have been put in. If someone actually went to fill in all the J VINs on tha
  11. I think they might be done? They’re no longer listed as pending preservation. Typical NYTM not giving a crap about the bus fleet and only babying their subways..
  12. I'm fairly certain 1020 is done done.
  13. 2217,2220,2225,2228 at least are still at Castleton, they ran during the evening rush today as well. 2218 also is still at Castleton, though it didn’t run this evening. That’s not to say they won’t go to Eastchester soon, though. Unsure where 2219,2221,2227 have been today, it’s possible those were transferred at some point today but the change has not been reflected yet if that is the case. 2213,2216 are physically at Eastchester but are still assigned to Castleton. 2222 and 2226 are the only buses actually assigned to Eastchester right now. — as of 5/10 10:22p
  14. Off topic from the route redesign discussion above but krapfs should be getting 5 former SEPTA 2004 d40LF for their route A rover transit contract service instead of brand new 2020 xde40 per the original plan.
  15. Well i haven’t seen any indication that it is a lease They released their wishlist with the pretty pictures and graphics a couple years ago now. I don’t think anything significant from it has been funded yet
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