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  1. Orion6025

    Nassau Inter-County Express

  2. Orion6025

    MTA NYCT Subway/Bus discussion

    Correct and correct. No 7700s left. Just 145, 7815-7819
  3. Orion6025

    MTA NYCT Subway/Bus discussion

    6606 also to MV 7792 was scrapped a month ago
  4. Orion6025

    WMATA Washington

    I was informed they may be retained for the AT4X
  5. So Texas A&M has acquired a ton of new and used Gilligs (They go up to at least 673) now, but it doesn't look like anything has retired beyond the 5 units sold to Brazos (Add 219 in too). Rather they just expanded the fleet and pushed a few Novas into charter work. Also they got 2 40 foot 2001 Nova RTS-06 numbered 1123 and 1124. Idk their legacy nor their VINs because all the sites I used wouldn't give them out. That said, if anyone knows who recently sold 2001 40 foot Novas with a Detroit engine and a body almost identical to the old 1999-2000 NJT RTS (Save for a smaller side destination sign), lmk please.
  6. Orion6025

    MTA NYCT Subway/Bus discussion

    Mtabc/nycta. Never really cared much for NICE/LIBs equipment beyond the old foothill transfers. I never really ventured into nassau back when those old diesel 5s and the oldest cng 5s were around so i can't really claim those as my favorites. They sound absofrickinlutely nuts from the recordings though.. They looked nice too
  7. Orion6025

    MTA NYCT Subway/Bus discussion

    1997 orion 5s, 1999 orion 5s, 1996 orion 5.
  8. Orion6025

    Charleston Area RTA (SC)

    So a few notes on CARTA: The Flxibles are definitely slipping. It used to be 12 or so out per rush hour, now it's only 4-5 usually*. Time's running out pretty quickly For whatever reason the NABIs haven't ran that much lately. Only 1445 is actively out and about, but of course that can change (I've been informed that these will not be retired, at least as of 1/5/19) The Gillig fleet numbers at least 7 now, with 4011 being the highest in service (That I know of). 5014 was seen on delivery a while ago so it's safe to say the Flxibles are in their last days/weeks of service The Flxibles generally run only on the 203 and XP1 by this point. The 203 was consistently 100% Flxible until today when Gilligs and New Flyers started handling the route The XP2 is generally always Gilligs and New Flyers but sometimes a NABI will sneak on, the XP3 used to have Flxibles somewhat consistently but lately it's been 100% low floors. That said, Flxibles and NABIs sometimes show up on that route, and with the last XP3 runs of the night being interlined with the XP1, the chance of a high floor showing up is still plausible The D35HFs run like popcorn, they're easier to find than the D35LFRs. They're generally concentrated in North Charleston. A few will be retired once the Proterras arrive in February 2019. CARTA will be recieving a few more Proterras over the coming years but I forget how many it is per year. Anyway, those will assist in D35HF retirements The XP4 now seems to exclusively run with an Alexander Dennis Enviro200 (35 ft it looks like) as opposed to the usual XDE40, which has been pushed into local service. This likely retired another D35HF *I say this only to give an idea of how many Flxibles are out. This number can vary widely since CARTA seems a little spontaneous sending more buses out on some days rather than others (For instance, the 203 usually only has 2 buses. However, some days they'll send 3 or 4...) -- I may post a few more notes/thoughts/observations tonight if I see fit. Most of what I mentioned has already been edited into the wiki so have a look at that if you wish. That said, the active roster for the Flxible fleet is out of date; that's what the fleet looked like before the Gilligs arrived (And I'm inclined to believe that the D35HF active roster has changed slightly too). I have no idea exactly which ones are remaining. FWIW 1403, 1427, 1433, 1439 all ran this morning. If anyone has an accurate, official CARTA roster, please let me know or edit it into the wiki. Thanks!
  9. Orion6025

    Nassau Inter-County Express

    With all the money the feds have been throwing towards electric buses it's inevitable but for whatever reason they either haven't applied for a grant or haven't recieved one? Or maybe they just want to stabilize themselves after the nutty past few years
  10. Orion6025

    Charleston Area RTA (SC)

    Yeah since that post the Gillig suburbans have arrived. - Proterras in feb
  11. Orion6025

    BC Transit (Broome County NY)

    Broome has at least 8 brand new Gillig Low Floors sitting in their depot. I'm 99% sure none have entered service yet judging by how they're parked up and how none of them have tracked. Anyway, a brief overview of Broome County Transit from my observations both from their tracker and from the ground: Their 1999 and 2000 Nova LFS run all day (Frankly the number out in the evening rush was only 1 more out than in the mid afternoon) Their 1999 LFS appear to be fully low floor (I was looking through the windows and also based on a vid I found online), while the 2000s have the raised rear section AFAIK the 1997 Gillig Phantoms and the 2003 Gillig Phantom believed to be numbered 2001* do not run and serve as parts buses for the 2 2003 Gillig Phantoms that do run, 2006-2007 At least 2007 has been outfitted with a flipdot sign to replace its orange LED. Why they would do that is beyond me... Anyway they probably took it off a retired Orion VI? The 2019(?-or maybe they're very late 2018) Gillig Low Floors are retiring the remaining Phantoms and the 1999 LFS if I had to take a wild guess. The Orion VIs are very likely off property now, unless they're holed up in the back of the depot so I couldn't see them (Most of their lot is visible from the street but idk what's going on behind the garage and I wasn't about to wander onto their property...) *I say 2001 because: HART 806 and 807 got renumbered to 2006 and 2007. It's only logical that 801 would become 2001 The numbers 2006 and 2007 appear to have come from the last 4 digits of the VINs of 806 and 807. The final 4 digits of 801's VIN are 2001 so by the same logic the bus was likely renumbered 2001... Please disregard the fact that I numbered the 1997 Gillig Phantoms on the wiki as 303-???. It turns out those are these freightliner(?) like cutaways (I never got a close look)... 303-304 and 295 are all the ones that i came across today. I'll update the wiki sometime soon with all this info, plus a 5th 1999 LFS that doesn't track...
  12. Orion6025

    MTA NYCT Subway/Bus discussion

    TA's getting 15 XE60s in late 2019
  13. Orion6025

    Escambia County Area Transit (Pensacola, Florida)

    How old are the Orion 1 shots?
  14. Orion6025

    Dallas DART

    Yeah they got 5 I think? And at least 7 went to Myrtle Beach. At the beginning of 2018, I heard DART had 15 left. Idk how many of those 15 are left though, there doesn't seem to be much info on DART online.
  15. Orion6025

    WMATA Washington

    The Bus Lounge facebook group