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  1. To add on to the little blurbs i put on the wiki, it looks like 1103 has been towed off property but I didn’t elect to walk thru the boneyard this time so i can’t be sure. That said, counting the hybrid humps i saw from the street, 1103’s appeared to be missing
  2. 2501, 212, 613-614, 701 are all retired for good. 702, the only operating hybrid right now, will follow in suit shortly. Though currently OOS, 1102 will be repaired and put back into service, to be TCAT’s only hybrid. Also the final scheme for the Proterras came in today and the design looks a m a z i n g. I don’t know whether I’m allowed to discuss it here, so all i’ll say is that it’s a special design based off of the existing TCAT color palatte. 1908 entered service on the 82 today
  3. So right now I'm working on planning a trip up to SSM in mid January 2020. Will the Orion 6s still be running around then?
  4. b24,32,39,47,62 and the q58,59. In theory it is possible that one could show on the b38 but I wouldn't count on that, it really depends on how many XD60s can run.
  5. It was for the blue line shuttle but ultimately they were barely used for that. Supposed to be for the at2x now (but that route does not *need* MCIs). Frankly i can’t understand why they didn’t off load them all 6
  6. So I;ve wasted the past hour doing some investigative work on the DASH MCIs and this is what I got back: Recently, some photos from the DASH Roadeo were published and the MCIs 704 and 705 were seen (With plates). For a while now, it has been assumed that ex-pRTC 327-328, 336 were renumbered to 703-705. That said, I ran the plates for 705 and 704, and though 705 came back as 336 (Not to mention the faded 336 stickers it has), 704 came back as ex-PRTC 325 as opposed to either 327-328... So I ran all the license plate numbers in the vicinity of 704 and 705's plates (I ran them until I ended up consistently getting some other random vehicle VIN), and found that DASH had purchased (AT LEAST): 325-328, 330, 336... Now this begs the question of what 703 is (The remaining buses are 326-328, 330...). It is not 327 for sure since that bus was clearly visible sitting in DASH's dead/retired/storage bus lot in a shot with another ambiguous MCI (##0; presumably 330, but who knows, maybe there are more MCIs purchased by DASH that I wasn't able to locate by blindly plugging in plates). Furthermore, in the garage shots of 704 and 705, there are clearly three MCIs in DASH paint visible, meaning that 703 cannot be one of those buses parked out back. This leaves only 326 and 328 to be the possible #703. I'm tempted to favor 328 since that bus was already noted as being renumbered by DASH, but without a plate I don't want to draw that conclusion... Can anyone shed light on this perhaps? For anyone interested in checking out the specifics of what I found (All the plates, VINs I found, more details), instead of just going off the above, you can find that on the new DASH MCI page: Click me
  7. I recall seeing a photo of 20001 on facebook a while ago so I can back him up on that. The only issue is I don’t *have* the image on hand so I cannot prove this, though... EDIT/UPDATE: https://m.facebook.com/groups/426014607458494?view=permalink&id=2614803615246238&fs=2&focus_composer=0 here’s a video of it. If you’re in the south florida transit fb group, you should be able to see
  8. One D40LF was retained as a community bus. Maybe it;s a 2003, I forgot the number of the bus. Edit: Here, it's 2171:
  9. http://www.i-riderta.org/news/rta-receives-over-6-million-in-new-state-funding?fbclid=IwAR002rcR7C5ZWf641vrtMRdHGOcvk76lWavPUS-jsLmpm6-bUuG0UxNgP-w dayton got 7 new 35 footers coming. see details here ^^. I've tabulated it in the roster page and went a little more into depth for anyone who may want more details/info
  10. replying really late but these are the active neoplans i’m aware of: Pittsburgh: 2 2005 Neoplan AN460 NJT: Numerous (around 80) 2003-2004 Neoplan AN459 RFTA: 2 2005(?) Neoplan AN440 MBTA: A little less than 200 2004-2005 Neoplan AN440LF, 30something 2005 Neoplan AN460LF DMA, 24(??) 2004 Neoplan AN440LF ETB Westchester Bee Line: 1 2003 neoplan AN460 DASH: 6 2002 Neoplan AN460 SF Muni: some amount of 2000 and 2002 Neoplan AN440 There are still some privately owned cruisers floating around out there as well as privately preserved vehicles and privately owned vehicles (there are a few FLFs convt’d to double deckers running around NYC)
  11. Since we’re in the final stretch of Pittsburgh, Neoplan operations, I feel it’s worth mentioning that if anyone is looking to get some photos/rides/videos, they run only on the O1/O12 and thus are pretty easy to find in the rush hour
  12. XN40s, XN60s, the odd electric bus here and there.
  13. Yeah, there's no longer a need for 40 foot CNG vehicles for a while so any CNG purchases would almost certainly be upgrading routes to articulated operations. Quite frankly I'd be surprised if any Orion 7s were left with the TA or NICE by 2029. If anything, it would be the EPA10s 7000-7089. It kind of stalled and lost momentum... They'll be built eventually though as implied by their intentions to buy more diesel buses so.
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