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  1. Idk how, all i know is it happened http://transithistory.org/roster/ ctrl-F 0450
  2. Appears neoplans 0450-0451 have become the new commuter rail emergency shuttle buses.
  3. I would hope that Fairview's transit artics get replaced with the suburban ones. There;s no point in them running transit artics aside from increasing the spare factor/converting more trips to articulated buses despite not having enough suburban ones built to accomplish that.
  4. For anyone who may be following this, I went through my photos and was able to get a bunch of more plates for the second hand 660-674 minus 666 series (I thought a lot were new-builds since some had new faces). The majority of the 667-674 buses are ex-Hillsborough (Tampa), either from 2001 or 2002 (See note for 674). For 661-665, they are a mix of 2000 and 2001. I wasn't able to link their VINs to any on the Y or 1 VINs page, BUT one interesting thing is that 661 seems to have come from the same order/operator that buses in the 655-659 series came from, as its VIN falls roughly in line with 655, 657, and 658s (Assuming all are retired, hopefully TAMU lists the rest shortly so the VINs can be acquired from there...). Spelling it all out in the same page: 655: 15GGD1817Y1071368 657: 15GGD1819Y1071372 658: 15GGD1812Y1071374 661: 15GGD1819Y1071369 FWIW 663, the other 2000, is likely unrelated 15GGD1819Y1071072. I also was able to get 1123's VIN. it's ex-U of GA 94101 UPDATE: Never mind, seems the 2000 model year buses are ex-TANK (Covington, KY and surrounding area)
  5. This is great (and also sad) information, thank you! There goes the last large RTS fleet in the country; when I visited in Feb 2019 I felt like it was NYC in 2005 all over again - RTS everywhere! But yeah like you elaborated on, I can't imagine they're doing too hot after nearly 20 years of heavy service. Regarding 219 that should be at Brazos Transit District with the rest of the retired Novas. I've attached my photo of it on the yellow express route. Good to see some Proterras in there. The Millenniums and 1123-24 bring some good variety but something new *other* than Gilligs is great. If you get anything on the various second hand Gilligs please let us know! I was able to get the VIN and history off of 673 but I didn't come across too many of the second hand buses so there are a few gaps in info. Thanks for confirming the VIN on 1124 too. I got a few pictures of 1123 so I might try running the plates again and seeing if I can get a VIN out of them now that I found a few more useful websites since I last tried. -- ugh the damn forum software keeps rejecting the original file so i guess the crummy screenshot is gonna have to do...
  6. Ew. Is it three a piece or are they trading them between each other? Yeah, you would think that they would shop local... I guess the Gillig electrics came about due to with their extensive (and quite unfortunate) relationship with the California Box Factory... AFAIK nowadays they only run when school is in session (That or they changed the numbers again and I haven't been tracking the right buses) so the mileage is probably low so they could last a while longer. Chapel Hill of course has a record of keeping stuff past the 12 year "best by" date. Technically the 2007 diesel NABI tics passed the 12 year mark already last year. Really there's no telling which way they could go for a replacement. In my opinion it would be smarter if they got LFS-A so they could tap into the Nova resource up the road that is Duke Uni.... That said, between Nova and NFI, I feel NFI is more likely to underbid and if Chapel Hill is one of those places where money talks.....
  7. Anyone know what the 400 series Norwalk Transit District buses are? I was tracking the Westport shuttles and there are a TON of em. 439, 432, 452, 460, 465, 422, 450, 461, 436
  8. That's a damn shame... Those were the last 96 inch RTS in service I think
  9. B W Z trains are beaned until further notice due to the elephant in the room (or the board, if you will). A few more less dramatic changes are posted here: https://new.mta.info/precautions-against-coronavirus
  10. Idk if we’re ready per se to start predicting where these buses are gonna retire from. I see where you’re getting BT/Hilton from but those buses were all retired for reasons other than one-for-one replacement. In the recently published articles abt the fleet it’s been referenced (well, more inferred) that even the fairview neos could be retired. It’s possible they just go all in for Hilton and leave Big tree alone. I’d just wait and see until someone definitively says where buses are retiring
  11. Q70+ goes artic in april. Some of the 2020 xd60s are already receiving a 60 ft version of the LGA Link wrap
  12. Diesel* transit buses. When Baisley Park was sending hybrids on the QM4 and 21, they had a bad habit of shitting themselves in the Midtown Tunnel in the middle of rush hour. May take a day or two to scrounge together the buses (And remove the limiters) to do such a thing but it could work? They haven't cut enough service to make transits available for all runs though, and there doesn't seem to be an indication that they want to/will cut more local trips beyond what's been cut because of operator shortages.
  13. Looks like NJ Transit will decommission at least 19 Neoplans beginning May 1. No idea what #s. 9524 is back on the auction block as well
  14. Damn shame, the transsee one was real useful... The page is still up just not linked to his page so just to make sure, I tried using it, but it wouldn't work..
  15. http://gobroomecounty.com/transit/release/covid19response Our friends down the NY-79 (and I-81..) also switched to fare free and rear door boarding
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