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  1. Taken by cptdb user leylandvictory2. I wasn’t able to link the page correctly so this is the best i can do
  2. Septa 8013 is very much alive in philadelphia still. It was on the G and 37 today, and had pulled in off the G for the day about 5 and a half hours before you posted that. Whatever you saw was something else There was an hsr d40lf done up very poorly in septa-like colors. I’m not sure if it was a 2004 or 2005 flyer, i’m pretty sure it was a 2005 Septa buses don’t have any orange paint. It’s red in the front changing to blue at the end and red cheatlines that change to blue on the top.
  3. Pardon my ignorance on this (i’m just an occasional observer here, not a resident) but there are more novas on their way in? Is this a multiyear contract of 80 or so units type of deal or something else?
  4. Originally no but that’s changed to 25 from Yukon’s batch. It’s believed to be an official allotment change now. CA has sent some 2015 LFS to yukon in exchange
  5. One of them is 2833 i think? That was the one stationed on 1st ave for the UN General Assembly. Update: it’s now 6. That said this number changes daily so it doesn’t really matter anyway. general note: At some point tonight i’ll get around to updating the wiki but it’ll be pretty much in vain since the remaining 6 will only be active for so long... FWIW of those 6, only 3 actually run and it seems like one of those 3 pulled in for the last time this morning (6487). If anyone’s curious, 6432 and 6473 are the other two.
  6. For the love of god be 60s... I’m not setting foot in another n22 or n24 until they put artics on those two, even off peak those two routes are absolute disasters. Forget getting on those buses after 179...... That said i imagine/hope most of those will be for expansion? There’s not much to retire after all? If they have over 500,000 miles i think they can be retired.
  7. With the way ridership has been slippingg only the n4/X, n6/X, n22/X, n24, maybe n20G
  8. The last active 2003 Orion VII HEV, #6383, retired last night off the m5. That leaves the city with 23 2004s, all running out of QV While we’re on the topic of preserved buses they also got 1999 Orion V, 6326
  9. none that i know of. maybe there's some media material but all i seen are photos
  10. I feel it’s worth mentioning that BYD K11Ms #1989-1992 have entered service on the 8-Washington route in anticipation of the launch of the red line BRT (IIRC it’s around labor day?). Also the 1997 d40lf are probably still around, i passed one in april. The 1999 LFS are probably around still too, I heard someone saw one in march. Not sure if the 2002 d60LFs are around though...
  11. GoRaleigh: All the Orion 5s appear to have been retired. None have tracked and when I checked to see if any were not trackable, I was not able to locate any in revenue service They've taken delivery of numerous 2018 Gillig Low Floor CNGs Numerous buses are still in the Capital Area Transit scheme (2008 and 2009 Gilligs at least) GoCary: Tiny system. Their fleet consists of 2 30 ft 2015 Gillig Low Floor BRTs and 4 35 ft 2016 El Dorado EZ-Rider II BRTs with a few random cutaways All buses seem to be in the GoCary scheme GoDurham: The 2003 Gilligs appear to be the oldest buses in service. They still wear the DATA scheme. I didn't intentionally seek their buses out so I don't have much info but from what I can gather, the Bull City Connector is operated by 2012 Gillig LF BRT HEVs in regular GoDurham livery but with the BCC logo on the side. The majority of the active buses are the 2009 Gillig LF BRT HEVs and 2017 Gillig LFs... GoTriangle: The vast majority of the fleet are Gillig LFs of various years. I have no idea on their model years so if anyone can help out with that, it would be much appreciated... That said, the 2000s, 2100s, 2700s, 2800s, and 2900s are Gillig Low Floors. Many 2100s and some 2900s are still in the Triangle Transit livery as was at least 1 2800... They've also acquired some of PART's 2007 single door suburban 40 ft Orion 7s. I think only 3 are still in service(?) as only three would regularly track. They are 2609-2611 and run every rush hour... They're still in the Triangle Transit Livery Duke University Transit: The 1994 Orions have all retired, replaced by DU-1300 series LFS HEVs (At least). There are numerous LFS-A HEV and LFS HEV that are not listed on the wiki (In the DU-1200 and DU-1300 series) but I do not have any official roster to give an accurate fleet roster. Their numbering is frankly a mess with cutaways, and all sorts of Novas all jumbled up in the 1200 and 1300 serieses... PART: I believe their 2006 Orion VIIs (35 ft) are still in service? I never tracked or saw one in service, but I observed one sitting inside a Cummins facility getting some work done so I assume they are still around... The 2017 Xcels make up the majority of active buses with the 2008-2010 Orions providing supplementary peak service (Though they still run off peak...) They seem to have started taking the 2008 Orions out of service. I've learned at least 5817 is done... Greensboro Transit Authority: This place is a literal numbering mess/disaster... I'm not even going to try to piece together the fleet numbers, but I have some updates: All the Orion 5s seem to be retired. Proterras and Xcelsiors bearing their numbers have entered service. That said it's impossible for me to tell if they have retained the Orions on top of the Proterras or not. For instance, a Proterra BE40 #797 has entered service, logically replacing Orion 5 #797, yet on the tracker, Proterra #797 appears as Bus 797-E. So, I have no way of knowing if there's a bus #797 and a #797-E, or if there's just a #797(-E). A friend of mine who visited during rush hour and myself did not observe any Orion 5s so take that for what it's worth... Ultimately there are a bunch of Proterra BE40s (I counted 5), 40 ft Xcelsiors, and Gilligs that aren;'t on the roster. It probably doesn't matter to add them on but I'm just putting this out there in case anyone chooses to visit Charlotte CATS: The 2002-2004 Phantoms are doing very well, handling the majority of the express runs The Phantoms are also used on local routes (Notably the 16, 17); They keep a few buses outside of the transit center on standby in the rush hour and seem to just put them in service whenever necessary The single door suburban 2009 GIllig LF BRTs seem to be exclusively used in this "standby" service setup; I didn't observe any on suburban routes and the only 2 I saw were on local routes/standby service (409-410...) The 2016 CTs (1501-1502) are different from the 2017 CTs on the exterior, bearing black cheatlines (Different style livery) and MCI logos on them They've been selling off their oldest Gillig Low Floors slowly. A 2003 has made it up to Philly through some second hand buyer (And a university in Philly has picked up a few others IIRC...). The oldest LFs I observed were 2004 models (957, 959-960). That's not to say that all the 2002-2003s are gone, though (As there could be some around that I just didn't see).
  12. Few notes: The 35 ft 2000, 2001, and 2002 RTS are all very much active still. They usually run only on weekdays but they are out all day from the early morning till midnight. The 2000-2001 were delivered with flipdots (And 2002s with orange LEDs) but lately WSTA has been slowly refurbishing their remaining RTSes to get a few more years out of them instead of buying new buses. Refurbishment seems to consist of replacing the signs with new orange LED signs (Even on the 2002s...), refreshed paint, and LED headlights They also have 2010, 2013 Gillig Low Floor BRT HEVs and 2016 XDE35s
  13. Where exactly are the Orion 5s housed now.. All these moves are causing my head to spin......
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