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  1. Been almost a year; does anyone know if 1880 is still around?
  2. I love the look of the new layouts, especially the New Flyer one. I agree with Articulated's point #1 above about having only the VIN and notes column being left-adjusted. Maybe it's just force of habit but it looks a little strange to me seeing everything being left-adjusted. One suggestion i'd like to submit is to remove the "(Links to full VINs)" under the "Unit Numbers" column heading. I think that generally column headings should be as simple as feasibly possible and having that message on a second line kind of goes against that. After all, right above the table there is the "Note" which says the same thing but in more words. As an alternative, that could perhaps be retyped as "Full VINs are available by clicking on the link to the individual fleet pages (See unit numbers column)." ? Maybe that makes that sentence more awkward (Frankly, I prefer the sentence the way it is now) , but that's just an idea if it's necessary to further specify where the full VINs can be found. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this becoming official
  3. If by a while you mean that they won't be retired immediately, then that's probable. But they'll still be retired fairly soon.
  4. The only place they legally cannot stop you from taking photos at is the street. Parking lot is UCAT property as well and they have every right to kick people out from there as well
  5. well that's what happens when you try to access an agency's property without permission. it's private property, you don't need a sign to tell you not to access it. There probably is no sign there because the public may come to their office for a legitimate reason (Ex. Purchasing a bus pass, obtaining schedules, etc. I'm not sure what services UCAT offers at their office, but those are just a few that comparable agencies i know of offer)
  6. They're supposed to retire Charleston's D4500CLs. ------------- I feel it;'s worth noting that the batches are probably moot at this point, they would have just blended together into a seamless nonstop stream of Prevosts being delivered, and the schedule could very easily be thrown off. I probably shouldnt have bothered putting them up anyway. I'm not sure what's going on with the 2001-02 MCI retirement micromanaging but that's not how they retire buses. If there is a mechanically sound 2001-02 and a 2005-2007 that's a shop queen who just recently shit the bed, the 05-07 is going before the 01-02.
  7. I would like to request all of my images removed from the wiki please (The photos I put up for folks who don't have CPTDB accounts probably should stay on the wiki, probably, since it's not my decision if theirs stay up...). Thanks Note: I have unliked all images from where I know that they are posted and linked replacements where possible. They can be found here- https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Special:ListFiles?limit=50&ilsearch=&user=Orion6025 Tthe textual list is as follows - Metropolitan Transportation Authority: 3597-a, 2859-a, 598-a ,546-a ,4083-a ,6518-a ,700-a, 2209-a, 2775-a, 638-a, 2235-a, 5062-a, 5244-a ,4741-a, 4477-a, 7487-b, 4309-a, 9348-a, 0017-a, 4738-a, 5483-a ,9094-a ,7634-a, 3301-a ,3468-a, 2287-a ,5428-a ,1231-a, 6610-a, 6689-a ,8020-a, 8218-a, 7311-a, 7454-a, 7369-a, 101-a, 2826-a, 7809-a ,3838-a ,6088-a, 6425-a, 6702-a, 6031-a, 8083-a ,3026-a ,2808-a, 3668-a, 3537-a, 4825-a, 3998-a, 5447-b, 0016-c, 0013-a, 0016-b New Jersey Transit: 20803-a Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit: 1902-a ,2501-a Antelope Valley Transit AUthority: 308-a, 4373-a,, 4356-a, 60701-a Metro Regional Transit Authority: 2304-a, 2007-a, 2005-a Greater Cleveland RTA: 1805-a, 1705-a, 3702-a, 2284-a, 3205-a, 2845-a, 2903-a, 2611-a, 3515-a, 2952-a, 3251-a, 3321-a, 3558-a, 2415-a ,3016-a, Indygo: 2702-a, 0104-a, 1606-a, H1021-a, 0114-a, 1008-a, 1303H-a, 2304-a, 0214-a, 0009-a, 0136-a ,1512-a ,9799-a, 1713-a, 9926-a Academy Bus Lines: 2908-a, 2308-a ,2148-a Roosevelt Island Red Bus: 9-a 7-b 3-c RIPTA: 0517-a, 0931-a, 1010-a, 1302-a, 1328-a, 0469-a, 1608-a, 1087-a SEPTA: 8308-a, 3012-a Fairfax Connector: 7791-a DC Circulator: 2001-a, 1138-a, 1144-a WMATA: 5463-a, 2661-a, 6415-a, 2816-b, 7353-a, 7202-a MBTA: 0882-a OC Transpo: 8154-a STO: 1708-a, 1806-a
  8. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Greenville_Transit_Authority_1912-1913 Bungled the fleet numbers. Could this be changed to 1913-1914 please? Thanks
  9. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Los_Angeles_County_Metropolitan_Transportation_Authority_19500-19505 I'd like to throw this one in the pile too as well. According to my LA Metro roster, the series is 19500-19539 instead of 19500-19505
  10. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Jacksonville_Transportation_Authority_B012-B018 Could this page please be renamed to B012-B024? I published using the pre-existing link on the wiki without verifying if it was the correct fleet number range.. Thanks
  11. 2501 is once again removed from service and is stored on property. Given 2501's history of being retired then recalled back into service because of fleet shortages, I'm holding my breath as to whether this is for good or if it will end up back on the road in a month or so.
  12. The trolleys could have been hit by the miles issue. The deadhead from the garage to the anna maria island trolley route is quite long (unless they have a satellite facility closer that i’m not aware of). Traffic is horrible on the island in peak season so they don’t move terribly fast, but they might rack up a lot of miles by simply doing so many trips all day, 7 days a week. I forget if the beach express route uses trolleys or regular buses, but that might help drive up miles. MCAT took delivery of 3 trolley replicas within thr past year so that may have something to do with it
  13. Lol usually just from the pic it’s easy to tell anyway. For what it’s worth, I doubt any enthusiast is stupid enough to waltz into an MTA facility/garage but i suppose a lot is possible with some of the clowns in ny.. I haven’t heard/reached out about it so unless someone of NYCTF spilled the beans, no. just wait and see. I get that it’s more fun to know what’s going where, but all will be reveAled by the TA eventually. Just as well with nearly all of the recent orders, things changed from the original plans
  14. https://www.ttmg.org/nymta-novaq.html it’s at zerega If anyone wants to create the page in the next ~~24 hours please note that 9620 is 0022
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