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  1. Orion6025

    IndyGo (Indianapolis)

    Do you happen to know if those Novas are very late first gens or very early second gens? Sorry if it's a stupid question, but it's very unclear to me where exactly the cutoff between the two generations are.
  2. Orion6025

    IndyGo (Indianapolis)

    Does anyone know what's up with the 1997 D40LF and the 1999 Novas? I can't seem to find a bus tracker that displays the bus numbers for Indygo.... Also, earlier this month, a photo with an Indygo Gillig BRT #1802 was posted on Facebook, en route to Indianapolis. Anyone know the scale of this order? (I can only assume this spells the end for the 1997 D40LF and 1999 Novas, if those even still exist)
  3. Doesn't hold a candle to most but here goes: Airbus A319-100: DL Airbus A320-200: B6, DL Airbus A321-200: AA Airbus A330-200: DL Boeing 717-200: DL Boeing 737-700: WN Boeing 737-800: DL Boeing 757-200: AA Boeing 767-300ER: DL Boeing 767-400ER: DL Bombardier CRJ-200: US Bombardier CRJ-900: DL Bombardier Dash 8 Q400: LX Cessna 402C: 9K Embraer E-170: US Embraer E-175: KL, US Embraer E-190: KL Fokker 70: KL McDonald Douglas MD-88: DL Pretty sure that's all. I plan on adding a KL Airbus A330-300 to the list this summer. Misc. private aircraft (Both land and sea)
  4. Orion6025

    Feature Photo Submissions

    One of NYC's brand new 2018 XD40s, with a 2015 XD40 that it is displacing from the "BRT-esque" +Selectbusservice+ to regular local bus service 2011 Orion VII EPA10 in Staten Island Click the links for the photos, they should appear in Google Drive.
  5. Orion6025

    Long Beach Transit (California)

    Are there any 1998, or 2000 d40LF that survived the Xcelsior deliveries? I assume all the 1997s are done?
  6. Orion6025

    Cornwall Transit

    That's wonderful! It looked in pretty good condition when I saw it in the deadline-great that it's getting a second chance.
  7. Oh man this will be so helpful for all my bus sign GIFs. Granted the font isn't exactly the one my system uses but it works great still. Thank you so much!!!
  8. Orion6025

    2018 Transit Fanning goals

    Frankly i just want to fan stuff I've never seen before. Very general but with agencies gunning for new buses in 2017-2019, lots of very cool things are retiring ofc so I went with an open ended approach to picking out the coolest things I rarely see and going out to find them. This is what I've done so far and then what i plan to do...: Done: MCI and Nova Classics (TC40-102A and -102N, STO) New Flyer D40i (OC Transpo) New Flyer D60LF (OC Transpo, Not very rare nor cool but I never saw one before so these were more of a coverage thing) Neoplan AN440LF, AN440LF ETB, AN460LF DMA (MBTA, I've seen them before but I wanted more units and better photos) (1995) Nova RTS-06 (MBTA-This was kind of inadvertent and an accident esp. since they're all retired but it was chartered that day and was trackable when NIS so I grabbed photos... Granted I did my fanning of the 1994 TMC/1995 Novas by that point) Orion VI (Cornwall Transit) What I have plans to do: Orion VII diesels (Norwalk CT next week, more photos of NYMTA's 3563) Alternative fuel buses (Santa Monica BBB L40LF, GTrans LBT and Montebello GE40LF, GTrans and Montebello GE40LFR, Montebello GE35LFR, LBT GE40LFA, OCTA or Anaheim NABI 40-LFW LNG) Diesel fuel buses in SoCal (LBT D40LF, Montebello Gillig LF) Electric buses (Already did NYMTA Proterras and XE40, will do LBT and AVTA BYDs) As many Orion Vs as possible (GGT, Santa Monica MTD, Sonoma County Transit) Neoplan AN440 (Muni) NABI 45C-LFW CNG (LACMTA) NABI 40-LFW (Gen-1) (Cleveland RTA, maybe PACE) Skoda TTs (Muni, maybe Dayton RTA) Van Hool A330FC (AC Transit) Misc others that have popped up that I'm not specifically traveling for but I will still fan regardless... (AVTA '92 phantom, LACMTA '00 Orion VI, AVTA 40C-LFW, LACMTA '00-'02 C40LF, LACMTA NABI 40-LFW CNG, Cleveland RTA D/DE60LFA, Indygo D40/60LF, maybe CTA D/DE60LF, maybe Marin Transit DE35/LF and D60LF, Muni XT40/60, AC Transit any Van Hools)
  9. Orion6025

    Regrets in transit fanning

    I regret not fanning the NYMTA Orion Vs much. I got into fanning when there were around 20 left so ultimately I ended up with only 4. I was also into riding more (since i had only been photographing for 1 month...) so I missed out on getting some more Orion Vs... That's easily my biggest regret, considering the MTA Vs are easily my favorite buses, and probably are some of the buses I've rode the most on (Before I got into buses...). 2 lasted ~~9 months longer than the rest so I fanned the crap out of those 2 (and a third which was wrecked in an accident ~~4 months before the others retired). I wish i had more variety though (different routes, depots, boroughs, etc.). After those, I'd say I handled the subsequent of the MTA 1997-1998 Nova RTS-06 rather poorly. I had expected the 1996s to retire first so I paid little attention to the 97/98s.... I'd make trips and go out of my way when commuting home to photograph the 96s but I'd only get to the 97s/98s when I felt like it (even though it was kind of easy for me to fan them, looking back). I remember reading rosters of their numbers very rapidly falling out of depots like fresh pond and queens village and doing nothing... I only started caring once they were down to the last 2 depots (Quill, Grand Ave) but by then it was too late since shortly after I realized this, Quill retired all their units before the new pick started and Grand Ave retired all 20 of their units in one night... Ultimately that mass-retirement came back to haunt them and they reactivated 4 (2 a month later, and then a further 2 ~~5 months later) but i ran into the same issue as the Orion Vs (lack of variety). Ultimately i ended up with 39/100 or so units I hypothetically could have fanned, whereas I got 40something/69 1996 units... And the 1996s are still around (granted only 18 but still...). This wasn't as much a disappointment as the orion Vs since i was able to accomplish some of my goals but still, I wish i fanned them more... --- In general my biggest regrets are just not being informed/making dumb decisions without thinking through the implications.
  10. I got boarded a 100% packed Nova LFS once doing a subway shuttle and two homeless people with a dog got on. Now normally, this wouldn't be an issue or anything very notable, but one of them passed out in the front of the bus right next to the farebox and wouldn't wake up so it was a bit difficult trying to walk around/over him to get out the front door