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  1. It's like we learned nothing from last week or something (That's not to say everyone should get everything right on the first try, but seriously, something as easy as not excessively tagging people.....). Technically, i suppose this isn't the second time this issue has come up, it's really the third, no, fourth, no, fifth time you've had to be told this, but i suppose NYCTF business doesn't need to be CPTDB business as well.... As a general life lesson though, choosing to further bug people (vvvv) when you don't immediately get your way is a great way to get people to not want to help you/it's a great way to get people to avoid you. Changes have been made. Please, cut it out.
  2. If anything, go to the 154, 156, 158, or 159 and try out one of the fairview NABIs and it'll be obvious. They've (finally) been fixing them up again but earlier this spring they were looking *really* rough... Now Fairview isn't known for it's amazing maintenance, but those NABIs are not so hot... In general though, all the NABIs now ride rough... Even the Academy ones which are cared for well are a$$ pounders.
  3. Aaaaaaand they were removed from the active roster this morning.. down to 6534-6535
  4. Well, yes, but relative to MV, FP still has shortrer routes on the whole. I did some math just now to probe into this and this is what i got - Using *unofficial* route lengths that I pulled from google my maps tracings of routes i did a year or two ago, each depot's route lengths (ONE WAY) are as follows: MV: M2 - 9.8 M3 - 10.8 M4 - 10.58 (Using original routing to 32 street, due to that routing being used for the majority of the 2005 Orion's lives) M5 - 12.1 (Pre-M55, chosen due to that routing being used for the majority of the 2005 Orion's lives) M10 - 5.20 M11 - 7.68 M96 - 2.07 M98 - 7.53 (Omitted the original version to 34 street) M104 - 5.57 (Omitted the original 42 street c-town portion) M106 - 2.67 M116 - 2.93 AVG - 7.12 FP: B7 - 8.06 B13 - 8.5 B20 - 7.32 B26 - 6.59 B38 - 6.06 B52 - 5.50 B54 - 4.42 Q54 - 9.94 Q55 - 4.44 Q58 - 8.596 AVG - 6.943 Now that average difference isn't that massive, but multiplied over years, it adds up. Granted, based on the #s mileage probably isn't the only thing at play. Past maintenance may have something to do with it as well, as well as overuse and its implications (Manhattanville frequent shortage problems before they started getting NGs), but it's clear the FP ones were sent to Bus Co in better shape than the MV ones. Ok ,,,,,, but that's not exactly an excuse to say they shouldn't complain. If a bus is in crummy poor condition, depot management, mechanics, and drivers have every right to be upset. Just because they recently had something crappier doesn't mean they can;'t complain if they receive more crap further down the line. I heard the frame buckled. Decent chance it's a write-off
  5. Yes, the nabis haven’t proven to be exactly *quality* buses
  6. I would assume queens or bx before SI. the Bus Co ones are arriving before transit's so it would make a lot more sense for them to let the bus co depots get their hands all over them first. B41 would make a lot of sense but then again they're is incredibly skilled at mismanaging that route. The only reason the B15 isn't articulated by now is b/c ENY still isn't ready for artics but in a perfect world, it would have been artic by now. As far as the B63 goes, IIRC they were floating running artics on the B63 and/or B68 in addition to the B35 in the future, but that discussion has fizzled out for now. B46 technically has the 46+ running artic, but i don't know how screwed or not the local version is with the SBS variant, so I won't comment on that... A bunch of NGs were displaced by LFS being delivered and they had to go somewhere. MV was a logical choice because they have had a massive fleet of aging hybrids that racked up really high mileage. Well,, the MV ones weren't really that great either. LaGuardia didn't like the ones they received, they took a while to get prepared for service, and most didn't go out often and didn't stay at the depot for long. 6643 has been an exception lasting that long but even so it's not an amazing bus, both before and after corona; I'm surprised it lasted this long frankly, last summer IIRC I was riding with a friend who had 6643 all evening and he remarked that it and the rest of the 6600s probably wouldn't make it to 2020 (Yet, here were are lol). FWIW 6643 was one of the first LGA 2005s to come back from coronavirus but it road called nearly 2 weeks ago and hasn't moved an inch since it was brought back to the depot. Perhaps it's the end of the line for 6643 with the LGA Link XD40s slowly being unwrapped, but who knows, LGA's pretty unpredictable. ------- Whlie we're on the topic of dead LGA 2005s, 6539 has been out for nearly as long as 6643 has been.
  7. This is incorrect, 4794-4798 are still at gun hill. Hell, all of them are outside of the depot on routes if you want to track them. FWIW, if anyone wants to touch this page (Or any of the depot pages really), please only do so if you have info on *all* the moves b/c it messes with the "last updated" date if half the page is as of 6/29 and the other half is as of 5/whatever (I forget when i last updated the depot pages)........ I'll get around to updating them in a couple days to a week when all the retirements and moves caused by the service changes resulting from the spring pick are completed and the chance of the roster being out of date within 1 day of publishing are smaller.
  8. 6275-6286 appear to still be in blue/yellow....Q70 is/was half and half rigid and articulated, B1 still has a couple rigid stragglers as well. First day of complete articulation for both so hiccups are expected i guess. For those that care about routings and such, Q70+s returning from the airport do not loop around the 74th street bus terminal and head down Roosevelt anymore. New routings goes down 75th street to woodside avenue. They seem to dump and layover at 61st Street and Woodside Ave. Smart move considering how many feet of space would be taken up by all those 53s (and theoretical 70s) all dumping and laying over on 61st Street and Roosevelt. It was busy enough when the Q70 was all rigids.
  9. Possibly? You're correct that 6274 is the only XD60 confirmed to have LGA Link colors. Judging how the entire q70+ is artic right now though (6274, 6277, 6279, 6281, 6286) and all the lga link xd40s are inside, I'd wager to say there's a decent chance that they got to a few more XD60s... That said until someone goes out there with a camera we'll never know. If i feel up to it, i'll make the 15 minute walk to the q70 to see what's up and report back...
  10. They’re starting to unwrap the LGA Link XD40s. 7453 is back to blue + white..
  11. Heard it was flatbush. Dunno if it’s gonna be 40s, 60s, or a mix of the two
  12. MTA's created a new route called the B99 to run during the overnight hours due to the subway shutdown. It runs from Columbus Circle to Brooklyn College on Flatbush Ave and is largely aimed at 2 train crowds. Starts this sunday June 28. MTA hasn't published pretty schedules or notices for it yet so please bear with the not-so-pretty rideschedules and route description until the mta publishes sometihng Schedule can be found here: https://rideschedules.com/mta-b99-bus-schedule-15150.html Route description s/b (Rideschedules does have a "map", but it's just the stops, FWIW): Leave 58th St/Bway stop, right onto Broadway Left onto 57 street (Presumably) to 9th Avenue Left onto 14th street Right onto 7th ave Left onto canal street Cross Manhattan Bridge Continue down Flatbush Ave Ext. and Flatbush Ave Left onto Eastern Parkway @ Grand Army Plaza Right onto nostrand ave Terminate at SW corner of flatbush and nostrand (On nostrand) Route description n/b First stop NE corner of flatbush and nostrand (On flatbush) Right onto nostrand Right onto farragut road Left onto New York Avenue Left onto Eastern Parkway Right onto Flatbush Ave @ G.A. Plaza Cross Manh Bridge and continue on Canal Street Right onto 6th ave Left onto 14th street Right onto 8th ave Left onto 58th street, terminate
  13. Does anyone have the serials or complete VINs for the 1997-99 MCIs? nvm, question resolved
  14. https://njtplans.com/downloads/capital-project-sheets/separated/NJ_Transit_Bus_Fleet.pdf
  15. Don't know yet. The first 257 are due to go to bus co so probably one of those depots over the transit ones
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