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  1. I found I had to zoom out to 50% on my iPhone for the site to be somewhat useable. It's just way too huge by default, and I have a large screen iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  2. Yeah the font is huge, i had to reduce in my browser. I was looking to update my bookmark for the service alerts, and was initially pissed off that they separated the subways, buses & streetcars. But I found a link that appears to show them in one place, at least for now. https://www.ttc.ca/service-alerts?line
  3. It's amazing such a basic feature took so long to implement.
  4. Man, this ATC is buggy. Line 1 is on stop and stay cuz it all went down. Haha, they have to reboot the ATC servers. 10-15 minutes. Yikes. They've lost comms and positions of the trains. Edit: So much for 10-15 minutes. It's still down 45 minutes later. Shuttles for the entire ATC section, ouch.
  5. Maybe they still had a supply of all the necessary parts, or had the parts committed in their parts chain. It's like what happened to Ford, in the early day of the pandemic they shut down production and thought the demand would be low, and cancelled a bunch of orders for their computers (i'm generalizing) and when they wanted to restart the production because the demand was very high, they already lost their place in line so to speak.
  6. But the Crosstown was supposed to be finished already, several times.
  7. Yeah, makes sense... TTC's orders probably will arrive in 2023, so hopefully by then everything will get sorted.
  8. I'm curious if the ongoing parts/electronics shortage will affect bus manufacturing. The TTC's last orders were finished just before the pandemic hit.
  9. Oh no doubt its complex. If they do finish it by 2022, I wonder how long it would have taken if they didnt do the extra closures during the pandemic. Aside from more weekend closures or early closures, they also shut down sections for two or three times for a week or longer, didnt they?
  10. How many years behind is the project overall on Line 1, also considering they made huge strides during the pandemic being able to have many more closures.
  11. Yeah saw it this morning on the 12D and 503 streetcar. Gotta say though, the information disappears way too quick.
  12. Nice. I'll try to pay attention next week. Is it rolled out system wide now or garage by garage?
  13. What does the reader indicate? Is there a different sound or just something on the display?
  14. Absolutely insane. And these social media platforms are allowing this kind of garbage to proliferate. These are for sure gonna be productive members of society as adults. *NOT*
  15. My guess there is something wrong with the announcement system? I haven't ridden the SRT in almost 2 years so I can't tell ya if this is a regular occurrence or not.
  16. Thanks, that makes sense... Yet there are some Kingston 12D buses that enter service at UofT loop in the morning and afternoon, deadheading all the way from Birchmount.
  17. This week I've been on two 905's that were McNicoll buses, a 31xx and 33xx. Maybe because Birchmount has lost some buses recently and these are filling in as RAD? To me it is odd that Birchmount is handling this route since Malvern appears the logical choice.
  18. Yeah, I remember the school crowds on the 116 when the two schools in Guildwood let out - before COVID and before they removed the 116A. I will avoid the 3-4pm on that bus like the plague from now on. Does the TTC have a couple of dedicated school runs for that area? It could potentially be less of an issue if schools would stagger their start & dismissal times. the school rush can be really bad too when there are many schools on a given bus route.
  19. Damn, i was hoping of them restoring more frequent Kingston road 12 service during the AM and PM school rush. Today the buses were packed like sardines with all students returning to the area schools. They cut the service for summer, but didn't bring it back.
  20. Yeah this has certainly evolved into a bizarre sequence of post by various people...
  21. Well there ya go. Nearly all your handmedowns have shiny new paint!
  22. Meh, you're just as guilty as that guy, being a witness to it and not walking away and calling the cops.
  23. Do we know if the TTC is increasing service after Labour Day weekend? With schools returning to in-class learning, surely there will be a lot more crowding.
  24. Yeah, I agree the assaults happen to the operators with the open window in the cab. I've heard a number of calls about those on the TTC radio.
  25. Yeah i dunno how that could happen here on the TTC, except deliberately. By the time the guard's car passes the end of the station its going at a pretty good clip. I really don't see many guards sticking their heads out for very long at all, usually when the doors close they close their window and the train moves off.
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