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  1. I've noticed here on the TTC bus presto readers in the past 6 months or so, that they appear to be ok (green display), but fail to read for some time, like 5-10 minutes, multiple people try to tap with no response, and then later they just come back to life.
  2. It has happened, actually. I've had it denied with the red X in the front (of a bus), but the rear one read fine. And later I've seen people tap on the front reader and it accepted just fine. One rather salty operator said you need to pay cash. I said let me try the back, and it worked. Then I went to the front and showed him the presto app with a 12 month pass loaded. He apologized, and said people try tricks just to get to the back of the bus and not tap. But twice on the streetcar, both readers denied me. I have a 12-month pass loaded on mine, so it's definitely not a lack of funds.
  3. Yeah, hire the people that built the defective junk to begin with... Good one.
  4. How do they control the signs on the T1 trains? I do recall seeing a rotary switch on the back side of the cab that I think was used for that, at least maybe initially. I wonder if they've automated it now.
  5. Any word when the Line 2 side signs might be working? All trains have had them now for quite some time. How hard can it be to synchronize it to whatever system is used for the front & rear signs?
  6. Maybe with the presto system the numbers are finally being accurate, with a lot of estimates going on before with metropass users never having to tap anywhere, it was just a monthly cost but a person might rarely if ever take a streetcar. And people have to tap on streetcars even if they transfer. I would expect this to be even more accurate as they get rid of legacy media.
  7. At this point, why are they even bothering if these things make a few runs...
  8. Ah well go figure, the Chinese one is non standard.... I'm surprised the TTC is even entertaining the idea, where they will have to have standard & non standard charging infrastructure.
  9. Exactly, but I was thinking if other garages are gonna have the charging equipment installed or may already have it, if they want to eventually test these buses on different routes rather than just a few select arrow based routes. I would imagine the chargers are the same and will be able to charge the New Flyer, Proterra & BYD buses. Still kind of funny to see the bus signed in as 86 if that video was done at Arrow.
  10. Interesting video. Some good info there. Kinda funny to see the demo bus there signed in with 86C Scarborough destination sign, cuz I don't think we'll see these in the east end, at least not for a while. Does anyone recognize the garage where that was filmed?
  11. Has anyone ever had their presto card rejected with the red X, when you have a monthly pass, on both readers in a vehicle? This happened to me twice in the last week, on the 506 streetcar, both readers rejected. Other saw other people tapping fine. I even tried tapping later, rejected. Never happened on a TTC Bus or station entry.
  12. Yes, it's been widely reported (even in the media) that "avenue" is being mispronounced like "aveenue".
  13. I dunno, but Arrow has started to receive the next batch of Nova LFS Hybrids, so they will need more room I guess. And probably more retirement of the Orions is in the future as well.
  14. Because some people just can't comprehend that "a bus is a bus".
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