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  1. To me, it seems the bottom lip is slighly out of alignment (pushed in) and maybe the bumper piece itself a little on the operator side. Seems very minor.
  2. MK78

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    My brother committed suicide a few years ago. Not by the way of TTC, but he did nonetheless. I wasn't doing this for my own amusement. I will not post further Priority 1 events.
  3. MK78

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    Ok, I may have overdone it with the details, but I think its important if even one person reads such a thread and it changes their mind, especially that many times the suicide attempt is not successful, at least not initially at the point of the incident, and the victims are rescued alive and taken to hospitals. I've heard over a hundred of these incidents over the years on the scanner, and I would estimate that ~30% are not successful. However if people don't want these updates posted (with out the gory details), I will stop.
  4. MK78

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    There's currently no service between St Clair West and St George on Line 1, due to an injury at track level at Spadina station. No details yet. Update: Female victim, Code 5 (death), reports to have been cut in half by the train. No camera coverage of the incident whether it was intentional act or not. Yikes.
  5. MK78

    TTC Electric Buses

    If China wants to initiate a WTO complaint over a transit bus, then Canada can easily retaliate over China arbitrarily stopping the import of two major Canadian canola suppliers, citing "contamination". Funny how nobody else has complained or detected any contamination. It's clearly China's further retaliation to the arrest of Huawei's CFO. Anyway I didn't want to derail this into a political discussion, sorry.
  6. MK78

    TTC Electric Buses

    Yeah, dealing with China is a level playing field.. LOL. Especially in today's political climate.
  7. MK78

    TTC Electric Buses

    Why are they even entertaining a Chinese brand... Support the Canadian manufacturers!
  8. I wonder when the 3570-3654 will start to trickle in, or will there be a little bit of a break. In any case, it amazes me how fast NovaBus is cranking out these LFS (all variants) over the past few years.
  9. Really. Where is that indicated? But they can just as easily acommodate an overweight/obese person without disturbing others or taking up two seats. I don't think its that big of a deal.
  10. But they are. Look at the Flexity streetcars. They have some seats that are extra wide (and not blue accessible seats), to accommodate just that. They could space perimeter seating out a bit, every two seats, so people have a little more room. Myself I'm not a huge guy, a little overweight but not huge, but I have broad shoulders, and it's tight sitting next to a person of the same size as me or larger.
  11. MK78

    The Eglinton Center Track in Line 1 Yonge

    Also I'm sure it's used as a temporary spot where a train with mechanical issues can be parked, for the line mechanic to try to resolve issues, just like other center tracks and tail tracks. Or they may leave a disabled train there until there is less traffic on the line for it to be limped or towed back to the yard.
  12. Problem with perimeter seating as we all remember from the pre Orion-VII days, people don't like to be squished like sardines sitting in a row. and nowadays more people are overweight & obese, meaning a lot of those seats would be wasted because nobody but the smallest people or kids could fit. You kind of see this in the back row of 5 seats, and in the 3 rows in front, but the problem becomes more amplified when there are like 10 seats in a row, at least with the standard spacing.
  13. MK78

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    There's currently no service on Line 2 BD between St. George & Ossington due to an electrical fire near Spadina station. A 600v feeder line has caught fire at track level. Edit: the turnback has been extended west to Keele, due to the need to isolate circuit breakers at Ossington to cut power to the faulty cables so the electricians can work on them. Edit: The delay has now cleared.
  14. MK78

    TTC Electric Buses

    Not to mention the rear-most window appears to be openable, something that's seriously flawed on the Novas, especially with their blasting heating system issues. But yes, the layout seems very logical.
  15. Doesn't well too well, does it?