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  1. MK78

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    Jeez, that's quite the flames. Is that a bus on fire inside? I'll have to listen to the Toronto Fire archive later. Edit: Yep, listened to the archive and it was a bus fully involved. Everyone got out safely.
  2. MK78

    TTC Service Changes

    I've taken it all this week so far going to work and returning home. Tuesday going to work at 7:15am, it was completely empty until it hit the rest of the regular at Brimley. Wednesday some high schoolers got on along the new portion of the route, today more than half the seats were taken by the time it hit Brimley. Returning was a different story, because I was coming back on the first run from Victoria Park going east at 3pm, so the buses were full of the high school kids getting out from Neil McNeil and Notre Dame, as well as picking up some along the way from Cardinal Newman & RH King. Yesterday was particularly rowdy and I decided I'm not gonna take the return trip home during this timeframe. So for now I've been enjoying the morning trip on the 12D then transferring to 502/503 to get to Queen & Greenwood, much less crowded than the 86/116+BD option, and I get there in the same amount of time.
  3. I noticed on the NovaBus summary in the first post of this thread, that 8406 does not have the asterisk next to it anymore as a Vision Test Bus. Is there any significance to it, and could we expect this bus to move to Birchmount soon as Arrow fills up with the 3xxx new arrivals?
  4. MK78

    TTC Service Changes

    Ok, that makes some sense, but was service level adjusted when 198 was changed to 905? If not, and assuming 86E->986 isnt going to be adjusted as there are more than enough 86E's, what do local 86 branches have to do with anything? They should just stay as they are, no? Currently 86E and local 86 branches bunch up like crazy anyway, you get 2-3 Express in a row heading to Kennedy at times, within minutes of each other.
  5. MK78

    TTC GM Fleet Reminiscing

    I have a fondness for the early 90's Orion V's, the diesel ones. I remember taking them on the 23 Dawes to Main station on my way school... They had air conditioning, not sure if these were the first on the TTC back then, but it was awesome. LOL.
  6. MK78

    TTC Service Changes

    What I really wonder is why they did 198->905 Scarborough East Express renaming, but left the 86->986 renaming for much later. I mean, it's an existing route, signs have been changed, the two bloody routes use the same platform at Kennedy station, there's nothing logistically preventing them from doing it at the same time, causing less confusion. They're both express routes, and they share a large portion of the route with each other. They should have left those two routes alone for later, or done them at the same time. This is the puzzling part.
  7. I passed by there today and saw it as well. Missing operators side window, missing pieces from the rear doors, rear seating looked like it was removed but still visible thru the window. That whole last track seems to be full of old CLRV's ready for the scrap, as they have their poles pulled down and disconnected.
  8. MK78

    TTC Service Changes

    So I took the 12D from Kingston & Guildwood to Bingham loop, then the 502 to Queen & Greenwood, and it took 45 minutes flat... Not bad, since that's typically how long it takes me to get there by 86/116, BD To Greenwood, then 31 Greenwood south to Queen. I got lucky that there were two buses waiting at Bingham loop, so I will try to take this route the rest of the week and see how it goes.
  9. MK78

    Streetcar News

    That's a bit of a weird rule. So it takes that entire unit out of service, and the unit behind it to push it away? Is there a technical reason to not allow the pole to be used, at least to get off the line, without impacting service?
  10. MK78

    TTC Service Changes

    Hmm ok you are seeing it on the phone. I was trying to do it on browser google maps... I'll try again.
  11. MK78

    PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    There was a huge lineup at Kennedy before 4pm it was 90% chinese and other asians. Even had a Toronto Police officer. I had no idea what the lineup was about I figured it was some sort of trip. Now it made sense lol.
  12. MK78

    TTC Service Changes

    I tried, it doesn't seem to show the 12D route option, even if I select Bus only on Oct 10.
  13. MK78

    TTC Service Changes

    Yeah, I'm interested in the timed stop schedules, so I can somewhat figure out if this will be worth my time to try... I guess I'll just see it eventually on nextbus and figure it out, or they will post an updated schedule when the 12D branch goes into service.
  14. MK78

    TTC Service Changes

    Is there a timeline when the 12D branch will operate to Scarborough UofT Campus, and a schedule? I want to try this bus going to work, then transferring to the 503 streetcar at Vic Park.
  15. Who knows why... Maybe others were scheduled for service, and the ones that were ready went first. Just like there is no actual pattern to the numbers when new buses arrive at the TTC, the numbers are seemingly random, as well as when they go in service.