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  1. It said something about that, but I didn't think that it was available on the iPhone, only Android... I still had money on it so I was able to board, but that didn't trigger the loading of the funds, after adding $20 via Apple Pay about an hour before. Anyway, I went again this morning and it finally loaded the funds. I just set up auto pay now from credit card.
  2. Has anyone topped off their Presto card within the Presto app, with the Apple Pay option? Yesterday I took the TTC for the first time since late March, and I had cancelled my monthly passes then, and had maybe $12 or so on the card. I loaded $20 via Apple Pay, and it said it tap on a presto device to complete the load process. I took a bus maybe an hour later, and the tap did register on presto site, but both the app and the site say the $20 load is still pending.
  3. Cool, thanks for the quick answer!
  4. Curiosity got the bettter of me. Does anyone know what a "Blind Trip" is? On the TTC Subway radio they will sometimes say, "Tail track 1 at Kennedy is occupied, watch your lights and blind trips".
  5. That's nuts. this driver needs serious anger management issues. If that guy was any more crazy he could easily have beaten her up.
  6. Thats a pretty cool flyover. I had no idea how much progress has been made, since I have avoided the eglinton area completely for a few years now due to the construction traffic & delays. One thing I find surprising, why they went back underground at don mills, then back out?
  7. There wasn't much doubt that it would happen. They couldn't allow for transit agencies around the country to collapse from the loss of revenue.
  8. It makes sense on Eglinton Ave/Kingston Road, because they are 3 lanes wide, but Morningside is only 2 lanes, how are they gonna prioritize one lane for buses only leaving one for cars? that'll be gridlock there for sure.
  9. It was around 7PM...
  10. I saw one at Bingham loop yesterday while passing by. Didn't catch the number. There was also 22A coxwell bus, which I thought was strange, I thought the streetcars returning to 503 would negate the need for 22A running during the week.
  11. Any news about the BYD entering service any time soon? The two that are tracking anyway.
  12. Yeah I understand why, but it kinda pisses me off that they are pandering to a segment of the community that has no desire or willingness to learn any of the official languages. This is not a rant against immigrants or immigration - I'm an immigrant myself, my family and I came here in the 80's and we all learned the language.
  13. See the Summer 2019 update (pdf). Chinese translated version also available here (pdf). WTF. what country are we living in? stuff being translated into Chinese before French - one of the official languages I might add?
  14. Its not the curve, its the shorter wheelbase, meaning a lot has to overhang the front wheels that can't be used for much. I still find the original Orion VII's with the 38 seats the best low floor layout.
  15. Streetcar vs streetcar collision on Humber Loop, 4490 & 4493 involved, operator reportedly sustained injuries. Not sure how severe. Edit: couldn't have been TOO serious, they're heading back to Leslie now.
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