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  1. Hmm, has the TTC renegged on removing some of these stops along the Rapid TO Eglinton routes? I was on two separate buses and they were stopping at several stops that were supposed to be removed, Cedar, Torrance, and another one I forgot... The announcements were also coming on for them.
  2. Not surprising... I don't understand why they removed so many local stops. It forces people to walk to a stop that is also more likely to be served by the 905 as well, which will reduce it's effectiveness because it will now be loaded with more people, and will have longer time spent at many of the same stops that the local buses stop. By a rough count, the local 86 Scarborough has 15 stops from Kingston & Lawrence to Kennedy, and the 905 has 10 stops. That's not a huge difference over quite the same distance, which renders the 905 much less of an express service than it used to be. Myself I live roughly in between two spots, one of which was removed - which was my preferred stop but the other one isn't that much farther, but its more of a pain in the winter, as it's more sidewalk that's rarely cleared of snow in the winter. But I did gain a 905 stop at Kingston & Guildwood. I think who it hurts the most is the elderly & people with disabilities, who are now out of a stop and they have to venture further to get to a stop. Especially pain in the butt in bad weather.
  3. It would be nice if they could finish ATC for BD line before they get new trains. But they gotta finish YUS first lol.
  4. Today I've taken the 905 Eglinton East Express from Kennedy and got off at Guildwood Parkway stop, and I can indeed confirm that the stop announcement as well as the display both indicate the new stop, so I can only assume the West Hill collegiate one is also in the system.
  5. Right, its the advertising companies... Astral or Pattison?
  6. I have seen some today as well, while on a bike ride along Kingston Rd. Maybe its a courtesy for the first week or so, while customers get educated. Not sure about the announcements. The shelters aren't even taped up on the removed stops.
  7. Apparently the TTCWatch app has already pulled the updated stops data, and it appears that Guildwood Parkway is now shown as serviced by route 905. It also shows the removed stops.
  8. I would love it if it served Guiildwood stop. Are you referring to this? Resumption of express service 905 Eglinton East Express - new express stops 905 Eglinton East Express will resume and new express stops at Guildwood Parkway and West Hill Collegiate Institute will be introduced to provide additional transit access to the area. Stops 6486 and 4229, and 2936 and 2932 will be designated as stops on route. Edit: I went to the Kingston & Guildwood stop today, and the label on the post that identifies which routes serve the stop does not show 905, neither does the map posted about the changes. Perhaps this was a decision made very late in the process of the Eglinton/Kingston/Morningside RapidTO project?
  9. Unfortunately yes, the TTC has changed its radio system from the old analog system to a new, digital system that is not capable of being monitored on any scanner even the most modern. The system is called TETRA. There is a way of listening, but it involves using a computer, a SDR (Software Defined Radio) USB dongle and some general knowledge on how to use a SDR. However, there is an online stream you can listen to, it's basically the same dispatch & supervisor channels that used to be on the analog radio system. Works fairly well. Toronto Transit Control stream
  10. Thanks for posting the pic. I guess this completely removes the folding function. But I guess with COVID not going away anytime soon, and operator safety, this is probably permanent regardless. Curious to know if there is any thing supporting that plexi near the windshield, cuz that will vibrate otherwise.
  11. Not if its high quality clear plexi or laminated glass.
  12. Yes also curious for a picture. I'm guessing its something that will go all the way to the windshield, and stronger so it cannot be pried off.
  13. It will be interesting what TTC's own range reports will be. At least they got these buses going before winter, so hopefully they will have enough data after the winter with respect to cold weather performance. They missed the chance to test them in the scorching hot June/July. Has the TTC released any numbers on the New Flyers or Proterras, in terms of range they're getting vs what they are rated for?
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