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  1. I didnt hear where the shuttle was going. but the police were at SCT, and a suspect was arrested there. I didn't hear of condition of the victims. Maybe it'll be on the news.
  2. Two people have apparently been stabbed on the Scarborough RT on a train between SCT & McCowan. Service is suspended.
  3. You guys should have a listen to the transit control radio stream on broadcastify if you truly want to get a handle how bad it is with the "underhoused" and "regulars" that terrorize the TTC's passengers and staff.
  4. Does anyone know what actually happened to 8552 and why it's been out of service for 2 years?
  5. How did they even accept them into service to begin with? surely they must have measured the height when they arrived.
  6. If true, good riddance. I hope the TTC learned from their mistake.
  7. So back to a part of my question, what will they do with the excess operators?
  8. I don't know if its been discussed, but i was wondering now that Line 1 has switched to full ATC, is the entire line now running with a single operator per train? (OPTO I think). If so, what did they do with the other operators? I'm curious how the TTC & the union handled this.
  9. LOL, redesigned? Two dots and three letters?
  10. Yeah, I thought there may be... It's obvious in open air, but I just wasn't sure how it applies to tunnels.
  11. I'm curious if aerodynamics in tunnels are of any significance in efficiency, maybe why the TTC's render has a similar sloping cab as the TR's. Your design is nice, but flat like the T1's.
  12. I just don't think it's smart to give contracts to a Chinese company in today's political climate. China is our adversary not an ally. Its probably gonna be Alstom because of their experience working with the TTC as Bombardier and have manufacturing facilities here.
  13. Let's hope the TTC management learned from the BYD eBus debacle.
  14. Have any of them entered service out of Birchmount yet?
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