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  1. Ah yeah, so most likely just for maintenance. Yeah, crazy that it's been 10 years. Even more crazy is some of the T1's are more than 25 years old. They sure don't feel like it.
  2. Interesting, I heard on the subway radio today transit control talking to a TR train on the BD line, he was at Donlands. Didn't catch whether he was in service or not, could he just been heading to Greenwood Yard for something, or is the TTC running some TR trains on BD for any particular reason (Like during that one summer few years ago because of AC troubles on T1 fleet)
  3. Yeah it may not be a common sight for the average passenger if you are not a common traveler thru a terminal station. I personally have seen many trains going in and out of the Kennedy tail tracks. But I have been listening to the subway radio traffic by scanner for many years while travelling, and trains being taken in and out of tail tracks on the BD line were common. Since the move to TETRA radios there's actually way more you can hear if you pick up a tower that's within distance of open cuts. I routinely hear the SYO's (Subway Yard Operators) taking trains out of the Greenwood Yard t
  4. Nice that it's still moving under its own power after sitting this long.
  5. This isn't unusual, in fact it's common it probably happens a dozen times during an average day. Trains are put in tail tracks for a variety of reasons, mostly mechanical issues while the line mechanics try to work out an issue, or they are put there in order to be taken back to the yard if the issues cannot be resolved. They are also used to store a changeoff trains, to swap a train coming in with issues. Also during turnbacks they sometimes store a train or two if there are too many on a given segment due to a power cut or track issue.
  6. Listening to the TTC radio, since the A/CLRV's were retired, I've heard a massive drop in streetcar needing tows back to a carhouse. What I tend to hear a bit is "panto drop", so perhaps there's still issues they need to work on with the pantograph system, but that's not on all the routes either. I myself have been taking the 503 to & from work for a few months now, and I've not seen any issues.
  7. I saw the bus still sitting in the morning at the corner of Kingston & Scarborough Golf club waiting for a tow. It was rear-ended in the left rear. My bus passed too quick to snap a pic.
  8. A drunk driver, apparently. I heard all the sirens as this was right around the corner from me.
  9. Maybe it just shaved off one of the horns lol...
  10. True, more people are riding the system now, but that also has to do with schools. Even more kids are freeloading now, because of masks and the drivers dont really argue. And on streetcars they just pile on. I wonder if the TTC will end the "kids under 12 ride free" program, with the loss of revenue. Or maybe change it to "kids under 12 ride free with at least one fare-paying adult".
  11. Interesting, as Toronto enters its 2nd month of tighter lockdown they decided to bring back more express buses?
  12. Oh i'm not saying that everyone will stay working from home... But a good portion may. My neighbour's wife has been going to work twice per week for stuff that requires direct human attention, and the other 3 days she's working from home.
  13. I don't think it's all about vaccinations and COVID going away, but it's the realization by employers especially in the office sector, that a lot can be accomplished working from home, they will be looking to save on office space and reduce the number of people who have to be physically in their offices, which in turn will reduce regular ridership on the TTC especially downtown and other clusters with a higher number of office jobs.
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