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  1. I think someone once said, that when Vision is first turned on, it signs on as a specific route, I think it might have been 34 Eglinton at the time. So I think those watching this like a hawk, and keeping track of the vehicle numbers, can spot it.
  2. Ah you're right, I do remember reading that.
  3. Removing 116 from Guildwood? Some other route would have to serve it, there's a lot of people there including two schools. Everything will be reorganized once the LRT extension opens, but Guildwood/Morningside south of Lawrence will have to be served.
  4. I think by the time the LRT opens east of Kennedy is gonna be another 10 years if we're lucky. Look how long the current eglinton project is taking. So talking about improvements in that area in 2021 is probably not that. Well, they didn't cancel 12D after the 1 year pilot, so that must mean something. I for one am very glad. I take it to work in the morning and much prefer it over the subway, (Combining 12D with 503) the morning trip lines up with my schedule. But if I miss the bus, i can't wait for the next one because it's not frequent enough, i have to go back to 86/116, L2, then 31. In the afternoons I don't take it because I often finish before the route starts up at ~3pm going east, and even if I do, it's just loaded with annoying screaming teenagers from the two schools at Vic Park & Kingston. Sanity over convenience.
  5. Yeah the 22A could very well be killed off if there was a continuous route on Kingston. But running new tracks anywhere? Fat chance. Look what a fustercluck it has been to procure new streetcars for the existing routes. They're not expanding the streetcar network anywhere.
  6. In the report it mentions "Improvements for Kingston Road", when talking about the general area of Morningside/Lawrence... I hope that means increasing service on 12D, or creating a new route that connects this area to the Bingham loop, or like I have wished, a continuous route on Kingston road from Morningside to Queen/Coxwell, or even a loop thru Eastern, Leslie and back up Kingston, and scrapping the 502/503 streetcar routes For as long as Kingston road is, the bus service along is pretty terrible if that's how you want to travel. The 12D has helped, but its infrequent and only peak hours.
  7. Yeah, been seeing these... Saw one at warden platform few days ago, with a screen that was already glitchy, all distorted and flickering... Who makes this crap.
  8. I was on 4085 going to Main this afternoon. It did not sound very healthy, lots of noises coming from the back. Didn't sound like it was just a bad compressor. Other weird clunks and noises.
  9. Saw 4040 as a Training Car at Greenwood/Queen this afternoon. It's surprising they are still training operators on these... Or do already trained operators go thru some sort of refreshes every few years, etc?
  10. And they also just redid the entire outside bus loop at Coxwell last year. It's too small for streetcars even short ones. Like I said before I'm happy with buses on Kingston Road. I'd be even happier if they made a permanent route from like Morningside to Coxwell or thereabout, looping around the McDonalds.
  11. I much prefer the buses on Kingston road. When they had the CLRV's, jeez, sometimes the wait would be half an hour, because they'd be hung up somewhere down on queen, either due to an accident, some other streetcar failing, or some diversion. Since the full bus replacement of 502/503 and then combined 503, there is never any waiting time for a bus at Bingham loop in the morning rush. There is usually at least one bus waiting, and usually there is more than one, and they leave 6-7 minutes apart. I think with the retirement of CLRV's, I think this will be the way for a long time, maybe even forever, as the TTC will want to prioritize Flexities for the other routes.
  12. I wonder if they didn't have enough Flexities repaired from the track brake incident, and they sent them on 501, and CLRV's were left to fill in 506.
  13. Does anyone know what constitutes a nova rebuild? Like what major components are replaced, rebfurbished, or inspected?
  14. I just heard on the scanner that a tractor trailer took down pole & overhead wire at Coxwell & Eastwood (Gerrard). There will likely be a significant disruption to the 506 Carlton route.
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