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  1. The guy apparently ran down the subway tracks after and hopped a fence and was arrested shortly after by police. It'll be interesting to hear more details as there really have been none whatsoever.
  2. Thats pretty bold the TTC claiming she shouldn't have been travelling alone... Not a good thing to be telling the public.
  3. Yes, and in return millions of other stupid kids couldn't see the stupidity and instantly try to repeat it. The stupidity stayed mostly local. It didn't lead to the stupidity of TikTok challenges.
  4. The 2nd one at Warden ended not being one and cleared shortly, apparently it was a contact on the platform and the victim got on a train on the opposite side - as described by witnesses because camera view was obstructed by a sign.
  5. Ah, that took a while. The extension to Conlins was about a year ago in May, wasnt it?
  6. Anyone know why the 905 Scarborough East Express is now showing 905A on all buses?
  7. They're always getting robbed too. I hear that several times a week on the TTC radio. The one at Kennedy Station is still up & running. In other news, the woman who was pushed to the subway tracks and survived the ordeal, has filed a lawsuit against the TTC for $1M. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/woman-pushed-onto-tracks-at-bloor-yonge-station-sues-ttc-for-1-million-1.5900839 I usually hate frivolous lawsuits and ambulance chaser type cases, but I think she is right in this case. The city and the TTC has allowed the subway system to be an underground mental asylum, where the homeless, junkies and all kinds of psychos are free to roam and terrorize the public.. Maybe this will bring some light to the problem that needs to be addressed on a wider scale.
  8. Well, its pretty clear now, they aren't gonna raise the service level on Line 2 until at least the fall.
  9. I wonder if they are planning to install automatic gates like at Queens Quay tunnel.
  10. Is the TTC site down for anyone? I get this error when I go on my computer (tried multiple browsers), ipad, as well as my phone via wifi or cellular. Edit: looks like it has been fixed. It wasn't just me, there were complaints on TTC's twitter as well.
  11. The TTC Orions VII's were/are rattle machines, but the Nova LFS have held up remarkably well when it comes to that. But it may have to do with the suspension, its much more comfortable on the Nova LFS. I haven't ridden anything else to compare.
  12. How about this nutjob on the subway today eh? 191646_34_60101.wav
  13. I read somewhere recently that had a list of upcoming TTC construction, and I remember seeing something mentioned that they will be doing overhead upgrades on Kingston road to Bingham loop for panto operation this year, I just don't remember the timeframe. That will of course mean bus substitution again for the 503. Has anyone seen this document and perhaps can post a link or provide a timeline? Thanks.
  14. Look I'm not saying lock these folks up and throw away the key. But there needs to be a better solution out there rather than the public at large be at a constant danger of being attacked by severily mentally ill people who are also often addicted to hard drugs.
  15. They keep getting released and if they dont take their meds then you get what happens. They keep attacking and killing innocent people, get slapped with a NCR and out on the streets where they don't take their meds and there it goes again. At some point the safety and security of a functioning society should take priority, no?
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