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  1. Are there any pics out there of the rebuilt artics in the new livery?
  2. MK78

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    No, unfortunately they said on the radio the victim was found VSA (vital signs absent) and the coroner’s office was called in.
  3. MK78

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    No service between St. George & Pape, due to a Priority 1 at Castle Frank Station. Video services confirmed intentional act.
  4. I'm sure there's a plan. There will probably be advertising in one area, and maybe a message area where they would put system alerts like subway delays, or detours, etc...
  5. Fixed up? They do work, they just don't display any extra info than the standard 1 line LED display in older buses.
  6. Cool, I couldn't get an IP address when i tried the TTC-Pilot, but i was standing beside a hybrid that was pulling away...
  7. Oh right, i just watched it again and the orange light on the bottom is indeed different, most likely bright LED's.
  8. Nope haven't seen it, but what exactly is the purpose of it? I can't see it as being an accessibility feature, because a person who can see the "DOOR OPEN" indicator can surely see the door is actually wide open. The indicator is also rather small to be identified from further away.
  9. Maybe temporary loaners because VISION is being installed on a lot of buses at Eglinton now.
  10. Yeah and I noticed on this particular bus, it would even announce the following stop just as the bus was about to stop on the current stop. A little weird, maybe GPS inaccuracies? The old system was pretty accurate when it came to stop announcements/display being presented at the proper time.
  11. I was on a Birchmount Nova 3105 this morning (502 Downtowner), and it had stop announcements, but stops names and Request Stop indicator weren't being shown on the two LCD screens. Is this something that happens often on these LCD screen equipped buses, or was it just a random glitch. This is why I wish they would have kept the old red Stop Request light. Just as a failover, as everyone and their dog is used to looking for that red stop request light.
  12. I actually did try one or two of those, but it was pulling away from Kennedy.
  13. I tried connecting to it, it assigned an IP address but wouldn't browse internet. No captive portal popped up like for the TTC wifi network. Or they just don't broadcast the SSID, if it's for something else than actually providing mobile internet.
  14. I saw this at Kennedy beside a hybrid 3450. Couldn’t connect to it because of password. So maybe just the new hybrids have this enabled. I tried on several retrofitted novas but no wifi name like that.