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  1. I have heard several times over the past year, ATC is down, we are rebooting the servers. So part of it might be buggy software (gee, there's a shocker in today's world), other issues may still be with the various sensors along the line.
  2. Yeah they had a lot of ATC trouble. Shuttle buses were a mess on that side. Makes me wonder, how is ATC so unreliable? I hear ATC issues all the time on TTC radio. Whole point was to make it more reliable than the old system.
  3. Or the STOP REQUEST indicator instead of scrolling it along with the stop name, time, operator ID, etc... Maybe that newer (gray design) would have that, I hope they improve it since the 3100+ buses don't have the old separate red STOP REQUEST indicators.
  4. Heh, I have been unfortunate enough to get caught in the madness on a 116 bus when both of those schools let out at roughly the same. A number of times, pre-covid of course, packed to the gills, with kids screaming like banshees. It's gotten worse since the "kids under 12 ride free", meaning half the elementary school piles on without paying, screaming, for sometimes only a few stops to get to Livingston or up to Kingston road, or the other way north on Morningside.
  5. Speaking of service changes and related info.... I recently stumbled on this website, it doesn't appear like its any sort of official TTC, looks like an employee made it for the benefit of other employees? I was searching for something completely different, and it showed up in google search. https://divisioninfo.net/index.php/divisions-2/ Seems to have a lot of info on various divisions schedules. I did a search on the forum for the site name, and did not find any mention of it.
  6. Makes me wonder why they are so desperate to get that many in 2023 where the technology still needs a long way to go. Maybe in 2025, and in the mean time just get the HEV's and wait, and continue to test new versions in smaller batches.
  7. Been waiting for this... Looks like these electric buses have a long way to go to match the Nova HEV's reliability & performance. I think they need major improvement before buying the 300 eBuses in 2023, hopefully the Nova eBus will be much better.
  8. I think before the opening, it was I read somewhere that McNicoll Garage would serve as a more advanced repair facility for the TTC's eastern fleet so they don't have to be brought to the west end all the time. I wonder if they will be able to do rebuilds?
  9. I think the wiki is missing 3152 being at McNicoll now. I think that one was the last one to leave Birchmount.
  10. I'm pretty sure the wiki is pretty accurate, check each division and add 'em up! https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Toronto_Transit_Commission#Bus
  11. Thanks, makes sense.. It's too bad that we'll never have a fleet that looks the same at any given time, lol... I do like the red rear panels though, too bad the original LFLRV paint job wasnt spec'd out that way.
  12. I wonder if anyone knows the reason the TTC decided to paint the Nova rebuilds (and I guess the Orions) back panels full red, rather than the previous 8620+ Nova's which already came in the LFLRV livery from the factory that have white rear panels?
  13. Waiting for the bus this morning was weird, seeing Orion NG Hybrids on 86 & 116 routes, since these types of buses have never been on these routes.
  14. What's your point? If that particular bus had a fault, it would have broken down on a different route just the same.
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