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  1. Yeah that makes sense, but they usually provide an explanation, like when they cancel express buses during bad weather, etc... Seeing no explanation was the weird part.
  2. This is a weird one on the TTC status page. No explanation given 984 Sheppard West Express service cancelled. 84 Sheppard West service will continue. Last updated 5:13 PM
  3. Ah, it looks like only the sedan hit the bus head on, the pickup must have been spun around into that position.
  4. WTF. how do TWO vehicles hit a bus head on going the wrong way?
  5. Yeah it was a Priority 1 fatality at Victoria Park station, on run 204 eastbound, so the turnback is naturally at Woodbine.
  6. I heard of a TTC Bus vs truck collision on the TTC radio this morning on Eglinton near Wynford & DVP. Anyone know the bus # or the damage?
  7. The train going past VMC is just going into the tail track. Many reasons, but most likely a changeoff train for one coming in with mechanical issues, or just staging a spare train. Not all that uncommon, happens multiple times a day.
  8. Is Apple Pay no longer an option on the iOS Presto app to load funds? My credit card got skimmed somewhere, so I'm waiting for 7-10 business days for a new one, and my auto-load won't work. I am always hesitant to set up any sort of preauthorized payment directly to my bank account, so I figured I could just load my Presto card thru apple pay with my linked debit card, however I don't see that option when I click "Add Funds". I did this once last year (via credit card) but haven't done it since. Any suggestions or are the steps different now? I have queried my card via NFC in th
  9. I can't believe that they didn't have the foresight of fleet expansion when Leslie Barns was being planned & built.
  10. I don't dispute they were given the branded pocket knife/multi tool as you showed in the picture. I am just hesitant to believe that a company would even suggest to its security personnel to use them to force compliance.
  11. You're going by on the word of a forum poster, who heard it from an employee. Like we have never heard an employee or coworker exaggerate or just make up crap in order to make themselves look good, or to make the company they work look stupid. Unless its documented somewhere that the company gave the security officers knives with the suggestion they be used in making suspects comply, it's simply hearsay.
  12. I don't understand your outrage. Why can't a pocket knife be used for protection of the security officer? It's quite obvious they are not going to threaten people into complying with a knife. It's only for self defense. Lots of people carry a pocket knife including myself. It's not rambo style tactical blade, just a small 4" folding knife with a pocket clip. And so what if it's company branded and was given to the employees?
  13. I assume the rebuilds include the new driver shields? I've been seeing more of them on Birchmount Nova's as they arrive after rebuilds.
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