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  1. Front wheels wouldn't really be effective, when the bus is stuck it needs traction aid sprayed directly in front of the rear wheels. A driver can rock the bus back and forth a bit and then it can bite in.
  2. It wouldn't exactly be hard to sneak in the back tracks of Russel where all the dead or soon to be dead CLRV's are being stored and steal anything from them... After all its open from the street.
  3. I always wondered if they could retrofit some sort of dispenser in front of the wheels of the bus, that would spray rock salt or some other traction aid. Sort of like streetcars have the sand.
  4. Thanks for that suggestion, Toronto Bus Map may just do the trick. Even it though it displays all the buses, but they are displayed and refresh the position automatically. I don't particularly need an updated route list or correct branches, hopefully it would still display the buses... I'll give it a shot for a little bit. I've just gotten so used to TTC Watch on iPhone its been a daily usage app for me for so many years, I was surprised at not being able to find a similarly designed app for Android. Thanks again!
  5. I've tried Transit Now, and I can't seem to display just a map with multiple bus routes. The only way I can display a map is by adding a favourite stop, and then it only shows the vehicles in one direction. I just can't seem to find a simple app on the Play Store that allows displaying multiple routes on a map, along with the vehicles for those routes in both direction. Sadly neither TTC Watch or Bus.ly is not available on Play Store.
  6. I might have to switch to an Android phone from iPhones which I've been using for years. It's something my employer might be requiring, and they will be providing me with a new high end phone. I borrowed a friend's unused Samsung Galaxy S7 and I'm just checking out the Nextbus/TTC apps available on the Google Play Store. On the iPhone, I've been primarily using an app called TTC Watch for over 5 years, mainly because I prefer to look at the buses on a map, rather than predictions. I am able to select the routers I use, and quickly toggle them. There's another app on the iPhone that has a similar functionality, called Bus.ly. It's not as nice as TTC watch, but still allows the toggle of routes and can see the buses on a map quickly. I'm not really finding any apps on the Google Play store with similar features. Many will provide a map with bus locations in real time, but do not allow for quick toggling of routes, and can't see multiple bus routes on a map. and typically require digging thru the app for the map. Both of these iPhone load into the map view right away. I'd love to hear any suggestions for such an app for Android, if anyone has them. Thanks in advance.
  7. MK78

    TTC in the news

    They should have done this after all old CLRV/ALRV's have been retired. so many bus replacements now, some streetcar routes are bus routes, hehe...
  8. MK78

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    It's a Plan F at Sheppard station, which is a Suspicious Package.
  9. MK78

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    Pushing the train to Ellesmere didnt work, they're now trying to pull it back to Lawrence. The disabled train has ~50 people on it, Toronto Fire has been called to stand by if a train evacuation is necessary. They managed to pull it back, so the passengers are being offloaded.
  10. MK78

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    I do (obviously) and happen to live close enough to the SRT where I pick up the signal, since that isnt repeated city-wide.
  11. MK78

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    They're trying to get the disabled train going (resetting the electronics), but like I said with this freezing rain, it might be an issue with ice on the rails after no train movement for about 45 minutes now. Heh, they're gonna try to push the disabled train over to McCowan. That'll be fun.
  12. MK78

    TTC Delays and Disruptions

    Well, it took long enough but the SRT finally took a crap due to a disabled train, not only that they've got no comms with Transit Control. Edit: they've got comms re-established, trying to get a line mechanic to the disabled train at Lawrence East. Precious minutes passing while freezing rain is coming down with no train movement. I've got a feeling there may be issue with ice on the power rails even if they get this train moving.
  13. Cool. I think Birchmount has ~100 Nova's that still need VISION, so hopefully those crews move to Eglinton after.
  14. Speaking of VISION, I noticed something interesting on the Birchmount Nova's that have been equipped with VISION. When the stop request button is pushed, the old red stop request light comes on, and STOP REQUESTED appears on the LED display. But the old red light disappears immediately after the operator opens the front door, but the STOP REQUESTED on the LED sign lingers until the bus moves off (or the front door is closed - I haven't figured that out yet). Its no big deal, but its odd seeing the STOP REQUESTED on the LED sign when the bus sits at the station (if someone pulled it before) or when the bus waits a little bit on its route end, with the door open.