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  1. Its not the curve, its the shorter wheelbase, meaning a lot has to overhang the front wheels that can't be used for much. I still find the original Orion VII's with the 38 seats the best low floor layout.
  2. Streetcar vs streetcar collision on Humber Loop, 4490 & 4493 involved, operator reportedly sustained injuries. Not sure how severe. Edit: couldn't have been TOO serious, they're heading back to Leslie now.
  3. They say she's a regular doing this. And they had a helluva time getting to her, without holding service. she was jumping on and off back and forth.
  4. It was only a peak hour supplemental service, so if the ridership won't warrant it, I don't see it returning. I'm surprised that 12D survived the axe. Forgot to add before, that 116B used to be suspended at end of June, resuming when schools reopen in September.
  5. they had a bunch of overhead issues on queen and on gerrard too.
  6. There's a stream you can listen to, easy enough to find, not sure if its appropriate to post a link here. Earlier I was listening about a woman who was going up and down trains on L1 tearing down the COVID-19 social distancing signage... People are all kinds of crazy now.
  7. I dont know even if they make any such statistics public, it would probably be a PR nightmare with the kind of people that get upset about everything. But I've been listening to the TTC on the scanner for over 8 years now, and I've heard it all before, but it has definitely increased since the outbreak. Today some guy tried to attack the driver on a Jane bus, trying to rip off the shield. They didnt say anything if anything happened to the operator or not, but I think the TTC will need to explore full driver shields before any sort of front door loading is allowed again, not just because of the virus, but the number of assaults will probably increase as time goes on with more people losing their marbles due to various effects of the pandemic on society. I truly feel bad for the TTC staff having to deal with it all now.
  8. Yeah, but I think these people are getting in far easier now, because of the rear door boarding policy, and no enforcement on streetcars, and heck, probably just walking into stations as is if they don't see any TTC enforcement officers. I'm just curious what might happen once more people are back to using the system, that includes myself once my work resumes.
  9. Well it's not like there's other ways to get information now, especially that there are no board meetings. I'm just sharing what i've heard monitoring the TETRA system, surface supervisors, subway stations managers, transit enforcement channels... Believe what you will.
  10. Has anyone heard anything what the TTC might do to reinstate front door boarding on buses, with operator safety in mind of course, so that payment other than Presto can be used again, or any sort of fare enforcement on streetcars - again if they can come up with a way that's safe. The reason I ask is because since that policy was introduced and fare enforcement effectively paused, not only has the TTC bled money like a stuck pig not only from ridership loss due to COVID-19, but also people taking advantage and not paying, and the bigger problem of homeless & drug addicts using the TTC vehicles & premises as their personal injection sites as well as other mischief... Over the radio I've heard of people defecating & urinating in stations, injecting drugs on trains and bathrooms at an alarming rate, undressing themselves, throwing buggies & bicycles on track level, and tons of aggressive and belligerent people threatening the TTC staff as well as the public. When the province decides to open up more places of work in the coming weeks/months, ridership will increase and this will only become a bigger issue IMO.
  11. I still say it looks like it's got horns. LOL.
  12. That was my exact thinking, very steep grade and long.
  13. Interesting, i just looked at the tracker and 3754 was just in Bluffers Park in Scarborough.
  14. Maybe the 116B if it ever gets restored, thats only a few buses in peak hours they can give them a gradual introduction.
  15. It was just mentioned a few posts above, regarding ridership drop because of school closures.
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