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  1. So they are all retired now? The OG retirement thread got closed in the sightings section for sillyness, but according to the wiki they're all retired... Dang it, I missed a chance to take one last ride on friday on 12D but Instead I took 86 to Kennedy cuz the 12D was lagging behind.
  2. A lot of those barriers/doors are to prevent accidents due to overcrowding, not so much suicides. Though it does help of course. People stuff into those trains like sardines. What it would help is efficiency, because trains wouldn't have to slow down when entering when there's a "person not boarding" on the platform, or a medical emergency, and would of course prevent "trespasser at track level" delays.
  3. A determined person will just go elsewhere to do it. Are they going to build electric fences around all the train tracks? Or build barriers on any high bridge like they did on the Bloor viaduct? And I say that having my brother committed suicide a few years ago. What's needed is more help and awareness to help those in need, not barriers.
  4. Can't even think about it until ATC is completed. They won't do it anyway, the cost is too high. Desperate souls think that the subway is a sure way out. If only they knew how many don't succeed, at least initially, and are carted off in ambulances mangled.
  5. Maybe, but like I said the trains slow down immediately after they exit the tunnels. Its weird, but im sure its programmed into speed control, and they cruise along at 30k on the dot, and speed up as soon as they're in the tunnel. Usually on that section if there was a restricted speed zone it was only a section. But here's hoping they fix it soon.
  6. Does anyone know why the trains are still being limited to 30km/h between Warden & Woodbine, basically as soon as the trains leave the tunnels they slow down. I have heard in on the scanner over a month ago that there was a limit in the open cuts, but this is still happening. Some suggested before it was leaves falling? Well they're all down, and the limit is still there, annoyingly slowing down the morning commute.
  7. Speaking of that, is there any sort of timeline when they will start retiring T1 trains from the BD, and TR start being brought in? The T1 fleet isnt that old, 1995 I think when they first started rolling out and some from 2001 that moved from the Sheppard line.
  8. I wonder if they will install those screens on the older nova's once they all get VISION.
  9. Why is it surprising, they've got almost all of the 3100-3369 arrived and almost all of them are in service.
  10. Doesnt look much different except the back look like its all red?
  11. MK78

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Yeah, so have I, but in the last couple of weeks I haven't been lucky enough to catch one going to work, but I've seen them going the other way (eastbound).
  12. MK78

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Damn, they're dropping like flies! Would be nice to figure out what route the last one will be on and take it for one last trip... I will miss the OG's, they had the best rear seat layout IMO, and rear AC that actually worked LOL... So damn hot in the back of Nova's.
  13. MK78

    TTC Trolley Coach reminescing

    Haha, thanks. Interesting indeed!
  14. MK78

    PRESTO - GTA Discussion

    I haven't seen that many not functioning recently. I don't know which end of the city you travel on mostly, but the vehicles I take the most often are from Eglinton & Birchmount garages, so perhaps those have a better track record? But I have encountered ones that don't make any noise. It's especially weird when you enter after someone tapped, and you tap yourself, not sure if it registered or not. I typicall wear headphones, but i usually turn the volume down to hear the beep. In any case I don't think I have anything to worry about, since I have a monthly pass fare loaded, so even if I am stopped by an fare inspector and a tap isn't registered I don't think I would have any issues.
  15. MK78

    TTC Trolley Coach reminescing

    I was a young lad when these retired from the TTC, and I never really got a chance to ride one... But I always wondered, how often did they disconnect from the overhead power, in case the bus went too far from the range of the poles? And what happened then, did they have some sort of reserve battery to get back within the range of the overhead power?