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  1. NovaBus76

    TTC Application Process

    Ok so no specific division is getting more or less new hires I got ya..
  2. NovaBus76

    TTC Application Process

    Where are most of the new hires stationed out of ?
  3. NovaBus76

    TTC Application Process

    Maybe they are filling spots of ppl that either dropped out of training or failed ?
  4. NovaBus76

    TTC Application Process

    So they can fill positions?
  5. NovaBus76

    TTC Application Process

    Of course they are pff
  6. NovaBus76

    Durham Region Transit

    No I couldn't back this way in time to even attend the testing phase
  7. NovaBus76

    Durham Region Transit

    Back in May yes, but I was out of town in Kingston during that month and had limited access to my email as I was at the cottage. I have been checking the website for their next posting and my submission for the posting they contacted me about is still active ..
  8. I have my resume and cover letter all as the same word file .. I know this is the brampton thread but Burlington his hiring as well fyi
  9. NovaBus76

    TTC Application Process

    For all y'all keeping score TTC just posted operator job again today ..
  10. Go to the city of Brampton website careers section
  11. I applied two weeks ago
  12. I have a interview .. Thank Lord I don't need any help because it's common sense .. just thought I would let y'all know I have one lol
  13. NovaBus76

    TTC Application Process

    You can never have too much character
  14. NovaBus76

    TTC Application Process

    Look at this way you will build character from doing the commute from Ajax to Hamilton or Mt Dennis or where ever you said
  15. NovaBus76

    Kingston Transit

    Kingston transit are always looking for drivers .. but despite what they say they are looking in a candidate they are very strange in who they actually hire ..