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  1. Did you just get the email this week? I recieved and email last week with 12 attachments of which they said was transit operator reference materials but nothing about a training date mode or that I'm sure I'll be getting one shortly
  2. Ok makes sense.. it was Orion But as you said it got moving again so might have just been the driver was conservativeing fuel LOL on their layover
  3. Oh ok . I see them waiting alot at the stops around old finch and little's rd because they are ahead of schedule, but not sitting in front of ppls driveways with all the led signs off
  4. Any idea what might be up? There were no cones setup behind it..
  5. Looks like a bus sitting dead in the water with four way flashers on old finch east of morning side didn't catch the unit number all destination signs off
  6. Awesome.. sounds about right Tory is worried about the PC government not founding the city with enough money lol
  7. Yeah sounds like it lol.. sucks when the only money you have is found deep in the couch cushions right now
  8. So during training you have no access to free employee parking? Or do the employees have to find parking and pay to park as well ?
  9. That for documentation or for training? Do they actually let you park where employees park during training ?
  10. Looks like the streetcar was hit or hit something, wouldn't it be funny if it was a blue Honda civic that was involved lol
  11. Dude, people are very very dumb that's why they make cars that they do these days with all this "oh my driver isn't watching the road or where they going I'll break for them and let them know that there is danger around them" society is in a very sad sate these days where everything right down to driving has to be dumbed down by having cars basically drive for them..
  12. You will be assigned an Employee Number and you will be filling out additional paper work (At 11th Floor – 250 Bloor) · You will be fitted for your uniform ( At 1138 Bathurst St – Hillcrest Complex)
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