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  1. Indeed, and two or three just failed out of training that were supposed to go to eglinton division so there is a few more spots open for the next training classes
  2. If it helps I know there is a training class starting Sept 3rd for bus operators
  3. Yes sir even if you are puking and have terrible stomach craps solider on get your butt into work and hope that your coworkers don't get what you have or had, I almost forgot I also saw my family doctor the next day and gave them a doctors note lol
  4. Ok well I jumped from malvern Division to queensway holy, note to anyone in training now or in the future dont miss more than two days of training due to illness go in sick if you have to, I did and I have to attend a redocumentation and start training from the start again and I went from having a five minute drive to malvern to over an hour at queensway provided I get through training
  5. I have documentation August 19th lol too funny, well good thing is I think I get a new photo and maybe they won't put an S on the end of my first name this time around
  6. Lol it's part of the experience and it's fun
  7. Yeah buddy has been a trainer for many years not sure how he still is but he is maybe it's the union or maybe its students are afraid to say anything about him I'm not sure obviously
  8. This is the kind of question maybe I need to decide the answer for myself but some useful feed back is wanted, if this situation I'm facing with an instructor who is less than tactful and is over dramatic and screams and shouts at my training partner would it be better off for me to in my training to seek out a new trainer as management told us we could ? Because I feel even though its not me he is doing it to that it's going to affect my ability to focus on learning during training
  9. 100% the drivers attitude in most cases will dictate how a customer is with that driver I know there are going to be people it won't matter for but can't worry about them too much
  10. I understand that being yelled at by customers, but a trainer yelling at trainee who is probably already nervous on their first time driving a 40ft deadly weapon through traffic doesn't benefit anyone inside or outside the vehicle
  11. Crap I've said too much the special constables are at my door now lol
  12. It's was very stressful for me to see him get yelled at but it was our first day on the bus so I'm not sure what he was expecting of my training partner on the first day on the bus , he didn't put us in any life threatening situations or something that would have crashed the bus , no my instructor was calm with me for the most part, it's been a while for me driving a transit bus so I had some misperceptions crepp into my head and bad habits where he raised his voice on my first turn in the seat driving but eventually he was sitting in a seat midway through the bus but I still felt the tension in the air
  13. On a side note, first day on the bus and driving was interesting lol, I'm sure my training partner will be pounding back the brews this weekend after how our trainer was with him today yikes it was a scene man, thankfully for myself but not at the same time , I have experience driving a transit bus and how they turn pivot points scanning at starts and stops and brake covering ect but the trainer is expecting a little bit more from me lol but I'm trying to put what I learned before when I got my bus license away and listen to how the TTC teaches and the way they want it done
  14. Relax guys I'm just quoting a MANAGER from Hillcrest and what he told us in the training class about the master signup, don't shoot the messenger lol loosen your fists of rage lol.. I understand from being in the work force that just because the company or a management says something will happen this way its not actually going to happen the way they said, and he made all of us awear we will be place in a corrdence to the demand of the work force of any given division I think that's what I said this morning on here, I understand I might be pushed out of malvern.. so again just relax and don't jump down my throat for quoting management.. have a better day
  15. Reaaon why our trainer told us not to get to confortable with the divison we are at
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