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  1. All the DATS at NAPA are on Ford chassis, it appears none have been delivered yet: 5221, 5223, 5224, 5226, 5227 looks like 1 more inside the shops 5222? No other new DATS busses in the compound or Davies shops Unable to obtain the plates for 5205 and 5209, 5219 (covered in snow) No problems from AHS/EPS, as without my winged cape flowing in the wind, I don't attract too much attention
  2. it's got to be brutal dealing with bureaucrats in these cases. And then you hurry and they wait. Goid job well done
  3. Another note, 5204 to 5219 are Chevy. 5221 to 5227 are Ford E450
  4. Thank you for the pointers, and yes the u-haul has its advantages when you're on the lam from the ahs peace officers. Just park it right next to the u-haul lot, perfect camouflage
  5. Thought somebody was following me, hope my roomie doesn't mind me "borrowing" his car. Had to get out of the van by the river, really cold down there
  6. First off, DATS 5187 has plate BMW 0307 Two of the old units 5111, 5123 are parked on the north side of Davies Fleet Shops, outside the fence, cameras removed Patterson Compound retired units: 5107, 5108, 5113, 5115, 5120, 5122, 5129, 5133, 5148. All rear cameras removed ******************************* NAPA has 4 new units outside (possibly 2 more inside), no plates 5221, 5222, 5224, 5227 **All are on Ford E450 chassis (need to see 5220 to see if GMC or Ford) Patterson Compound: 5205, 5206, 5207, 5209, 5210, 5211, 5212, 5219 (Chevy Chassis) Davies Fleet Shop
  7. Thank you, that is the usual North Korean situation, personally haven't seen this here since last March, but I will agree, we are getting more like those utopian workers wunderlands daily...
  8. Negative, he died of existing underlying medical conditions
  9. Please explain, I just see a picture of an empty cooler
  10. Excellent, perhaps Canadians will finally pay attention to their country and their current leaders failings...
  11. I'm still trying to fathom why one would go on to edit their post with strike thru's... Shame, shame, shame...
  12. Patterson compound & area spottings for Sunday, February 7th, approx 13:30 Patterson Compound: 5206 (CHW 0480), 5207 (CHW 0479), 5209, 5210 (CHW 0476), 5211 CHW 0475), 5212 (CHW 0474), 5213 (CHW 0473), 5218 Davies Fleet Services: 5215 (CHW 0481), 5219 NAPA: 5221 outside, 5224 inside, 52?? inside **appears that the plates are being assigned in reverse order
  13. Interesting symptoms, could be a normal flu too. Of course, no such thing as a cold, or flu, or pink eye or anything NOT covid19 anymore..
  14. Not at all. Sheepskin has been used to acknowledge post secondary education accomplishments... Personally, I'm a lot surprised by how much information can be gleemed about an individual on the internet
  15. Good to hear you're doing ok. My dads ashes were delivered, still not sure how I feel about that. How much time did they give you to vacate the LTC? I got 72 hours, no fan of that place...
  16. nice to see them in the air where they belong
  17. Waiting for current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to go to jail
  18. Truly sorry to hear about your loss Cap'n My condolences to you and your family
  19. Spotted 5208, 5212, 5214, 5214, 5217, 5218 in Patterson compound, only 5212 has a plate Spotted 5205, 5206, 5207 at the Davies Fleet Services, but nosed to fence, no plates available Spotted 5213 still at NAP, and no plate either
  20. Oh geeze, really sorry to hear that, at least you got to visit her and keep on. Our seniors are bearing a hell of a burden with convid. Hang in there cap'n
  21. The cannabis stocks etc. were also full of shenanigans
  22. Nice idea, but impractical until all vehicles are equipped with automated systems. There is no software in the planet that can out think any human, just take 30 minutes driving on our roads, how can you program around that?
  23. Sorry to hear that Cap'n, the lockdown has made it so much worse for everyone
  24. Vicinity will have it soon enough, but what do you want, and at what cost?
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