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  1. Please do some proper research before making your usual error laden postings...
  2. and?? how does that absolve the lack of proper accreditation???
  3. And how many votes were cast for Ford? Seems like the majority has spoken no? UNLESS you don't believe in people having the right to an opinion, even if its not in agreement with yours. Thousands died for that right...
  4. is this not something an admin should handle? asking for a friend...
  5. While I agree that going private ownership has its benefits (think BNSF) I'm concerned about the debt portion being loaded onto westjet.
  6. Thanx Dan, Just because the website shows available models doesn't mean it/they were built in Europe... Very interesting only Houston is pictured, and with the buy USA rules/regulations, can't see how anything would be built in Europe (after sending dies to Europe at what cost) then the shipping and tariffs costs back to North America just doesn't make financial sense. Until I actually see real proof (plates and vins) and actual service verified (by a reputable source), I'd say a D35LF and D40LF was never built in Europe for export to North America.
  7. Interesting, didn't realize that the first Viking was built in Europe The demo low floor built to north american specs is a given but nothing about the destinations of the other european built busses seems to exist, the shipping and tariffs would have killed any profit
  8. I suspect there are translation issues... True the Viking was based on an european bus, but IIRC they were built in the Americas. And nothing about the d35lf or d40lf. I'm with Dan, remember the wiki may have content errors, and there is nothing existing to show any european building of NFI busses
  9. Not a problem, at least we'd have service...😊
  10. Fortunately Alberta has Red Arrow and E-bus who continue to expand. Greyhound was it's own worst enemy and lost the market, they just never really competed Flying between Calgary and Edmonton isn't really time efficient due to check in, waiting etc. Driving is OK and about the same time, but what is really needed is european style high speed rail..
  11. Really? Where were these D35LF, D40LF, and D45S busses delivered to and operated? Can't see much demand for North American busses in Europe...
  12. Really? And here I thought the D40LF were patterned from Den Oudsten Bussen...
  13. Where did Steve Munro get this information?
  14. Would you happen to have a link to an official channel/source of this information? Hard to see how build quality is already an issue before delivery. The late delivery is a given...
  15. Name me a government that actually listens to the people, and NO, none of these "open houses/forums" count as the decision has already been made
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