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  1. Benton Harper

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries and Spottings

    She looks kinda cute. Glad to see it didn't take all 30 days to arrive Err isn't there a 1001?
  2. Benton Harper

    Greyhound in the news

    Who would want to use that eyesore? Not like it has connections to anywhere Edmonton needed a new central depot, and still does. But red arrow has a place downtown that seems to doing ok Reminds me of Target coming north. No way they were that inept.
  3. Oh I'd bet he's not so new, another of the damned... err banned
  4. Benton Harper

    General WTF Moments

    I usually book them for my apartment building when I am at work, love to waste their time
  5. Benton Harper

    2018/2019 Electric Bus Project

    If the overhead is such an eyesore, why did they go with the new Flexities with overhead. Could have gone 3rd rail, or battery or even diesel
  6. Benton Harper

    ETS Electric Bus testing

    Well that and a hostile transit management did not do them any favors Used hybrids as the "replacement" for the trolleys which never was going to happen
  7. Benton Harper


    Reminds me of the Pink Air Canada used on their "ZIP" discount operation, as well as purple, red and 1 or 2 other colors