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  1. Benton Harper

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    Depends on which of many deadlines you are using. They can't be trusted.
  2. Benton Harper

    Boeing 737 MAX

    Agreed, however, "technically" it comes down to pilot error due to a lack of proper training The fact, the airlines were not told how much training was actually required is the problem, and it appears the newer pilots had nothing in their experience to base on what to do when things went sideways. Yeah, Boeing pulled a fast one...
  3. Benton Harper

    Buses for sale

    7,000.00 = 7k or 7 thousand
  4. Benton Harper

    Edmonton Trolleys

    "Sordid saga", yup, that really sums up the fiasco...
  5. Benton Harper

    Boeing 737 MAX

    I'm somewhat suspect about Ethiopian safety as it's compared to other African carriers... Excellent point on the pilots, training is a big question. Also, were there not also some recent software upgrades, and don't they also require training.
  6. Benton Harper

    Transit in the Media

    Agreed, cool ad, however transit55 is a much better app though...
  7. Benton Harper

    Boeing 737 MAX

    Interesting that the 2 that have crashed were not based in the EU or North America etc. but rather in sketchier areas...
  8. Benton Harper

    New Flyer Industries Discussion and Photos

    And the previous Ballard Fuel cell units in Chicago and Vancouver?
  9. Benton Harper

    The future of Buses is Battery-Electric

    Agree 100% with you regarding Ottawa/Gatineau as we are talking a specific application whereas MikeyB is making a blanket statement, vague generalities at best.
  10. Benton Harper

    The future of Buses is Battery-Electric

    Please cite your source data on: -the 43 million in savings on diesel (of course the salesman has such lofty numbers, plus what is the true cost of the power and the acquisition and maintenance of the re-charging infrastructure, less than the 43 million?) -maintenance requirements are lower (than what, please show your work) -pollution is much lower - both noise and fumes (while I agree with noise, something is still being burned somewhere to produce the electricity, and let us add in the visual pollution of charging infrastructure) -they always start in the winter so increase fleet availability (all 100% always start? source data and not a sales pamphlet and just as a what if, suppose the over-nite charging fails, then what?) -and so much more! (PLEASE elaborate) -Basically something like a Proterra bus would be an excellent drop-in replacement for any of our diesel buses and are better buses overall. (on what planet can you merely "drop in" an entirely different type of equipment with different needs/requirements? AND how does a new model even equate to being "better busses overall" than the current fleet. What criteria is being used, again, source data is sorely required)
  11. Benton Harper

    The future of Buses is Battery-Electric

    A plug in car is nowhere near a bus my friend, not even close What is this anti EV-propaganda, facts are facts UNLESS they are not facts you appreciate, then it becomes propaganda Cue the name calling in 3,2...
  12. Benton Harper

    Canadian Rail Accidents

    Do not the black boxes also transmit the telemetry? Wondering exactly what they do record Would make sense rather than having to dig thru wreckage.
  13. Benton Harper

    2018 SkyTrain Procurement

    Not really if by truck, as the Yellowhead pass is a much easier crossing (less grade, better clearances) than down south
  14. Benton Harper

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Amazed that people actually care about inane "post counts" or "hits", what ever happened to quality???
  15. Benton Harper

    General FML moments

    Have you considered used tyres? Should be able to get you through the season at a cheaper cost