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  1. Benton Harper

    Future TTC Bus Orders

    Where did Steve Munro get this information?
  2. Benton Harper

    TTC Electric Buses

    Would you happen to have a link to an official channel/source of this information? Hard to see how build quality is already an issue before delivery. The late delivery is a given...
  3. Benton Harper

    TTC in the news

    Name me a government that actually listens to the people, and NO, none of these "open houses/forums" count as the decision has already been made
  4. Benton Harper

    YVR Airport Video

    A very interesting update. Ignore the children, as they do not comprehend that passengers arriving in YVR take the Canada Line into downtown Vancouver which last I heard serves parts of Metro Vancouver Nor can they fathom that people actually board the Canada Line in Metro Vancouver (many no doubt transferring from public transit) and ride into YVR for work or travel Carry On!
  5. Benton Harper

    TTC in the news

    I believe they have the legal right to protest. Some posters here are also not in favour, would you also deny them their rights??? Asking for a friend
  6. Benton Harper

    TTC in the news

    So that would be "Yes", that the problems pre-date either of the Ford brothers correct? Did you make such comments about Wynn or Rae?
  7. Benton Harper

    TTC in the news

    Didn't the problems with public transportation pre-date Ford?
  8. Benton Harper

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    You do realize that the TRUMP system has absolutely nothing to do with the US President, right?
  9. Benton Harper

    British Columbia Emergency Vehicles

    Seems to be a Mercedes... Who did the conversion work?
  10. Benton Harper


    Should have redone the entire system, and not bolt on an entirely new system... Frankly, I prefer to believe Thales than the city
  11. Benton Harper

    Regina Transit

    OK, but your pictures are that way because you choose them to be that way, just look at the post above Sorry to have bothered you, carry on as before eh?
  12. Benton Harper

    Regina Transit

    I'm hesitant about posting, but your images are somewhat lacking in details as they are taken from so far away we are missing things like fleet numbers, the front or drivers or passenger side image helps to identify the units Not asking for a full 3/4 view like this But maybe a little closer and curbside so we don't have to ask questions...
  13. Benton Harper

    Saskatoon Updates

    Why would you think that? Those old Regina busses are pretty well clapped out, and Saskatoon has learned about buying old worn out should have been scrapped units and knows better A totally different situation in PA than Saskatoon
  14. Benton Harper

    TTC Electric Buses

    BYD is supposed to have a finishing site in the Edmonton area