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  1. They're all over anything to do with the max, real, perceived or imagined...
  2. Discounted chocolate always tastes better
  3. I'll fly either of them, being larger the MAX will smooth out turbulence better
  4. Siegfried of Siegfried & Roy has passed at 81 years
  5. Starbucks without a drive thru seem destined for closure. Interesting that the locations in Chapters/indigo are closed, but those inside Safeway and Save-On are open. There is also starbucks move to express locations, no lobby, just a drive thru and walk up window and more reliance on on-line ordering
  6. Just need some clarification regarding the vaccinations, why would masks and other measures like banning those super spreader gatherings if we've been inoculated (excepting those not able to be vaccinated)
  7. My freedom continues, and I was able to make my way down to the Patterson compound on Saturday (and depart undetected). No new deliveries, and not one license plate noted. 5211 still parked behind Davies mes shops There were a few more retired dats busses. From east to west: 5107, 5122, 5129, 5108, 5115, 5120, 5113, 5133 Have to run, I suspect my location may be of interest
  8. Sounds logical, they probably looked like a dorm room, or the band rooms at a cut rate hotel. On a side note, any plans to investigate and identify the staff responsible?
  9. Quite an interesting read, a lot of effort. Interesting the note about driver comfort stations... just sounds over the top. Noticed a complete lack of step out bus stops. Instead of the bus pulling over, then the fight to get back in, bus stops on street, passengers just step on. The old lane could then be used for parking or food trucks or restaurant patios. The stop location is interesting, I've really only seen before and after an intersection on main lines/roads. Never thought about a mid block stop. Thank you for sharing
  10. There is a clearance centre on the south side of 132nd avenue around 145th street has some, on the floor shelf on the east wall. 6 pieces for 19.99 Serm to work on the bigger birds, but those sparrows are bright, thinking going to need more
  11. The PCR test is not reliable, massive false postivies, but WHY were our borders not shut down in December 2019, and maybe even sooner
  12. Well Now, thank you for the warm welcome, you are so much more welcoming than your local authorities. With the land borders closed, and air transport subject to quarantine, I had to consider the old underground railway, or parachuting into Canada. Luckily I was able to make my way across, staying on the down low and was able to see the DATS deliveries. Alas, your authorities tracked me down and turned me over to your Health Services Peace Officers (they are armed btw) where I ran afoul of them as they were none too happy to see my runny nose and incarcerated me at a Travel Lodge on 45th Av
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