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  1. New DATS units update as of Wednesday, April 14th fleet location 5205 compound 5206 in service 5207 compound 5209 compound 5213 in service 5215 compound 5216 in service 5217 Davies Shops 5218 Davies Shops 5220 compound 5221 compound
  2. Got jabbed with moderna yesterday, arm a bit sore but still attached... Didn't really notice anything else, maybe a bit warm, so far so good. As Alberta gets supplies from/via Ottawa (who has to approve them) there are more options. Calgary is bad due to its international airport. Shame we can't just shut down the flights and borders at the provincial levels though...
  3. *there are at least 10 of the Ford E350 busses and none with any livery yet here are a few more numbers/plates: 201 A-00740 202 A-00741 203 A-00735 204 A-00736 205 A-00721 206 A-00720 208 A-00727 213 A-00722 214 A-00708 215 A-00709 216 A-0071
  4. That's what I've been thinking, there is one poster here who likes to spout off his racist political and covid19 vaccine theories and garbage links (finally reported it). Kinda caught up in the paranoia they like to spew Thanks again for your rational posting
  5. Thank you Cap'n, I hadn't heard anything either, but you never know what is out there on the internet
  6. How about Moderna, got mine set for tomorrow... anything on wiki?????
  7. Wrapped unit #'s and licence plates #'s 204 A00736 213 A00722 215 A00709 218 A00752 219 A00753 220 A00754 223 A00809
  8. There are a few of these units done already. None of the E350's yet. Little snowy out, my freezer box under the bridge was a bit cool this morning, but has good WiFi
  9. Fleet numbers were noted on a piece of paper on the dash of approx 30+ units, didn't think it necessary to look at each and every bus to confirm
  10. DATS busses updates from Friday, April 2nd Patterson: 5207 (CHW 0477), 5209 (CHW 0479), 5223, 5231, 5221, 5224, 5220, 5225, 5229, 5233, 5236, 5222 (CHW 1260), 5235 on west fence Davis: 5119 (BGC 9011), 5117 (BGC 8728), 5123 (BGC 8714) being salvaged on outside of north fence 5215, 5217, 5238, 5218, 5240, 5215, 5234, 5205, 5239 on north fence 5125 being salvaged on south fence NAPA: 5246, 5245, ???? (inside) Never caught 5219 with a plate, however the first 15 would end at 5218, so maybe they only had 15 plates? 5222 has a plate of C
  11. here are the two types of busses that have been delivered so far A Bluebird Micro Bird by Girardin on Ford Transit 3500. Fleet numbers will be in the 10-200's A Eldorado Advantage on A ford E350 chassis. Fleet numbers will be in the 10-300's
  12. I spotted 5219 s/b on 97th on Wednesday, and her lift door is just like all the others, just behind the front drivers door. No camera = no picture
  13. The split is at 5220 which is on a Ford e450 chassis
  14. Thanks for that information I'd heard differently
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