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  1. Benton Harper


    I for one, applaud your efforts at instilling a sense of standards on the Cptdb. For too long, many idiotic posts are made blindly following grade school political rhetoric without one single, solitary link to the "topic/statement" that is bandied about like the holy grail 🏆 I salute you and your bravery at not being silenced by these "nattering nabobs of negativity" 👍👍👍
  2. Benton Harper

    TTC in the news

    And cue the leftist card carrying anti-fa types 💀 OK, you've all had more than enough time... Thank you for confirming that not one of your ilk can locate anything, anywhere that has Ford saying "He Hates Transit" Notta, nothing at all And like the typical lefty, when you are caught out in a lie, or cannot prove your wild statements, you resort to name calling Sadly you lot have been poisoned to the point that rational logical concrete evidence means not a thing, but wild rantings are acceptable Frankly, you should be protesting why your education system has failed you...
  3. Benton Harper

    TTC in the news

    All this talk about how "Ford Hates Transit" yet not one link that has him saying that he hates transit... Just because he has a different point of view, or you don't agree with him does not validate these "Ford Hates Transit" allegations...
  4. Benton Harper

    TTC in the news

    I asked for a link to any comments from the current premier of Ontario, or when he was running in the last election, or even something from his leadership campaign. Not something from a council member or his brother from years gone by.
  5. Benton Harper

    TTC in the news

    Can you provide a link to where Ford actually states he hates transit. I can't seem to find one...
  6. Benton Harper

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries and Spottings

    She looks kinda cute. Glad to see it didn't take all 30 days to arrive Err isn't there a 1001?
  7. Benton Harper

    Greyhound in the news

    Who would want to use that eyesore? Not like it has connections to anywhere Edmonton needed a new central depot, and still does. But red arrow has a place downtown that seems to doing ok Reminds me of Target coming north. No way they were that inept.
  8. Oh I'd bet he's not so new, another of the damned... err banned
  9. Benton Harper

    General WTF Moments

    I usually book them for my apartment building when I am at work, love to waste their time
  10. Benton Harper

    2018/2019 Electric Bus Project

    If the overhead is such an eyesore, why did they go with the new Flexities with overhead. Could have gone 3rd rail, or battery or even diesel
  11. Benton Harper

    ETS Electric Bus testing

    Well that and a hostile transit management did not do them any favors Used hybrids as the "replacement" for the trolleys which never was going to happen
  12. Benton Harper


    Reminds me of the Pink Air Canada used on their "ZIP" discount operation, as well as purple, red and 1 or 2 other colors
  13. Benton Harper

    Calgary Transit

    Say, that's a great use for those units, especially once all the new units are in service
  14. Benton Harper


    I'd suspect they do that so it can use the crossover to get it back onto the proper line for the return trip Remember, that line is only supposed to be NAIT to Jubilee
  15. Benton Harper

    VIA Rail Canada

    Sounds like I'll be able to get the train/polar bear item off my bucket list 👍