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  1. perhaps ETS will try another manufacturer?
  2. 5248 has plate CHZ 7771 not much movement in the compound
  3. Well there is 1 still missing, but I'd probably be betting on a 322, as 321 wasn't known about until 2 weeks ago. Time will tell as I only confirmed 209 today. Any time I've been past the German cultural centre (suspect there are some run from another location) there is usually approx 10 extra units. Maybe ridership is a bit lower than expected
  4. Have spotted and confirmed plates for: 101 to 105 *believe there are pictures if all 5 units 201 to 230 302 to 319 and 321 *301/320 are still missing That's 56 of 57 units, so there is supposed to be 1 more unit: Either 106, 231 or 322
  5. Any word on the Hockey Hall of Fame? It would be nice for the Toronto fans/players to be able to actually see the Stanley Cup...
  6. To the golf course, just like the past 54 years, a tradition some might say. It's spring and the leafs are out
  7. went out for some updates this weekend and here we go: 5236 = *Unknown* 5237 = CJH 8367 5238 = CJH 8368 5240 = CJH 8361 5247 = CHZ 7769 5249 = CJH 8363 Can't figure out the CJH number series
  8. Not a problem, could be sloppy note taking, or fat fingers on a small keyboard. I'll mark it as tentative until it gets confirmed. At least they are finally getting them into service
  9. Went out yesterday for updates to DATS and the On-Demand fleet. Actually ran into Mr Martin escorting mike on a day pass at WEM scouting out the Transit Centre I've located 302 with plate A-00737 earlier in the day and mike is sharing this surprise, 321 A-07875 and had kind words about Peters photography tutelage Do not think there is a 107-109, but still looking for 209 (verify plate) and 301 and 320
  10. A few new plate numbers to add: 5236 = CJH 8367 5237 = CJH 8368 5240 = CJH 8361 5244 = CHZ 7766 5245 = CHZ 7767 5246 = CHZ 7768
  11. You're forgetting the pair out west in BC and Alberta, though with Ottawa in charge of our open borders, national defence and approving/acquiring vaccines, not sure how much the provinces could do (besides being Justin's fall guys), or do differently. Of course, taking our marching orders from China/WHO via comrade doctor Tam limits our options
  12. Nice big fluffy snow flakes in Edmonton right now
  13. Excellent news, most of the new Ford chassis units still have no plates
  14. Can confirm that 5221 is CHW 1259 and 5225 is CHW 1263 5208 and 5222 to 5224, and 5227 need to be confirmed Still need 5217, 5228 to 5231 and 5233 to 5249
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