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  1. ETS has released pictures of the new bus stop signs on their Facebook page! The design seems to be similar to the current signs with a list of routes serving the stop and bus stop numbers included. First day of the new system is April 25, 2021!
  2. Here’s my pic of the inside of 8017. This is what the interior looks like from the rear.
  3. I guess that’s true. An ALRV would have been cool if the majority weren’t scrapped but to be fair, they’ve got a lot of projects to do already.
  4. That makes sense. Most of the older D40LFs are about 20 years old now so I guess it’s time.
  5. I wonder if an ALRV would work in the park. I know they’re big, but it would be nice for ERRS to have one.
  6. The Telus commercial with the horse. I don’t know why, but it’s annoying considering the fact that it plays every commercial break. Hate it.
  7. 4930 is on the 74 right now. This was a big surprise for me!
  8. I just filmed it going back to Century Park at 24:04.
  9. I went spotting for artics and took several photos. Here are my two best ones. First one is 4938 on Route 9 and the second is 4932 on the 4 which I ended up riding.
  10. Artics are running several routes today, including the 1, 4, 9, 33, 111 and others according to Transit55.
  11. For some reason, 7108 has the older rear ETS logo found on the 2013 XD40s rather than the blue square. Just found this out today.
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