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  1. Orion #6005 is showing up on Transit55 as a Route 61.
  2. I was just there a few hours ago. Awesome looking train! Can’t wait to see it in revenue service!
  3. I have two photos that I have taken earlier this week. The first photo includes 4457 on the Route 74 and brand new XD40 7020 as a Route 40. Sorry about the photo quality since these are cell phone images. I hope everyone likes these pictures
  4. My teacher’s friend spotted 2030 outside of Hinton today. He showed me photos on his phone. 2030 along with another bus are on their way to Edmonton.
  5. I take a lot of bus photos wherever I go when I’m not busy. Here is 4551 at Southgate as a Route 45 Century Park and 4555 as an Eskimos Shuttle at Commonwealth Stadium. Both of these photos are within a month old.
  6. I am so excited for these new Vicinity Buses here in Edmonton. To show how excited I really am to see these buses in service, I drew this picture.
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