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  1. Always a possibility, especially since none of us here go to Legendre territory very often. 31-038 is now at LS. I wouldn't be surprised to see it on the Lionel-Groulx express routes often to add more mileage onto it. Too bad the seating layout is still the same. - - - SN 37-047 was at Fairview as the 203. I think I may have seen the white test bus we've seen numerous times in a lot on Ave. Alston and A-40 in Pointe-Claire. There seems to be a fleet number on it. I'll try to look again either tomorrow or later in the week. 30-208 and 30-209 seem to have been transferred to LE. 30-105 has been at MR for the past 2 months, so I've marked that as a MR bus on my spreadsheet. Similarly, 31-079 has been at SN since July.
  2. I took 22-366 on the 419-E at 10:15 on Tuesday morning. I took 22-325 twice on the 419 today at 7:52 and 12:10.
  3. It was tracking as a LE extra on the 48 according to its trip ID. Today I saw it track as a MR extra on the 486. I really wonder why it took so long to be repaired. - - - It looks like LS may have transferred 24-241 to 250 to SN in exchange for AN's 29-001 to 010.
  4. I took 22-325 on the 419-W with a driver in training at 11:35. 22-396 was also on the 419.
  5. AN 26-082 was on the 200. Because of cancellations on the 419, I now have to leave earlier and take the 7:20 departure from Fairview. I used to take the 7:30 or 7:34 departures but now the 7:25 and 7:30 (and 7:38) departures often get cancelled.
  6. I took LE 22-392 on the 419-W leaving Fairview at 16:18. 22-333 and 22-403 were around Fairview between 16:10 and 16:20.
  7. I took LE 24-276 on the 419 this morning at 9:55.
  8. Yesterday: I took 22-366 on the 419-W at 17:26. Today: I took 22-344 on the 419-E at 17:26. 23-214 was also on the 419.
  9. AN 29-005 was on the 71 yesterday. FR 26-023 was on the 419 today.
  10. Yesterday: 23-206 was on the 420-E at Lionel-Groulx Metro at 11:03. 22-384 was on the 405-E at Gare Dorval at 11:22. 23-213 was on the 201-CW at St-Charles / Beaconsfield at 11:34. Today: I took 22-343 on the 419-W at 7:48. I took 22-403 on the 419-E at 16:10.
  11. I took 22-349 on the 419-W at 7:45. 22-343 was on the 204 leaving Fairview at 12:09. It has a strip of white tape on the rear door frame. I got on it later on the 13:54 departure. 23-213 was on the 203 leaving Fairview at 12:14 (6 minutes late; there was lots of traffic on St-Jean due to the traffic light at Brunswick being out). I took 22-403 on the 419 leaving Fairview at 12:24 (9 minutes late, same run it was on yesterday). 22-325 was signed as spécial with people on board at Provost / 32e at 15:02. Felix's app said it was on the 411E (a SL run for Collège Ste-Anne I believe). But the 411E is only supposed to leave 15:05 so I don't know what it was doing there that early. There was a panel on the rear driver side that was open. 23-222 was on the 105-W at Décarie / Sherbrooke AT 16:22.
  12. There was no power when I got home so I decided to go on a bus tour. AN 29-005 was on the 425. I took blue interior lighting LE 24-209 on the 496 at 14:35. Their 24-234 was on the 420 and 24-236 was on the 90. MR 25-248 was on the 491, their 26-054 was on the 495, their 26-067 was on the 113 and their 30-090 was on the 106. I took 26-059 on the 37, 26-053 was also on the 37. FR 26-045 was on the 113 and their 26-030 was on the 102. I took 28-701 on the 116 at 15:35. Has large front exterior fleet numbers. 28-707 was on the 90E. LS 28-054 was on the 51 and their 24-246 was on the 105. SL 31-099 with yellow interior lighting was on the 105. 31-109 was broken down on the 17 with the 3 triangles behind it.
  13. I took 22-335 on the 419-W at 7:37. 22-371 was going to the 419 at 17:25.
  14. 23-211 on an unknown route on at Ste-Marie / Meaney this morning at 11:34. 22-281 was doing my regular 17:26 419-E but since the bus before was cancelled, there was a huge lineup and I had to wait for the 17:35 bus, which ended up to be 30-169...
  15. On the 419 today: 3 WB cancellations, 4 EB cancellations. At 17:17, only 910 busses were tracking on Felix's app. Normally at that time there's at least 1000.
  16. I took 23-202 on the 419-W at 9:55. 22-292 was also on the 419. 22-406 was tracking on the 406 this afternoon.
  17. I noticed the same thing. Since the beginning of the board period, the 7:30 419-W from Fairview would occasionally get cancelled. But in the past two days, it's suddenly gotten horribly worse: Wednesday: 7:25, 7:30, 7:38 departures from Fairview cancelled. No cancellations in the EB direction. Today (Thursday): 7:30 departure from Fairview cancelled. 15:57, 16:01, 16:05, 16:10, 16:17, 16:38, 17:07, 17:35, 18:05 departures (!!!) from John Abbott cancelled. So there was no bus between 15:53 and 16:24 when there should've been 5. Also, at 16:40 today, only 1020 buses were tracking on Felix's app. Normally at this time there should be at least 1050 buses.
  18. Yesterday: I took 22-332 on the 419-W at 11:35. Today: 22-369 was doing the 8:15 419-E from John Abbott (same run as 22-332). I took 23-214 on the 419-E at 17:26.
  19. I unfortunately got FR 31-160 on the 211 this morning. 31-220 was at Lionel-Groulx signed as 804 Navette. 39-031 was on the 24. It doesn't have the rear Frontenac bumper. Funny how this bus doesn't have it while a bunch of random Stinson 37s have it.
  20. I took blue interior lighting 22-339 on the 419-W at 7:42. I took 22-332 on the 419-E at 12:10.
  21. AN 29-012 was on a 215 Legendre extra this morning. LS 29-061 was on the 419 (got on it). Does anyone know what causes the noise inside the bus near the front when a bus makes a sharp turn? That noise on this bus was super loud. 30-410 was being towed from Terminus MacDonald around 16:45.
  22. 22-358 entered Fairview as the 205 at 7:33. I took 22-366 on the 407-E at 8:04. My first time riding this route. Now the only West Island route I've never taken before is the 401. 22-292 was on the 407-W at Pierrefonds / Paiement at 8:14. 22-333 was on the 468-W at Des Sources at 8:25. 22-349 entered Fairview as the 202 at 9:40. 22-344 entered as the 200 a few minutes later. 22-330 did the 10:22 419 departure from Fairview. 23-235 was En Transit at Fairview at 15:13. Also this morning 22-215 was tracking on a 215 Stinson extra!
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