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  1. Stratford Transit is still running 9764, a 1997 Novabus LFS (ex-Hamilton Street Railway 9703). It is typically only assigned to one of three school special trippers. I was fortunate enough to ride it, however the screaming school kids made the ride less pleasant. This photo was taken on Wednesday, September 21.
  2. Although you can get them relatively easily on line 1 shuttles.
  3. I spotted quite a few buses signed incorrectly as 504C to Exhibition via Strachan too. I was masochistic enough to take almost the entire route from Parliament/Carlton to Ossington station and the whole thing took 65 minutes, while walking that is 70 minutes according to Google maps. I got on around 14:50 and off around 15:55, so not even at the height of rush hour. It was also very busy, suggesting a large gap with the previous bus. I suggested to a few passengers to give up on the bus and walk because it's likely faster, looks like that is indeed the case. Edit: just spotted 1001 on the 506C, so I won't post these sightings here if they happen daily.
  4. TTC 1062 and 1083 were helping out on the 506C shuttle today. I took 1083 and customers were all very confused with all the detours, poor driver had a constant crowd of at least 5 people at the front asking for directions. Also overheard some Eglinton relief driver at Castle Frank complaining to a Birchmount driver about the detours, citing the tight right turns and left turns that take ages to do with no priority arrow. 8689 was on the 94.
  5. For some reason the buses on the 504 shuttles display 32A when laying over on York St.
  6. Caught CV456 on BC ferries connector from Victoria to Vancouver on Wednesday Aug 31.
  7. GTA Crew Services 6068, 2018 Volvo 9700 and unnumbered Canadian Delta Coach 2008 Glaval Synergy at Sheraton Centre Toronto today.
  8. 3401, another TS 30, was on the Palace Pier shuttle on Friday Aug 19 at 17:15.
  9. Zoom Tours stickered 504 in downtown Toronto today. It has the pre-2002 front and rear. Does anyone know who's bus this is and what year it is?
  10. Saw lots of old GTA Crew Services coaches in downtown Toronto today, still running. 2519 (not on the wiki but with the pre-2002 front), 2867 (1999 H3-45), and 4113 (2001 H3-45). Earlier in the week, I also saw 2224 at YYZ (1998 H3-41).
  11. Here is the list of extras for the fall schedule taken from the GTFS. New for the fall is the modification of the 28 and 85. 85 is extended north to Boul des Sciences near the 39 terminus. 2022_Fall_Extras.xlsx
  12. On the Expo line, when do the Mark I trains typically run? Do they often run off-peak?
  13. Interestingly, coach 318 is tracking on this run now, unless it is a bug. Here is the full run in case 1233 goes out again: 7-E Vaudreuil 6:06 - John Abbott 6:25 7-O John Abbott 6:34 - Vaudreuil 6:52 7-E Vaudreuil 7:06 - John Abbott 7:25 7-O John Abbott 7:28 - Vaudreuil 7:46 7-E Vaudreuil 7:48 - Fairview 8:29 10-O Fairview 8:35 - Vaudreuil 8:58 7-E Vaudreuil 9:04 - John Abbott 9:24 7-O John Abbott 9:27 - Vaudreuil 9:46 7-E Vaudreuil 9:50 - Fairview 10:30 10-O Fairview 10:35 - Vaudreuil 10:58 7-E Vaudreuil 11:00 - Fairview 11:40 7-O Fairview 11:42 - Vaudreuil 12:21 7-E Vaudreuil 12:24 - Fairview 13:04 7-O Fairview 13:04 - Vaudreuil 13:43 7-E Vaudreuil 13:50 - Fairview 14:30 7-O Fairview 14:30 - Vaudreuil 15:09 7-E Vaudreuil 15:30 - John Abbott 15:51 7-O John Abbott 15:58 - Vaudreuil 16:18 10-E Vaudreuil 16:25 - Fairview 16:53 10-O Fairview 17:00 - Vaudreuil 17:28 91 Loop Vaudreuil 17:33 - Fairview 18:08 - Cegep Gerald-Godin 18:22 - Dorion 19:01 - Vaudreuil 19:11 (School year only)
  14. Haha, just think it'd be cool to ride in an old one as the oldest one I've been on is a 2005 here at Exo in Montreal. And we have plenty of newer coaches. Thanks for the info.
  15. Hi everyone. Does anyone know what Wilson's Transportation puts on the BC ferries connector from Vancouver to Victoria now? Their website shows pictures of very old H3-45's (those with the pre-2002 front), such as here. https://bcfconnector.com/bc-ferries-connector-schedules/ I'm travelling to Vancouver on the week of Aug 29 and would like to book a ticket on BC ferries connector if I have a good chance at getting one of these old coaches. Thanks.
  16. Presqu'île 1233 on the 7 today at Fairview at 13:04
  17. Caught Transdev 813509 with leather seats on the 404 tonight, not tracking. Last Thursday, Paquette 615 was on the 744 Express Oka. Normally I only see minibuses tracking on this route. Also, it's a 2008 but sounds like the pre EPA 2007 ISL engine (like STM 25-201 to 27-030).
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