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  1. DRT 8452 on the 900. Is it common to find non Pulse buses on the 900/901?
  2. TTC8006 on line 1 shuttle (Eglinton - King) last night.
  3. Pre-McNicoll throwback sighting: 1107 is currently on the 94.
  4. I took Presqu'île's ex-MiWay Eldorado, 361, on the 35 this morning. Got it on the 10:20 departure from Terminus MacDonald. The display doesn't seem to work. It went back to the garage after that trip. 383 was also on the 35. This one still shows its VIN on the Transit Tracker. Got 381 on the 15 and 1245 on the 7 after that. There was a driver change on 381 and the finishing driver boarded the Eldorado to, presumably, go back to the garage. If anyone wants pictures of 1245, it seems to do the same run every day. It starts on the 12:24 7 departure from Gare Vaudreuil, then 13:04 from Fairview, 13:50 from Vaudreuil, etc... It then interlines to the 10 during rush hour.
  5. 26-028 was on the 356 very early this morning around 3:20. I then took it on the 211-O at 18:14. The fold down seats and the wheelchair cushion are all in the vinyl material from the 2004- series.
  6. 30-166 was on the 200 today, not tracking. 31-220 broke down at St-Jacques / Guy. I checked out the RTL's electric BYD's today. 32091 and 32092 were on the 294, I took 32091. Nothing much to say about the ride, not super impressive but not bad either. We'll see how well these things hold up in the future I guess.
  7. Friday: 28-062 was on the 51 and 31-095 on the 97, both not tracking. Saturday: 29-092 was on the 29.
  8. Last day of the signature "Lionel-Gr", got on it on the EB departure at 15:36. I also took 37-008 on the 810 and 29-818 on the 100. I'm not sure if the new 100 routing allows artics. Even if it does, it seems to interline very heavily with other routes, so it might be a less common sight.
  9. Saw 28-101 on the 200 on Tuesday. Just like 28-100, it now has the push bar rear doors. Wednesday night / Thursday morning: Caught 26-079 on the 355, not tracking, run 355-26. Thursday afternoon: Mont Royal's 30-051 was on the 107X with black rear exterior fleet numbers. Thursday night / Friday morning: Got St Denis' 26-009 on 355-26.
  10. Wednesday afternoon: 25-225 was on the 31. Thursday afternoon: 25-225 was on the 144 and 25-243 on the 51.
  11. 26-040 was on the 356, 26-056 on the 353, and 30-164 on the 370 early Sunday morning / late Saturday night. 28-041 broken down at Alexis-Nihon / Thimens this afternoon.
  12. I took 25-240 on the 47 and 25-220 on the 95 (Sunday). 25-238 is parked without its farebox outside CT Mont-Royal, so it is unfortunately done.
  13. 32-001 was leaving CT SD as the 18, not tracking. Mont Royal's 26-069 and 26-071 were on the 26 and 187 respectively. I took 31-044 on the 355, not tracking. The stm site indicated the departure as a rear ramp bus
  14. I took 25-225 on the 361-N at 26:30 yesterday, run 144-03.
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