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  1. I took LE 24-269 on the 419-E at 16:27. I skipped 36-010 in favor for it.
  2. MR 36-010 was on the 419 today. I took 39-003 on the 419 this morning.
  3. There were lots of airport buses out on regular routes past 0:00. I saw 29-152 on the 203, 30-002 on the 205, 30-016 on the 203, and 31-002 on the 201! LE 31-857 was on the 470.
  4. 24-255 was on the 425-E on Ste-Marie around 7:50. 22-275 was on the 419 leaving John Abbott at 16:09. Surprising since this run is almost always an airport bus (it got 31-212 yesterday). I took 22-343 on the next 419-E at 16:15. 24-282 was on the 425 according to a friend. 22-343 is now the 22-XXX I've had the most rides on: 7 rides since the beginning of this thread. Before today, it was a three-way tie between 22-271, 325, and 343.
  5. 24-289 was on the 411-E on Maple St at 17:53. Later, I took it on the last 425-W.
  6. I took 30-008 on the 419 today. Airport buses are so common on the 419 these days. They do the majority of runs that are not out all day. You'd be lucky to catch a 28-XXX or a hybrid.
  7. I saw 39-403 on the 212 this afternoon. It and 39-402 were both tracking on the 212 via Felix's app. I went out of my way to check them out because I thought that maybe they could be the BYD electric Midibuses that the STM and RTL ordered , and also because the RTL received their first BYD. But, they were just Ford cutaways, probably the same model as the 30-4XX and 32-4XX. I don't even think they were hybrid as there was no mention of it on the bus. While I didn't manage to get any good pictures, the only visual exterior difference I saw was that the rear display is the same one used in the STM's 40-XXX. Since I'm posting here, I mind as well say that 39-147 still hasn't been seen on Felix's app and 39-902 hasn't been tracking since December. Although, there's always the possibility that both of their trackers are broken at the moment.
  8. 24-265 was on the 411 parked at Terminus MacDonald at 15:25. It wasn't tracking. I took 22-275 on the 419-E at 15:45. It was on the route all day.
  9. 31-220 was on the 124E this morning. So this one hasn't moved to SL yet.
  10. If it was going east, then yes it's a LaSalle extra on this run (until tripID 213291895). Since a few days before the reopening of St-Denis. - - - 38-096 was on the 201 with no rear exterior fleet number. 30-005 was on the 202 while 30-020 and 39-014 were on the 174. I took 29-048 on the 66. Some seats in the back had blue vinyl bottoms.
  11. I took 23-201 on the 72-E leaving Fairview at 13:35. 22-403 was on the 200 at Fairview at 18:28.
  12. I took 40-021 on the 419-E at 13:09 (my first 40-XXX ride). Also saw 40-048 on the 208.
  13. A photo from one of my school's social media pages showed that SN 24-227 was on the 419 today.
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