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  1. Yesterday: 26-026 was on the 187, 26-081 on the 141, 27-010 on the 86, and 27-028 on the 186. Today: 26-045 and 27-023 were on the 150 in the afternoon.
  2. TTC 1661 on the 135, 3300 on the 87, and 3256 on the 94 this afternoon.
  3. TTC 1277 on the 92 this afternoon. . On a related note, I wonder if it was involved in an accident? There is currently a detour on the 92 between Kingston and Gerrard and 1277 has been sitting in between those streets for the past hour according to transsee.
  4. TTC 9238 on the 60 this afternoon. Also caught a very brief glimpse of this near Pioneer Village station. Fleet number says 3380.
  5. TTC 1293, 3199, and 3236 were all on the 20 this afternoon. 8781 was on the 13.
  6. Oh wow didn't know that, thanks. That explains why so few 06xx run on weekends. Are there drivers assigned to Malton then or can Miway drivers be assigned any run out of either garage? If it is the former, then that seems nice having guaranteed weekends off.
  7. Spotted 0531 twice today: on the 5 and 1C. According to Transit55, there were only 32 minutes between the end of its run on the 5 and the start of its run on the 1. How is this possible if the 5 runs out of Malton but the 1 runs out of Central Parkway?
  8. Saw TTC 1354 filling in a gap on the 506 eastbound around 3pm at St George. I then saw it again an hour later deadheading on Bloor westbound at Bay signed as the 63A. Edit 7:50pm: 1117 is currently on the 75. Edit 7:55pm: 3571 also on the 75.
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