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  1. Spotted 3736, 3737, 3742, and 3744 on the 501. First time I've seen a Proterra on this route in the 4 months I've lived here.
  2. TTC (all visual sightings) I also saw 3520 on the 35, arriving at Jane Station around 19:40. 3627 was on the 927 and 3646 was on the 111. 3749 was on the 29.
  3. TTC 7943 on the 168 leaving Dundas West around 15:40.
  4. @Frozen Yogurt said last night on his post, meaning 24-231 was on the 171 on Monday night. Then it got moved to AN and did the 40 all day on Tuesday. Today it did two very short rush hour runs, the PM rush one being on the 449 (according to the tracker; not in Montreal currently to have any sightings).
  5. I took TTC 8720 on the 5 this evening at 19:49 from Eglinton Station.
  6. TTC 1242 was on the 34A at Eglinton Station around 12:50. 9042 was on the 505 EB at Bay St around 13:30. TR set 51 (588X) has the old door chimes.
  7. TTC 3157 is being towed away from Queen's Park Station right now.
  8. Spotted this New Look on a movie set downtown yesterday (March 21), in CTA livery. Anyone know the origins of this bus?
  9. You can find quite a few 79XX and 80XX on the line 1 shuttle from St. Andrew to St. George, here are some pics from this week. Also saw 7950 the events support bus signed as Special on University Ave, it still has the fleet number on it.
  10. No not necessarily. 3 posts above mine, MTL66 has listed the route allocations for each garage. For example, the 24 has trips from SN, SD, LS, MR, and FR, with FR being the primary one and thus making up the vast majority of the trips.
  11. Saw a lot of Orions on Arrow Rd routes at Sheppard West around 11:00 am: 8191 and 8382 on the 84. 1266 and 8386 on the 101. 8120 and 8170 on the 108. Also saw 8046 as a training bus.
  12. If anyone's interested, here are all the extras for each route for the Spring board period. This only tells you which garages have extras on which routes, not how many there are or at what times and directions they are. To answer those questions, use this tool on @Gerbil's site and make sure to set the date to March 22nd or later. STM Extras 21M.txt
  13. 24-207 was signed as spécial on the Des Sources SB to A20 WB ramp at 17:28 today.
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