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  1. the driver was great. He ask me if I was here for the drive along gave me a transfer told me not to pay? Talk to me the whole time says he loves it.
  2. Yeah I got mine yesterday morning as well. Did you follow up or did you get it?
  3. Yeah my map test was at 1pm. I was the tallest person in the class if you noticed. LOL I was actually the first person they called up after they marked the tests
  4. Just did today. I have a interview on Jan.3. You have to do a ride along and they will give the details for the ride along a week before your interview.
  5. Funny as I was there I was wonder which person you were. LOL funny as I was there I was wondering who you were. LOL
  6. I know its 23 for training 27.03 after training but I can find anywhere that says what the full time wage is exactly!!! Are you sure its $34 I mean thats higher than Miway and near TTC?
  7. thank you actually this is for 2014 do you have anything recent! lol
  8. BTW does anyone know what the full time Brampton Transit Operator wage is?
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