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  1. I saw the demo on the flatbed truck at Arrow Road Garage today its heading to other cities for trial I was told by the flatbed truck driver. The employees at Arrow Road loved it though except for the windows. I got to speak to some folks I know at the Division.
  2. There is actually two Nova full electric bus prototypes at Arrow Road. The LFSE and the LFSE+. I guess TTC might consider ordering some electric buses from Nova in the future.
  3. There is a Nova Full electric prototype at Arrow Road Garage for the past two days.
  4. TTC 1028 still Missing since September 20th. I hope it didn't retire yet.
  5. 7945 is a unit to look out for its at Hillcrest at the moment but last tracked at the Queensway Division September 6th.
  6. 1225 is confirmed retired. The bus is parked in the field at Mount Dennis with a few Proterras.
  7. I heard that all the 12-16 will be replaced by the new hybrid order. I thought the OG Hevs were not retiring before the 12-16s?
  8. 1090 might be done. It is at Mount Dennis with its license plates removed.
  9. I guess 1343 is now retired too. They will probally use 1246 and 1343 as parts buses at Mount Dennis. Afterwards it could be possible to send them to Hillcrest afterwards depending on what they do with them.
  10. 1246 seems to be retired. The tracker is disabled like 1339 and is currently parked at 1810.
  11. Does anyone know the status of 1633? It has been missing in action for a number of weeks.
  12. I have been hearing alot of news that the Proterras are on lease. I noticed that a good amount of the Proterras have their electric bus wrap removed. This could be a sign that the Proterras could be sent back and are definitely on lease with the TTC. The Proterras are going through a good amount of issues. There is a bunch of them just sitting in the field at Mt Dennis for like two months now.
  13. TTC 1503 was on the route 39 Finch East this morning. I rode on the bus to Finch and Mc Cowan before it short turned at Markham Road and Finch from Finch Station.
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