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  1. 6505 is now delivered it is being offloaded the flatbed truck right now.
  2. 6513 is now delivered and it is being tested right now at Finch and Jane.
  3. 3103 is back at McNicoll. 3100 3122 3125 still remain at Arrow.
  4. 6503 is now delivered both sets.
  5. I heard that Mount Dennis is confirmed to be an all New Flyer division while keeping some Nova Artics. I heard that 3494 to 3639 from Arrow would go to Malvern and Arrow would get the newer batch of Nova Hybrids. I guess will have to wait and see. Does anyone know when they will award the electric bus order? I heard it could be split between Nova and New Flyer.
  6. 6510 is the 7th unit delivered I think.
  7. 6510 is now delivered caught it being delivered on the flatbed truck this afternoon at Finch and Jane around 1pm.
  8. 8949 8954 8958 8960 8961 are now at Arrow Road. 8877 is now at Eglinton.
  9. 6512 is now delivered caught it on the flatbed truck at Finch and Jane around 11 this morning.
  10. Yesterday at the event at Hillcrest they mentioned that the Flexity streetcars are beginning their rebuild program now. I believe 4409 is the first Flexity to be rebuilt. I could be wrong. 4400 was at Hillcrest yesterday maybe it is going for rebuild.
  11. 9225 9228 9230 9234 are now at Arrow Road Garage. 3490 3492 3493 are now at Malvern. 3489 3491 are heading to Malvern.
  12. Oh okay. I am new riding and fanning Miway. Any idea when the D40lfs will be phased out? I heard early 2023.
  13. Anyone know if bus 0302 is still active?
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