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  1. 1246 seems to be retired. The tracker is disabled like 1339 and is currently parked at 1810.
  2. Does anyone know the status of 1633? It has been missing in action for a number of weeks.
  3. I have been hearing alot of news that the Proterras are on lease. I noticed that a good amount of the Proterras have their electric bus wrap removed. This could be a sign that the Proterras could be sent back and are definitely on lease with the TTC. The Proterras are going through a good amount of issues. There is a bunch of them just sitting in the field at Mt Dennis for like two months now.
  4. TTC 1503 was on the route 39 Finch East this morning. I rode on the bus to Finch and Mc Cowan before it short turned at Markham Road and Finch from Finch Station.
  5. 1061 is now equipped with wifi. 1061 most likely replaced now retired 1039.
  6. TTC 1120 actually returned to service yesterday on the 501 Queen. I am glad they didn't retire 1120 after all.
  7. 1120 left mount Dennis division for a drive this morning after i saw it leaving mount Dennis it came back to the division afterwards and has been back at mount Dennis division since.
  8. I just spotted 1120 leaving Mount Dennis Division its not retired.
  9. 1306 is now retired. The presto readers are removed prior for decommissioning.
  10. Yes 4089 had that same wrap before it was taken out of service for retirement.
  11. TTC 8125 is also on the 36B. I saw it pass by my neighborhood at Finch and Weston Road half an hour ago.
  12. TTC 1002 is already stripped and decomissioned when i saw 1002 it had no ttc logos plates gone rear destination sign gone. It is most likely at the scrap yard today.
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