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  1. I seen the buses with my own eyes. 1046 is on the route 32 Eglinton west and 1069 is on the route 41 keele. 1061 is in the new livery I saw it yesterday.
  2. 1666 is now retired and waiting to be decommissioned at Malvern division. 1665 is back at Malvern from North queen it might be retired now.
  3. 4030 is tracking again its at Leslie barns. 4145 is at hillcrest. 4193 is at Roncesvalles.
  4. 1640 1768 1795 and 1803 are now retired and going to be decommissioned. I am assuming that 1666 is done I didn't find out on 1666 today. Last week I heard its awaiting repairs apparently which I doubt it.
  5. The last I heard the Proterras were expected to arrive either last month or this month. There is probally a delay with the deliveries just like the New Flyers.
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