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  1. TTC 1310 is back in service this morning after a small absence from service.
  2. TTC 9058 actually did more than one trip on the 39 yesterday. It did about 2 or 3 trips on the 39 before running in the garage from Old Finch and Morning view.
  3. Yes I am 100 % sure about 9058 on the 39. Its heading to Old Finch and Morning view as we speak on the 39B.
  4. 7906 and 7908 are confirmed to be reassigned as events supports buses.
  5. I am not too sure if this was reported but it looks like 4577 has entered service on route 506 Carlton today. Unless it already has entered service and it wasn't mentioned.
  6. 7906 and 7908 are now retired from regular service. Both buses are now going to be events support buses.
  7. W619 was spotted at Lawrence West Station this morning.
  8. No they are not driveable to be used for shuttle service.
  9. 1609 1760 1761 1795 are some of the ex TTC hybrids at Pearson Airport
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