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  1. 3738 and 3742 are on the route 927. Is this the first time the Proterras are on this route since Mount Dennis took it over?
  2. I have a feeling that TTC could get some Nova electric buses. TTC has a good relationship with Nova bus for the past few years. Plus TTC is inviting Nova bus for the electric program. It be interesting having the full electric Nova buses in TTC.
  3. I am not too sure if this is true or not but i have been told that the Proterras are apparently on a two year lease with TTC. I dont know if the XE40s or the BYDS are the same as well.
  4. I have been told that the TTC hybrid artic order is going to be the same as the artics we have now. TTC is going to get Nova hybrid artics. I have been told that 60 buses are supposed to be ordered with 30 units going to Mount Dennis. I have been told TTC might go ahead with the 60 hybrid artics. i am not sure when they be delivered. I also dont know if TTC will change their mind or not on ordering the hybrid artics.
  5. my bad i meant to add those two as well lol 3507 was the shuttle to drive the mechanics back to malvern after bringing 3512 and 3516.
  6. 3541 has the new driver barrier. I saw it on the route 53 Steeles East today.
  7. 1206 is still at 1810. It is parked in front of decomissioned 1238 and 1346.
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