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  1. 9123 is now rebuilt. Spotted it with 3322, 3700, 3729 and 3758. I saw them just north of Townsley loop at around 8:20 today.
  2. 1618 for Starbucks 4445 for Head and Shoulders
  3. 4473 is fully wrapped for Hello Fresh 4495 full for Dr Oetker 4497 is wrapped for something in the middle 3 sections of the car
  4. TTC 8064 is on the 168 this morning, got off it no more then 10 minutes ago.
  5. 4536 is wrapped for something. Theres also a number of other streetcars that are wrapped, just haven’t payed attention to what numbers they are.
  6. 7936, 8095 and the 4 or so unrebuilt hybrids also appear to have been removed, or moved else where through out the property, as none of them were there when I passed by today.
  7. TTC: A 4 car train of H4 work cars consisting of RT 34-35 and RT 14-15. RT 34 is displaying Kennedy. There was also another H4 car or set parked inside of the garage in front of the 4 car set.
  8. TTC 1516 broke down at Christie station at an unknown time today. I first saw it at around 5:30 and they tried to get it to move but it wouldn’t.
  9. According to the description in this post, 4124 is staying with the TTC.
  10. I recently acquired a system I have been looking for a while now, the Sega Master System. I got 2 controllers, a regular controller pad, and the light gun. The light gun looks very much like a real gun. Something like this would never pass in today’s standards. I also got 4 games including Hang-On/Safari Hunt, Shinobi, Double Dragon and one of my favourite games of all time, Space Harrier. Surprisingly, all of the games came in the case and all had manuals. I really like the way the covers for the games look. The condition for some of the items weren’t too good. Everything was covered in a layer of dirt and dust, so I had to clean everything before trying it out. The manual for Shinobi has definitely taken on some sort of liquid, and is in a brittle state, but I don’t read the manuals. There is also a nice crack in the case for Space Harrier, and some label on the cartridge for Double Dragon. The main controller I have for this system is having some issues with Button 2, so I am taking it back in for a trade to get a new one. The person that was working at my game store was very nice, and gave me discounts on some of the items due to the poor condition. I really love this system, it has a lot of good games, and most of the titles complete in the box are cheap compared to something like the NES, as the system didn’t due to well in North America. But some of the later titles can be a bit pricy.
  11. I have heard that 4040 is the car that left yesterday, as a source didn’t see it while they saw all the other parked out in various places in the yard. It also seems that based off of @christine’s sightings, that 4040 would be the car in question.
  12. Spotted what I think was ES-0 at Oakwood and Eglinton heading south on Oakwood at around 3:00pm today.
  13. Wow you listen to anything anyone says. Did you think about it really hard? Does it make sense?
  14. Michael Jackson died 11 years ago, on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50.
  15. I noticed that 4048 and 4124 are not listed among the remaining units.
  16. Last I saw it was parked beside the old Davenport garage, missing a tail light. This was around a week ago.
  17. 7575 is stripped at Hillcrest. It’s being used as parts for the remaining OG’s. I think it’s engine was also removed but it was hard to see from the sidewalk.
  18. I have been informed by a source that 1332 has a screen blocking off the rear off the bus like 1274 1284 1294. It was being used from what I heard as a shelter in the east end today.
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