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  1. A new unit was spotted in service on the 6 route. It’s numbered 177. It’s on a E450 chassis.
  2. TTC 127: 3550 8309 and 1413 in a convoy heading to Hillcrest at Davenport and Bathurst in the afternoon.
  3. TTC Visual sightings 7: 8131 8349 11: 8711 14: 1114 26: 8097 88: 8732 90: 8306 126: 8344 8367 127: 8093 8094
  4. TTC: 8028 was on the 126. 1052 replaced it and is still on the route now.
  5. Hmmm. My foamer/trekkie radar just picked up a hit. Think about it, you go into the movie theatre and you see Star Trek the Motion Picture VII: The mission for Orion. Get this. So it will be almost like Star Trek IV: the Voyage home. But instead of searching for a whale they search for an Orion VII, and it will take place just after the Original TV show series, so all the classic characters will be there. They would then use the mighty power of the Orion VII to defeat the evil foamerons, with their shiny, brightly coloured vests which deflect attacks except for the Orion VII. They attack with loud and annoying talk of their long and forgotten over lord the TTC. Not only would this appeal to foamers because they want to see the excellent Orion VII in action, but trekkies would foam (or whatever the Star Trek version of foam is) to see this movie too because it’s based on the first series. Massive success. ViacomCBS should be calling any second now. He also knows when a bus is dead too.
  6. TTC 8321, 8322 and 8323 are all on the 90 today.
  7. Think. I seriously hope your joking and not actually saying you need evidence for an over 20 year old bus to go back into service that retired 5 years ago.
  8. 4089 isn’t paint stripped, it’s actually still wearing a wrap for a tea brand it’s had since it went out of service. My sources say that the unit has been barely touched since the unit arrived at Hillcrest sometime in late 2019.
  9. TTC Visual sightings: 1218 1232 1288 1335 1401 1660 on the 39 1209 1217 1315 1327 1369 1549 1618 3472 on the 53 1243 1285 1275 1595 on the 129 1390 8119 8142 on the 42 8933 on the 133 8592 on the 25 8354 on the 33 8309 8130 on the 90 8354 on the 33
  10. No problem I forgot I reported them as MIA and suspect other people did too lol. Yes 1376 is retired I spotted it at Hillcrest earlier this year. I haven’t passed by Hillcrest in a very long time so I don’t know if it’s still there or if there are new units like 1278 1282 etc.
  11. Both of these units have been back for quite a significant amount of time. 1349 should also be back too.
  12. 4583 is wrapped for one of the food delivery apps. Too many of them to remember the name. I think it’s Uber Eats? Its the one with Wayne’s World in the TV Ads (excellent).
  13. Is that...Barney the safety Beaver???? Sure looks different. He’s not being very safe. How disappointing.
  14. TTC Visual Sighting: Mount Dennis hybrids 1254, 1379 and 1408 were helping out at various points of the day on the 90.
  15. TTC 1605 was involved in an accident with 2 cars at Scarlett and Eglinton.
  16. 8417 is now rebuilt, it passed me on a test run going north on Old Weston road at St Clair.
  17. 1251 has been MIA for quite some time now. It was recently sent down to Hillcrest. 1349 and 1353 have also been MIA for quite a while now.
  18. Spotted the trio turning east onto St Clair from Christie just after 1:00, mimicking the 126.
  19. 1562 and 1633 are currently in a convoy along with 3402 which was the shuttle for some Novas moving to Arrow earlier today.
  20. I reported 1229 late if I recall, I spotted it about a week or so earlier and I then saw it again on the 27th, which is when I reported it. 1367 should still have its wrap, I recall seeing it either late last year or earlier this year.
  21. The trackers on 1242 and 1362 aren’t active, they are turned off. After a certain amount of time if the bus doesn’t report new data, the tracker will no longer show the last tracker location like in the case of 1206. You strangely made the same case with 1346 a while back which was already confirmed retired.
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