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  1. Wow they are going fast. I spotted 1139 in service today, and was still in service around 3:00pm
  2. What a load of shit. What are they smoking? How are people without social media, such as myself supposed to ride this? This makes no sense whatsoever.
  3. I like to make fun of my friend because he like the leafs. I hope this keeps going so I can continue.😁
  4. That’s sadly how this hobby has become. I have been too 3 open houses and the ALRV final day. There are have been multiple foamers that really ruined the 2 recent events. On the ALRV day, there were 2 certain people both of which spoke to me at one point or another. And when I was on the fishbowl at Leslie, I was sitting next to a pretty annoying guy, who just kept talking and talking. I have also been mistaken for several people by them, mainly someone who was fanning in Oakville. I have never fanned outside of Toronto and Niagara Falls. The same one asked me several times for my instagram account or if I was another person. I agree with hanging out with certain people. There is only a couple people I can talk to or trust with information, or else they will completely go on a different topic other than transit or they will announce the information on here. It’s really annoying, so I try to only talk to the people I know or trust.
  5. 5328/29 were already reported, but the two others are new. Thanks! In other news I saw 4496 with a regular rear red panel in service on 512 not too long ago.
  6. All the rebuilt artics have the white line and stickers. I didn’t mention it before, so I will add it now. Anyways list has been updated
  7. Looks like 1134 is repainted it’s in service on 47 and 1109 is back at Mount Dennis. Currently 1110 1111 1114 1117 1119 1122 1123 1149 are at Hillcrest.
  8. Noting that he said in service. 3725 was just training not in service
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