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  1. Matthew TTC 4120

    Missing in Action buses

    9082 has been missing for a while and is no longer tracking. 9125 has been MIA for 8 days and 9136 has been MIA for 10
  2. Matthew TTC 4120

    TTC non-Fishbowl Fleet Nostalgia

    Here are RTS's 7208 7211 7243 at Hillcrest. These units were used as paint ball walls during the 2015 Hillcrest Open House
  3. Matthew TTC 4120

    Current TTC Wraps

    8352 has the porter airlines banner wrap
  4. Last I saw this unit it was entering hillcrest on September 5. There are a couple hybrids visible from Davenport and I thought one of them was 1508 as it mentioned at hillcrest. However since 1508 was reported at the scrap yard, I think it might be 1608 now.
  5. Matthew TTC 4120

    Video Games!

    Here is my small collection of Nintendo Game and Watches. These were produced between 1980-1991. These can be sold for really high prices depending on their condition. In order of appearance we have the Ball reproduction (2010), Donkey Kong Hockey (1984), Octopus (1981), Donkey Kong JR (1982), Mario's Cement Factory (1983), and Tropical Fish (1985).
  6. Matthew TTC 4120

    Video Games!

    I would recommend Kirby Star Allies, Mega Man Legacy Collection 1+2, Sonic Mania Plus and Sonic Forces in addition to the games mentioned above. Really good platformers in my opinion. Also, I would keep your 3DS. There are so many good games on it. Plus you can play DS games on it so it's sort of two systems in one. If you really want to sell it, I would research to see how much it goes for on ebay. I have two of them. My blue one goes for about 100 dollars. My special Yoshi one goes for almost 250 dollars. It also depends if you have a regular 3DS or one of the other million types of them.
  7. Matthew TTC 4120

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    Last I saw, it was parked beside either 7720 or 7730 and a hybrid. However now there are only three hybrids. Not sure where it went though
  8. Matthew TTC 4120

    TTC's CAD/AVL "Vision" System

    Usually, there is a little screen/pad near the driver when you enter the bus. The screen that announces the next stop will also display the time and some other numbers (which I think is the operator ID). The voice that announces the stops will sound different as well. I am sure there are other ways as well, but that's what I do to see if the bus has vision
  9. Matthew TTC 4120

    General FY Moments

    I went to this awesome retro arcade called Tilt. It has a nice selection of games from the 70's, 80's 90's. It also has a variety of systems as well to play as well. Sadly it gets crowded quite quickly and people under 19 can only stay until 8pm which sucks for me because I am in that group. But it's worth it for the classic games that they have. Some of my favourite games that they have there include: TMNT, Baby Pac-Man, Robotron 2084, Time Pilot, Track and Field, Q*bert, Burgertime, Crystal Castles, Bubble Bobble, Frogger and one machine that has Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr and Mario Bros. I noticed that they like to rotate there games in and out as some of the pinball machines, Space Invaders and Asteroids were Missing from this visit. I also managed to get the high scores for Burgertime, Missile Command, Ms. Pac-Man, Bubble Bobble and Time Pilot. This was definitely worth the $5 entry fee...
  10. Matthew TTC 4120

    Today's Sightings

    TTC 512: 4474 4490 4517 90: 8119 8393 8143 126: 1037 1058 7: 9010 9015 9014 9001 9011 511: 1008 1269 1262 1059 1016 1549 1590 1004 1354 506: 4144 505: 1218 8558 8164 1242 1230 8557 9208 8584 8513 8381 8544 8954 1374 8123 NIS: 4447 4432 1297 TRAINING BUS: 1361 1422
  11. Matthew TTC 4120

    TTC non-Fishbowl Fleet Nostalgia

    Here are some deadline photos from hillcrest. The first photo is from September of 2015, while the others are from early 2016. Please forgive me for the blurriness in the first photo. At this point I was just starting to photograph transit and the vehicles on Davenport were super distracting🙄🙄.
  12. Matthew TTC 4120

    General FML moments

    The game store called after a week. They said they fixed the buttons and the controll buttons
  13. Matthew TTC 4120

    What TTC routes are your favorite and why?

    90 Vaughn has always been my favourite. I can remember riding on Fishbowls, Orion VII hybrids and Orion V out of Mount Dennis. After the route was transferred to Wilson, I would usually ride on a mix of units including hybrids (mainly 15 16 17 18), Orion VII diesels and the very rare Orion V. The Orion VII were nice, but the 94's always took me back to my childhood, when I would ride them all the time on the 29.
  14. Matthew TTC 4120

    Missing in Action buses

    9402, 9430 and I believe the third unit is 9413.
  15. Matthew TTC 4120

    Miscellaneous TTC Discussion & Questions

    From what the wiki says, 9426 was involved in a collision with 9411 a while back. I am not sure if the black was a result of the collision.