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  1. I have heard that 4040 is the car that left yesterday, as a source didn’t see it while they saw all the other parked out in various places in the yard. It also seems that based off of @christine’s sightings, that 4040 would be the car in question.
  2. Spotted what I think was ES-0 at Oakwood and Eglinton heading south on Oakwood at around 3:00pm today.
  3. Wow you listen to anything anyone says. Did you think about it really hard? Does it make sense?
  4. Michael Jackson died 11 years ago, on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50.
  5. I noticed that 4048 and 4124 are not listed among the remaining units.
  6. Last I saw it was parked beside the old Davenport garage, missing a tail light. This was around a week ago.
  7. 7575 is stripped at Hillcrest. It’s being used as parts for the remaining OG’s. I think it’s engine was also removed but it was hard to see from the sidewalk.
  8. I have been informed by a source that 1332 has a screen blocking off the rear off the bus like 1274 1284 1294. It was being used from what I heard as a shelter in the east end today.
  9. Today, I had a moment I hadn’t thought about ever. But today really brought it into perspective. I was out walking and a kid I know who lives down the street was outside. Obviously giving ourselves lots of space we began to have a conversation. I don’t remember exactly how, but we started to talk about TV and Movies (a good thing to note at this point is that their family is rich). They seem to be using only Online streaming services such as Netflix and Disney Plus. So when I mentioned that I don’t use them too often, and that I often watch movies using Blu-Ray or DVD, he seemed confused. Then he said: ”What’s a DVD?” I stopped moving. I then had to explain what a DVD was, what a DVD player was and how to insert it. I had to compare it to an Xbox, because he didn’t know what a Wii was either. We talked for a bit longer and I continued on my walk. When I got home I was pretty bummed out. I went up stairs to my room, turned up Hall and Oates, lay down on my bed and began to think. And that’s when it hit me. I’m getting old. I knew that this day would come, and that everyone at one point realizes this, but thinking about if for the first time was weird. Then I began to think about all things that I knew that have changed. For transit pretty much everything is gone. Seeing Orion’s going for scrap for me at least is sad. I remember when they were brand new and that they had the new bus smell. CLRVs were a huge part of my childhood and that just recently retired. Subways still have the SRT, T1’s and kinda TR’s. But without Hawkers it’s boring. Businesses are worse. I can name tons of places that closed. Blockbuster, Future Shop, the local Bowling alley, Kat’z diner with the big headed guy on sign on Dufferin, Yorkdale before it turned into whatever it is now, Zellers, the mall that’s Dupont and Dufferin that’s partially being torn down and the list can just keep going. There’s way too many people that have passed that I knew to name here. There’s only a few things that haven’t changed that I can think of, I can probably count them on my hands. And while I am glad they still the way they are, I know eventually they too, will change. It’s just a part of life I know, I just don’t like it. But there’s nothing I can do, so I have to enjoy what I have now.
  10. It seems like they have tapped all the front doors. Its probably to prevent people going in to the yard to strip parts of the CLRV.
  11. My great aunt passed this pass week, and after talking around, it turns out she was located at a home where there was an outbreak of COVID-19. I suspect that she passed due to the virus. I don’t think I have ever met her, and my family isn’t close due to stuff that happened way before my time, but it’s weird to think that someone I was related to died because of the virus.
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