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  1. 1526 and 1547 were parked at Malvern in mid June. The group of others were taken around late June and were parked at Markham Road. All of them weren’t tracking, but as of late most of them are tracking, with the exception of 1547, 1602 and 1611. 1526 and 1593 have since returned to service. I thought they were going to be retired, but it looks like they are do repairs instead.
  2. 1050 is on 6 and 1072 is tracking on keele street going north. These two should be done rebuild as well.
  3. I decided not to get anything yet. I am eyeing a N64 on ebay with some decent games. If I don't get that, I will continue growing my collections for systems I already own such as the NES and gamecube.
  4. TTC 512: 4575 4490 4482 4417 126: 1030 63: 1270 1277 29/929: 9136 9021
  5. I am assuming you have a relatively new phone. I am using a Samsung Rugby phone. It is probably worth about 50 dollars. I am pretty sure its about 8-10 years old. My photos are turning out just fine. Also to your post about ageism, that is BS. I am not sure if the 12 is your age, or if it represents something else, but If it is your age, I am roughly about your age. Your age has absolutely nothing to do with this.
  6. Why didn't you wait for a cooler day? Why did you try and take a photo of every bus if it was really hot outside? ????
  7. Its not just those 3, its also your several other posts with your other photos, telling people to get the buses themselves if they don't like it.
  8. 1063 and 8023 now have LED headlights I am also pretty sure that 8098 also has LED lights.
  9. TTC 1813 was being used as a training bus on Rogers between Keele and Old Weston this morning. 127: 1063 30: 8427 40: 8016 8023 29: 9021 NIS: 1412 8122
  10. I think you have just ruined any chance of having one of your photos as the feature photo. Not only are you being rude to other members including an administrator, who have given you helpful advise, but a good chuck of your photos are rear shots, which would be ok on a wiki page, but not a feature photo and your front photo of 1726 appears to be taken from far away and is also quite blurry as well.
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