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  1. 4510 for Kicking horse Coffee 4560 for fare evasion
  2. TTC 8644 as a training bus on Finch, just east of Dufferin
  3. Toronto loses 6-3 to Carolina. Carolina played with an emergency back up goalie after losing both their goalies to injury. The goalie is a 42 year old Kidney transplant goalie, who works as a Zamboni driver for Toronto’s AHL team, the Toronto Marlies.
  4. 4104 still remains on property, and is parked in front of 4069 and behind an unknown unit. My apologies for the miss information. I plan on heading to Russell to find out what units still remain in the deadline.
  5. I have been hearing that another car, most likely 4104, departed recently. This is unconfirmed.
  6. No service on 512 between Oakwood and St Clair West due to power issues. I spotted workers at St Clair and Vaughn near a manhole I think. 4467 is stuck at Wychwood and St Clair.
  7. Bump Another console has come to the collection. Well it’s not really a console but a mini one. The SEGA Genesis mini just arrived about an hour ago. Testing it shows that it’s a very high quality system as one would expect since SEGA did it them selves. I do have one complain which is why they decided to include a three button Genesis controllers instead of six button controllers. I can understand they are trying to make it as original as possible, but this makes certain games much harder to play. Also some of the game choices are questionable, but it’s overall a good system and is well worth the price.
  8. No service on 512 from Lansdowne to Keele due to a broken down streetcar. This car appears to have been 4484, as interior lights were off and hazard lights were on but were flashing very fast. Was being pushed by car 4516. My driver and the driver of 4484 just switched at Lansdowne so service should be returning to normal.
  9. 1080 appears to be on 7 according to tracker. I am also pretty sure I saw an OG on Bathurst so that’s probably it.
  10. A few cars were moved to another track. Cars 4040 4051 4133 and 4193.
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