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  1. 4425 has a full wrap and 1625 has a half wrap both for be fair be vegan and 4574 has a full wrap promoting various new shows on CTV
  2. I think it’s been back at Malvern for a couple days. I think 1602 and 1738 were swapped for 1661 and 1744
  3. An 83xx is on 126 EDIT: it’s actually 8319 and is sign onto the 63 on transsee
  4. Sightings from Hillcrest: 1632 and the other 2 stripped hybrids have been replaced by a 13xx and 1231 (which is missing a panel). 1514 and 1619 have been replaced by 1810 and 2 new paint 16xx’s which appear to be 1665 and 1683. All are missing parts. I can’t confirm if the 2 new paint units are 1665 and 1683, but considering that these 2 have been missing for quite a whiles and that there are no other retired repainted units that are stripped, I would guess that it is these 2. 7575 has been moved over a spot and has been rotated. I can’t tell if it is missing more parts or not because it is being blocked by a work truck.
  5. It was most definitely in the early stages of being stripped. Rear destination sign, decals and the bike rack were all removed. Later on lights and other panels were removed.
  6. Oh. Nobody mentioned it, and I didn’t realize that had gone back into service.
  7. Nope. It was removed in Late spring or early summer.
  8. I think it had a failed engine (similar to 7929) and it was sent to Hillcrest. It was later sent back but it was never used in service.
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