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  1. Good luck everyone who has interview coming up.
  2. That’s great to hear that driver was cooperative. Let’s see how it goes tomorrow with me. Are you prepared for the interview? I am very stressed
  3. You are quick. How was it? did driver co operate?
  4. Yea, I finally got this morning. Exactly one week before as they said I was gonna call them around 10 but when I refreshed email was there. I am going for ride along tomorrow. Have you done your ride along?
  5. Haven’t received any email yet. Freaking out
  6. Hi did you get email from Brampton transit yet?
  7. Sorry didn’t pay attention. I was nervous ..lol.. i was called out 1st as well but in second group. I was sitting in second row on second seat next to the guy whose name was similar to two other candidates. I don’t know if you remember.
  8. Thanks in advance hopefully we will be working together soon You had Map test on 27th. Was it in the afternoon? because you said you were trying to figure out who I was.
  9. Would you help me after your interview please?
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