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  1. Please split https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Transdev_Québec_8009-8016,_8020 into "Transdev Québec 8009-8011, 8016" and "Transdev Québec 8012, 8014-8015, 8020": the former are H3-45 and the latter are X3-45 coaches. Thanks!
  2. 32-801 today. Only bonus is it has a Faraday bell in the middle.
  3. Got 32-802 on the 121 this morning. Decided to sit anyway and found myself sandwiched between two manspreading passengers (how I hate the perimeter seating!). As usual not a day passes without at least one of those pesky ISL9 garbage.
  4. Got 30-872 on the 121 today. Nothing wrong with this one at least. Also got 28-005 on the 171LE home. Always an enjoyable ride with a 2nd gen! Spotted what looks to be 40-929 or 928 (yes my eyesight isn't great at all) waiting to do the 171E at École secondaire St-Laurent, which I believe is on this run: https://gtfstools.site/run.php?trip_id=250225045. It didn't track. 40-907, 28-042 and at least 3 other 40/41 series were also waiting at the school. Also saw 31-071 with that very brilliantly designed wrap on the 128 all day.
  5. Montréal: spotted 215.9 at Esso at the corner of Côte-Vertu and Marcel-Laurin today.
  6. Came out of the metro to find... 28-004... on the 171SN !! The last thing I would ever expect to see. It seems to have replaced 37-096 mid-run. Hard to believe my eyes. Rode it and it was excellent! 28-083 was on the 171LE (also very rare nowadays!). The front sign is displaying the route as if it's a full-width sign, so it shows "171 Henri-Boura" instead... reflecting the reality that in normal circumstances, pretty much no narrow-sign buses ever make it onto the 171 (obviously, except 30-021 to 025 which at least are staying here for the moment). 39-014 was also on the 171.
  7. Got 3 7 - 0 9 2 around 11:30. Spotted FDL 1201 (some older-front H series) on the 499 and 40-923 at Côte-Vertu, rear sign saying 803. Also spotted 33-806 & 809 on the 121 .
  8. Caught 30-863 twice on Sunday, the side destination sign wasn't working. 27-020 was parked outside at Legendre yesterday, along with 28-091 and (of course) a ton of artics that probably no one would ever care about their numbers lol. Got 30-876 on the 121 today. 37-050 was on the 171 this afternoon, it doesn't have any numbers on its rear window.
  9. Thanks for the clarifications. Transdev, Keolis and such often do not number units in VIN order, which seems to be causing some confusions amongst the wiki editors. If I'm getting correctly, MTA 8091 never actually made it to anywhere in Quebec... About the midi, the only reason I ask is because 630 is the only one to have never tracked with its VIN, so the webpage I linked would confirm its VIN. The next step would be to clean up the wiki I guess.
  10. Spotted 30-206 on the 121 renfort this morning. Got on 30-874 for the nth time. Took 37-048 on the 171 later. The heater strip on the floor at the back has also fallen off. Spotted 29-009 on the 177
  11. 82107 is definitely last-minute delivered and rushed into service, the new Opus reader was only half assembled and the wiring near the destination signs looks like bird's nest. Thanks for the additional information about 81607. 3161 is indeed on the wiki, and shown as a 2016 J4500, so hopefully we got its VIN for free. === Now moving on to Laurentides: 1) I'm not sure what is with this VIN 2NVYL82jXG3750184 saying 3-629: on the wiki, this same VIN is attributed to Keolis 29271. When one looks up the VIN of 3-629 also on the wiki, it says it's an MTA reject with some Plattsburgh VIN instead. I wonder if someone has some clarifications on this. 2) https://plc.ua/en/auctions/lot/newflyer-transit-bus-2014-vin-2fyd9vr0xeb044611-ia-11345558/ This may have been Transcobec 630, which does have the same color.
  12. Seems like some new VIN recently popped up at Dufresne, ruining this statement temporarily. It's 82107M (1HA6GVB72MN006870), some Chevrolet + Aerotech (reading off what it says on the body) thing in a watermelon pink exo livery. I can't input "82107M" into the VIN suggestion form, it tells me it can't end with a letter, so kindly take this one. Another thing I've noticed: on the wiki, 81607 is indicated to have the VIN 4RKG33498G9737302 (some X3-45), however on Transit Tracker VIN project page, this fleet number is assigned to 2MG3JM8A7GW067653, which is that of a 2016 MCI J4500.
  13. Please split up this page: https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Autobus_Dufresne_3121,_3123 to 3121 only: according to edits done on corresponding Transbus page, 3123 is ex-Transbus 1224. Found a sale page of 3121: https://poctra.com/2012-PREVOST-BUS/id-AxmQGlnpt1y8X49z/PHOENIX-AZ. I have no clue who was the original owner, but it was in Phoenix, AZ and had some damage all over the bus before Dufresne took it. In addition, with the above information, this page https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Autobus_Dufresne_3122 should read 3122-3123 (3122 is ex-1222 and 3123 is ex-1224).
  14. Got STL 0601 on the 65 towards Montmorency. At Montmorency: - STL 1308 ended up on the 46, still not tracking. - Transdev 367(21)8 was on the 9. The destination sign wasn't working so there is a piece of paper with the route written on it. Sounds in terrible shape too (very loud bang when the doors were being opened). - Keolis 29242 was on the 19. While it was leaving Montmorency, it almost sounds like it was exploding along the way. Also the huge sticker saying they're governed to 70 km/h is always kind of funny to see on TM units. - Keolis 6451 (in orange exo livery) was also on the 19. Shows with its VIN 2PCH33491EC712408 on the tracker. Got 30-842 on my way home. Côte-Vertu station is always like a circus during rush hours - today some truck decided to park in the middle of the 121 platform (in the middle of the PM rush) to dump its cargo, with the result being the 121 is forced to load/unload in the middle of the street while blocking traffic. I get the impression that people treat the 121/171 stops there more like a dépose-minute rather than a bus stop on a 24/7 reserved lane, yesterday some Uber eats stopped there to grab food.
  15. Got 0301 on the 151-N this afternoon! Still in excellent shape for one of the oldest active LFS around. The new opus reader, LED screen and credit card reader are all in working order.
  16. Or it could be the 100, which is actually a Stinson route. All departures on the 19 tracked: it had 28-092 (aww) and 31-048 all day. Interesting. Looking at the side of 31-166, it does seem like there is a cut on the side panel. === I got 31-168 on the 171 this morning. It actually tracks again now. I could have also taken the not tracking 121, which to my surprise turned out to be 29-847 (I was prepared for it being something like 32-804 like always).
  17. Converse to 30-181, spotted the rebuilt 31-166 yesterday with an old 2009-10 front and Novabus logo, on the 168. Spotted 33-816 (not tracking) and 33-830 on the 121 today (gee). Seems like 33-830 replaced 30-830... not a good week at Legendre at all it seems like. I got 30-876 later in the day.
  18. The problem is it's all logical and all, but it bites into the profitability of the REM. The promoter of the project certainly isn't worried about this. And when it happens, the transit agencies will be ready to pull out buses and drivers off regular routes to help! At least, what is said. I really would be curious to see how the STM will be able to lend a hand if the REM breaks down on their territory... since they're digging themselves into a bus shortage hole again - planning to retire all rear ramp buses by 2024 (there are 206 of them from 2007 & 2008), while not purchasing a single new bus. It's definitely a recipe for disaster service-wise, but at least the STM will look so beautiful and clean in the media.
  19. The plastic divider hasn't changed as far as I know. At least, up until the newest one I took (some 41-0xx on the 144MR a few months ago). Either there hasn't been any reported incidents, or it's judged not a concern by the stm. However if you allow me to veer off the topic here, our XE40s have grey dividers and plexiglass, à la MiWay & Brampton, as shown below. In addition, I'd just like to mention that the big yellow board is finally starting to gradually come off all buses, the seat next to the front door on rear ramp buses and that behind the driver will be available to sit. About time to get rid of that nonsense, since now ridership is up, passengers often have to stand next to the driver anyway.
  20. Wow, very interesting indeed. When I saw 30-107 yesterday, 30-024 was actually right behind it, both running on the 171 heading eastbound - one of them must have been quite delayed. Spotted 29-801 on the 121 this afternoon. Also spotted 30-238 on the 72 with tomatoes slapped on the window facing the rear door... remains of tellement Montréal ad campaign from last summer.
  21. Spotted this guy at Côte-Vertu this afternoon: Also spotted 0310 arriving! I should try to find some time to ride them sometime next week.
  22. A strange day on the 171: spotted 30-189 (all-day SN 171 run out of all things...), 30-107 (renfort), 31-097 (renfort), 32-029 & 031 (regular 171 runs as usual) and 27-524 (renfort? same run 31-097 filled in for earlier). I took 40-903 on it, my 3rd ride on a Flyer now. They definitely have a more substantial suspension, as one can feel the bus bouncing left and right when it brakes hard. Only if the interior was less dumb... However the best part from today is... Of course! broken down on the 171 École, it seems like.
  23. 31-168 was on the 128 today, not tracking, as well as 30-022 on the 171. Spotted 39-055 on the 177 this evening, back in service with the camera-mirrors.
  24. Spotted 30-870 broken down at Côte-Vertu earlier today
  25. If you're ever curious to see what's under your "beautiful" (really not) American Seating Nightmare InSight®, here's an exclusive view of a naked one, on its quest to become an InSight Prime®, courtesy of 30-860 (on the 121): The 171 was 31-081, so I'm glad I took 30-860 and spared myself of an even bigger horror. Otherwise, spotted 30-024 on the 128, not tracking!
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