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  1. I took 28-068 on the 54 today. 38-050 was parked ET in front of the Crémazie complex. Along René-Lévesque, I spotted 29-123 on the 150, and 31-004 on the 747, not tracking. Took a short ride on 30-020 on the 747 as well. Later, spotted 30-012 on the 171 (still not tracking, of course), 30-023 on the 128 and 30-025 on the 171. Also spotted 28-082 on the 171E, 28-049 and 081 on the 171, all LE extras. 40-152 was on the 121E (SL extra). I've noticed that they never programmed the "Ecole" P/R message for the rear signs on those new Luminators.
  2. 26-026 was ET on Côte-Vertu this morning. In the evening there were 26-024 on the 15 and 26-022 on the 24. I took the latter.
  3. Yesterday: 30-012 was the 105, not tracking. Today: 39-037 was laying over on Sherbrooke waiting to do the 125. It's finally back to sport the normal livery. I took a very crowded 29-805 on the 121 later in the evening as the 121ISL didn't show up.
  4. Looks like the 171LE I took twice with a 28 series may has returned to its usual dullness with some 31 series today, so I took 31-806 on the 121 instead. It seems like they selectively dispatch even the artics... so far it's the oldest one I have taken on this particular run... pretty disappointing. It also smelled of exhaust inside. On another note, the run time on the 121 seems to be exaggeratedly generous in the mornings. We still ended up arriving at Sauvé on time despite waiting around for nothing for about 2-3 minutes every few stops. Caught 32-804 this evening on the 121, not tracking... very rough and slow ride on it. The engine shrieks a lot while accelerating, and the rear door has problems opening: it would get stuck for about 5 seconds and then slam open.
  5. Yesterday: 30-807 and 847 were on the 121 in the morning, both not tracking. I took 28-116 on the 171 LE extra! Nice ride. 27-503 was on the 107. I took 30-838 on the 121 in the evening, also not tracking! Today: 31-804 was on the 121, still not tracking. I also had a pleasant ride with 28-058 on the 54.
  6. Yesterday afternoon: 28-060 did the 180-O, not tracking still. Today afternoon: 29-844 was on the 121, not tracking. The side destination sign was off. 30-031 was deadheading on Côte-Vertu. Transdev sent 8587(xx)x on the 499. It still says Carignan on the side of the bus, so it was at some point assigned to CRC. Also spotted all black MCI 814009 on the same route.
  7. 26-033 was deadheading on Sauvé yesterday afternoon, not tracking.
  8. I caught 28-041 on the 54 today! Also spotted some AN 30 series on the 100. 30-838 was on the 121, not tracking. 29-048 did the first 460-O in the afternoon, also not tracking. 28-077 was on the 179.
  9. Yesterday: 39-011 and 31-001 were on the 171 and 128 respectively, all day. 28-082 was on the 121E. Today: I took 29-151 on the 171 this morning. It's also on an all day run. These 29-1xx airport runners feel like they're in much better shape than their 30 series equivalents I've taken at SN lately. 30-012 was on the 105 midday, still not tracking. I took 28-089 on the 54 this evening. 28-090 was also on it!
  10. It looks like there are some fleet movements lately... for the 25/26 series, it looks like St-Denis is trying to shed them all to Mont-Royal. The latter in the mean time seems to be giving their own share of 26/27 series to Anjou. Let's keep observing for a while to see if that ends up being the case. In any case, it doesn't look good for St-Denis. I haven't seen a "rocket" on a SD route in a good while already. 26-031 was deadheading near TCV this evening.
  11. Yesterday: 28-029 was on the 171E, LE extra. Legendre also sent 28-060 on another 171E and 28-123 on the 121E, both not tracking. This morning: 30-847 was on the 121 going eastbound and 29-828 went westbound, both also not tracking. 29-828 was full to the doors and left many people behind at Côte-Vertu (it's Wednesday again). I took 28-001 on the 171 LE extra!! Nice ride. This evening: 28-032 was deadheading on A-40 westbound. 28-010, 28-084 and 28-105 were also ET on Crémazie. 28-090 was on the 54, and I took 29-073 on it.
  12. I took 29-846 on the 121 this morning. Spotted 29-073 on the 171LE! too bad I missed it out because I gave up checking the tracker for the 171. 31-041 was on the 121 eastbound. I took 28-031 on the 121I SL extra this evening! Very rare opportunity and it ran very smoothly.
  13. Caught a quick glance of it this morning on the 121E! First 2nd gen on a Stinson run since August! Too bad it was the 121E to TMR. Otherwise, I spotted 26-041 and 045 on the 24, and 26-083 deadheading on Sauvé this evening.
  14. Two of Stinson's oldest buses had a meeting today on the 171: 30-014 and 023. 30-013 was on the 128. 40-214 was on the 121 and 30-076 was parked Spécial / École on Acadie near Sauvé. 28-094 was on the 54 today!
  15. Spotted a bunch of pretty interesting stuff on Côte-Vertu today: 28-060 171E, LE extra (not tracking) 28-058 121E 29-142 171E, LE extra (also not tracking) 30-022 171E 30-007 121E, SN extra
  16. It was on the 144 yesterday. Anjou sent lots of their ISL9s to St-Denis lately... bleh. It is actually a Stinson run. I took 31-821 on the 121 this morning. Some of the windows still have stickers saying "Climatisation à l'essai" reminding people to close the windows. I missed 38-008 on the 24 by seconds, and the next departure was the windowless 39-037, so I went for 37-015 on the 144SN. Sauvé is the best place to see ISL9s. This evening, within minutes, there were SN's 31-187 (ET), SD's 31-012 (ET), LE's 31-117 (41) and 31-837 (121), and SL's 30-170 (121I). I skipped the last (at least it showed up) and waited for 30-835 on the 121.
  17. This afternoon at Crémazie: 28-002, 28-093 and 27-525 En Transit. 28-113 did the 54, which I took and enjoyed very much. 28-060 was doing the last 52, not tracking.
  18. 26-032 was on the 57 and 26-058 was on the 71 this morning. 25-226 was on the 445 this afternoon.
  19. Spotted 27-021 on the 178 this morning. 30-012 was on the 171, of course still not tracking. I took 27-513 on the 107. Also spotted SJSR 310621 (4th gen LFS) going SB on R.-Bourassa. This afternoon, there was 30-016 on the 747 and 38-014 on the 150 with black Helvetica front numbers. At Crémazie, I spotted 28-116 and 28-093 ET. I had great pleasure with 28-095 on the 54 and saw 29-147 on the other direction. 30-024 was on the 171 and 30-022 was on the 128.
  20. I took 26-083 on the 54 yesterday! Exciting ride. 26-031 was on the 15 this afternoon.
  21. This morning: 30-019 was on the 171 still with racks. It zoomed right past the bus stop with people waiting, and it looked like it was full to the doors already. I waited for 30-849 on the 121 and didn't get on it either: it was also full to the max. Finally got on 37-082 on the 171. Pretty bad considering both lines come every 12-14 min at this time of the day already. 28-705 and 28-064 were on the 107. This afternoon: 30-231 was supposed to do the 18:07 121ISL, but it never showed up. I took 31-850 on the much more crowded than usual regular 121. 30-021 was on the 128.
  22. I took Stinson's 29-813 on the 121 this morning. 30-019 followed us on the 171. STL 2122 was deadheading on Côte-Vertu (snapped a pic since it stopped for the traffic light). In the evening, I spotted 28-094 deadheading on Crémazie. I took 27-525 on the 54 and thoroughly enjoyed it. In particular, St-Laurent was closed to northbound traffic beyond Legendre, and the bus detoured inside CT Legendre. The Réchaud bus was parked inside the building; 28-005 and 29-021 were parked outside near the park. 30-012 and 30-025 were on the 128. The former is still not tracking.
  23. 26-029 was on the 24 midday. 26-015 was on the 54SD this evening. It still has two prominent blue tags on the driver side.
  24. This morning: 28-026 171SL; 29-152 100; 28-067 460. This afternoon: 26-083 121E; 28-090 171E; 30-013 128; 29-804 121. I didn't take anything today though, sadly.
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