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  1. 41-123 was on the 121 all day. When I spotted it around 1pm it was obviously packed. I took 30-856.
  2. 81612 tracks on Chrono (exo data feed) as 2G9B30AA7GA098052, or ex-1629: https://api.transittracker.ca/vin/2G9B30AA7GA098052. I think we have some confusion around the ex-Calgary units here. I recently requested to change the title of Autobus Dufresne 81601 to Autobus Dufresne 81601 and 81612, basing myself on the available informations on the wiki which suggests two units (81601 and 81612) exists. However, it has been brought to my attention that apparently, only unit 81612 exists, and its (actual) VIN is not the VIN that is shown on the tracker. In fact, looking at the original Calgary transit** page, the VIN that is shown on the tracker (-8052) for unit 81612 has been sold to Red Deer. On the other hand, it seems like at some point Dufresne had two units on their property. So I have two questions, and wonder if anyone can offer an answer: Does unit 81601 exist? What is the actual VIN of 81612? ** P.S. the wording is strange here - last ran. Are they still with Red Deer?
  3. Caught 30-838 on the 121 this morning. Wasn't expecting it to be packed to the front door at almost 10 am. The poor driver is the same one I had a while ago around 7:20, spending all morning yelling at passengers to move back.
  4. Thanks, I wasn't aware of the Alliance deal. Now things are more clear. I agree we can wait and see then.
  5. I'd like to bring up the serial issue for Vicinities, much in the manner of Gillig discussed above. It might make sense to switch to a serial-based VIN page. Similar to Gillig, VMC (or GW) no longer really assign serials in order somewhere around 2017. For example, the below list of consecutive serials has been compiled from wiki data: - [...] Many other 2017 units - HA098212 to HA098214: 2017 BC Transit 4062-4064 - MA098215 to MA098216: 2021 Keolis 221-901 and 221-910 - _A098217 to _A098220: Unknown/Unassigned - NA098221: 2022 Transbus 1256 - _A098222 to _A098223: Unknown/Unassigned - MA098224 to MA098225: 2021 Keolis 221-909 and 221-903 - _A098226 to _A098230: Unknown/Unassigned - MA098231 to MA098232: 2021 Keolis 221-906 and 221-908 - NA098233: 2022 Transbus 1257 - MA098234 to MA098237: 2021 Keolis 221-911, 221-913, 221-905 and 221-907 - NA098238: 2022 Transbus 1258 - HA098239 to HA098241: 2017 BC Transit 4065-4067 - HA098242 to HA098245: 2017 Saskatoon 1816-1819 - [...] Many other 2017 BC Transit units As one can see from the above example, this range of VIN has units from 2017 to 2022, and later VINs are similarly disordered. I've gathered around the informations available on the wiki, and here's a spreadsheet of all the Vicinities, ordered by serial number: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rXVifWchts7g5vDrpKqqze5GnzcB5NX_4gI_Gt6ZShU/edit?usp=sharing. I'd like to know what everyone thinks about this issue. === Regarding the repeating model year issue, if I gather the solution taken here is the older pages have 'model_number N VINs' names (i.e. "NFI N VINs" vs "NFI D40 N VINs"). I'd just like to point out it won't work for Nova, as the LFS has been in production for almost 30 years now (the first LFS demo has R, or 1994 VINs). Also, I'm not sure why the "Model_year VINs" are both in single quote, i.e. NFI 'N VINs'. My uneducated opinion says it should read NFI 'N' VINs instead.
  6. Transbus 1235 was turning right onto President Kennedy from Robert-Bourassa on Thursday morning. Coincidentally that's also the usual path of the Habitat shuttle.
  7. Spotted 42-006 on the 121 today, filling in for 30-860 judging by when I saw it. 30-008 now has rear fleet numbers again, they put the 8 upside down...
  8. Still better than anything the STM could come up with: hand-written pieces of paper with a sharpie, for the most part. Actually, the amount of mistakes on the new signages for the SRB Pie-IX is horrendous: stops with 7 days service saying "LUN à VEN" instead, night bus icon on the 439, etc. The former "Best APTA agency of 2010" is growing more and more incompetent. So what do we know about what happens after (if ever) the REM opens? Zero information to the general public. In fact they didn't even finish the consultation phase yet, though the results probably won't be considered anyway. Back to topic, I think all that's lacking is a set of arrows: if they point from the picture on the left to that on the right, it may be more obvious as to what's coming. The more graphics (less text) the better.
  9. I think it must have been a mistake then: theoretically, the 355 clearly serves Pie-IX / Parc Pilon which is outside the BRT, but the 139 and 439 both serve the SRB Pie-IX / d'Amos. Watch them put up a message on their website on November 7 saying "Certains arrêts sont déplacés pour une raison hors de notre contrôle" lol. Just to confuse people! Yes, that's reasonable. So again, it goes to show that making buses running faster is for the benefit of everyone. It's sad that elsewhere, improving service efficiency seems to cause allergic reactions from all layers of STM, politicians and planners alike, and everyone takes a jab to make things move even slower than ever. Onto Stinson, in any case there will be less drivers assigned there next year, so I doubt they can help out the 439 even if they're theoretically allowed to. Unfortunately, it's not a problem for all garages of the STM: LaSalle for example has high standards of maintenance where a bus reported for defects will be immediately repaired upon returning to the garage. Stinson is this bad because they do what Luc Tremblay wanted - xx% of the fleet is available to pick passengers up, but it doesn't matter if the heater doesn't work, or if the steering wheel isn't aligned, or if the window is shattered, you name it.
  10. Had a quick look: it seems like the 139 has been changed to 40 footers, on weekends only, for this list (Oct 24 to Nov 6), with a somewhat more frequent service* compared to the September list. Starting on Nov 7 (which seems to be a separate booking, at least at Legendre) it will be reduced to 30 minutes headway with 40 footers all the time. Still, I'm curious how the artics situation will be until January: rumors are that the 45 and 197 will go back to 40 footer next year, but in the mean time artics will still serve both routes, and the 439 will have more service than both the 139 and 439 combined as of now. I wonder if there will be an artic shortage. P.S. I'm not sure why the 139 will serve the Amos SRB station, to then merge out of the SRB. * I think someone at the STM must have messed up the schedule. For Sundays, northbound from Pie-IX it was :10, :30, :50... from 10am to 1pm (every 20 minutes with artics), now around the same time period it's :00, :30, :45... (every 30, 15, 15, 30, 15, 15... with 40 footers).
  11. Well, stupid Stinson strikes again! For a Saturday, it's pretty pitiful. 37-057 broke down on the 171... as a result the eastbound departure is cancelled, leaving an hour of a gap without a bus (yes it's running every 30+ minutes). 31-214 filled in for its next westbound departure. Later I noticed the subsequent WB departure got cancelled too... 37-091 had some sort of issue too I presume. Also spotted 30-143 filling in for 33-834 on the 470. All this, and I was only out for an hour. Bravo... Seriously, a ride on something without mechanical problems is too much to ask it seems like. Some of the private companies running for exo even do better than this.
  12. Please rename the following pages: * https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Autobus_Dufresne_81601: From Autobus Dufresne 81601 to Autobus Dufresne 81601, 81612 - two units are acquired instead of one; * https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Société_de_transport_de_Montréal_Centre_de_transport_St._Michel_(Adapté): from Société de transport de Montréal Centre de transport St. Michel (Adapté) to Société de transport de Montréal Centre de transport Saint-Michel - corresponding to how STM documents refer to it; * https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Le_Groupe_Transbus_338-339: (page splitting): from Le Groupe Transbus 338-339 to Le Groupe Transbus 338 and Le Groupe Transbus 339, since they have different model years (F and G). * https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Le_Groupe_Transbus_1220-1227 (page splitting): from Le Groupe Transbus 1220-1227 to Le Groupe Transbus 1220-1221 and Le Groupe Transbus 1222-1227, since they have different model years (B and C) and specs. * https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/MRC_Montcalm from MRC Montcalm to MRC de Montcalm, to reflect branding on vehicles and webpage.
  13. Got 37-006 on the 171 this afternoon, suffocatingly hot and humid, and smells terrible. The heater was full blown but I'm under the impression the ventilation system doesn't work. Later, we had to rescue passengers of 37-075, which broke down.
  14. Spotted 42-006 on the 121 this PM, not tracking. Presumably a school extra, but these Luminators never got "École" programmed in the rear signs.
  15. 128 was a big circus today - 4 3rd gens, one hybrid; 2 tracking, 3 not tracking. Enjoy Stinson at its best. 31-071 (they finally put a crooked rear number on it), 31-190 tracking; 30-013, 31-099 and the hybrid not tracking. 40-911 was on the 171 this afternoon. So they're now finally back to PM service.
  16. The 139 stays outside the BRT, using 40 footers with (potentially) 2022 Hybrids (AC'ed, etc.). The 439 moves inside the BRT with all the pomp and uses... beaten-up 2011 artics without AC... lol. In addition, note that the 439 ends at 6pm on weekends and holidays - I predict it'll be a great source of confusion to passengers. I can already see confused people waiting in the middle of the road for nothing. The service could have been simplified as well: there are too many branches. 4 variations going South (From Laval, from HB/Pie-IX ending at Pie-IX metro, from Albert-Hudon via HB, and from Albert-Hudon via Léger), and 3 variations going to North (but none to where the SB trip starts, so the buses deadhead to Albert-Hudon from Lacordaire anyway...). I hope they program the destination signs accordingly, it'll be a joke if they simply use the "X ligne courte" code. There's room for improvements. Also funny thing to note, they photoshopped the pic for that press release by erasing the T-arrow logo on the side (as 29-801 to 30-851 are delivered saying Mouvement collectif >> | T> STM). They could have simply used a 30-852+ without needing to photoshop. That goes to show, again, how each detail matters to the STM when it comes to media relationships, but not so much for the actual service off-camera.
  17. According to what I've heard, in theory, a dysfunctional front sign would require a change-off, as the Police 9-1-1 message would not be able to show properly in case of emergency. A broken side sign on the other hand doesn't matter. In any case, I sometimes see buses (artics especially) with broken front signs. Got 29-802 this evening!
  18. Some 37-xxx skipped my stop this morning, too full like always. Squeezed on 29-802 which still left people behind... and the driver told me she has a *lighter* load than usual. Yeah, so looks like in normal circumstances I would have seen her driving past my stop without stopping too. Spotted a Flyer on the 171 this morning. Wow I wasn't expecting to see one back on the road already Came out of CV this evening to see a humongous lineup at the 171 stop, for 31-189. Of course I didn't take it .
  19. Caught 31-168 on the 171 again yesterday, and 31-098 on the 121..........
  20. Well, it really comes down to two reasons: 1) Those buses (except 29-001 to 071, of course) don't have a front ramp, and the stm receive too many complaints about it. While the complaints about accessibility are absolutely legit, when you think through it you realize most of the times the wheelchair users are stuck because the stm fails to train the drivers properly to deploy the ramps. At Stinson it's 100% front ramp, yet I never see any wheelchair user at all on both the 121 and 171 (but of course they won't manage to fit in the buses in rush hours anyway). The only time I saw a wheelchair attempting to board a Stinson bus (on the 128 a few weeks ago) the driver didn't know how to deploy the ramp. With a hybrid too... Other times the driver is professional but the ramp isn't in working order. 2) They don't have the ugly, childish mouvement collectif branding. That won't make the STM look good if a pic of a 2nd gen shows up on the newspapers eh... which is really the only thing the stm cares about. === Caught 31-124 on the 171 this morning. For the first time I managed to get on the first bus that showed up, I think it's because 1) the previous 171 was very behind schedule (31-189, which I saw leaving the stop right before 31-124 arrived) and 2) there was a disruption in the metro. Unfortunately though this one is incredibly jerky, worthy of Stinson! Got 31-805 in the evening... also a very enjoyable ride. /s
  21. Fantastic, seems like some very useful features will come soon!
  22. If anything the stupid goddamn 3rd gens need to be retired before 29-023. I'd rather have a missing chevron where you can see outside than stupid full blown chevron everywhere. Come take the 37 series here and I guarantee you can't see a thing through. Unfortunately, the 2nd gens are perceived as an embarrassment to the STM, so they want to get rid of their best low floors ASAP. RIP 27-509 Caught 32-031 on Monday with banana lighting again. The pole near the rear door is severely bent out of shape like on 31-059. Idk what Stinson does to their buses. Barely squeezed on 30-801 yesterday morning. I often see strollers squished against the windshield these days... I don't know if that's really what the STM claims is "happy" to see... got 30-850 in the afternoon, again very loud squeaking from the artic joint.
  23. Nice work like usual! I wonder if there is a way to turn the tags off, the colors could be distracting (and frankly I don't need to see a bunch of purple on the 171...).
  24. I think you're right, still no news of those. I give up. At this rate, good luck to the stm for 2025. Likewise, zero improvement on the 121/171 in the mornings; still routinely get skipped by full buses. On Friday it was 31-124 that skipped me, just barely managed to squeeze on some artic and still tons of passengers left on the curb daily. Got 30-847 on Wednesday. The artic joint is also making tons of loud squeaking noises like 30-850 I took a while ago.
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