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  1. Looking through the GTFS, it doesn't seem to be the case. I didn't see any changes in the 747 schedule at all... unless there are some internal memos regarding this? However, what changed is the schedule for the 964, since the DM train has some schedule changes. I'm not really complaining about the frequency reduction, since they know how crowded the buses are. I'm just saying that regardless of who financed the services, it's not a good use of everyone's money to pay drivers doing nothing. Why using 2 buses for a frequency of an hour if the same number of buses can offer a frequency of 45 minutes, say?
  2. This afternoon: 24-288 and 294 on the 121E; 23-211, 24-218 and 24-302 on the 171.
  3. Noticed some changes to come at Côte-Vertu today: the 968 will be limited stop starting November 2nd. That's probably why the GTFS data has a set of trip ID's specifically for this week... P.S. what they didn't mention is that the 968 will also be reduced to hourly service, except weekdays AM rush for eastbound and weekdays PM rush for westbound, starting next Monday. And, according to the planned schedule, the limited stop service is not a single minute faster than before (i.e. it took 31 minutes before, still takes 31 minutes according to the new schedule)... they want people to use the 468 and yet they kicked the 468 out of the terminus to somewhere far away so that the hourly 968 can occupy one whole bus bay? wow. Another thing I noticed is on weekends. Currently it's half-hourly with 3 buses, according to the GTFS. They reduced the service also to hourly starting next Monday, but they still need 2 buses. However, the layover is enormous: the buses will have a 39-minute layover at Roxboro on Saturdays, for example. If their goal is to reduce spendings, then I don't get how such unnecessarily generous layovers is helping to achieve the goal... since they cut half of the service but could only remove 1/3 of the spendings, with possibly more people turned to driving instead of taking buses.
  4. Looks like it. 22-337 is at Legendre, so that only leaves 22-330, 332 and 349 at Saint-Laurent. Heart-breaking considering that they had so many ISCs that you're sure to bump into one at Côte-Vertu loop, for example. ---------- Yesterday PM. 24-207 was on the 171LE, 24-231 was on the 171, 24-254 was on the 121I, and 24-271 + 294 were on the 121E. 24-288 was also spotted on Côte-Vertu although it was impossible to read the destination sign. Today AM. 24-231 was on the 171, and 24-270 on the 171LE. Midday. Spotted 24-242 on the 171 and 22-349 on the 196 -- see pictures below. PM. 22-337 was on the 171LE. 24-207 and 271 were on the 121E.
  5. Saw it at Angrignon today: the livery was shiny.
  6. It seems to be recent additions on their website, but now plans of (most) stations are available: https://rem.info/fr/stations. I checked the plan for a few stations and it's interesting to see how the stations will look like. For example, the Cote-de-Liesse station will have 3 platforms, to accommodate the Mascouche line riders. In other news, the Canora and TMR stations are taking shape, as shown below for TMR. The pictures are from a week ago, and now even the platforms shown on the last picture have the steel structures installed already.
  7. Still seems to be an issue on the 16 on Saturdays... they really need a third bus in the afternoon. I checked the adjusted schedule for that day and it seems like 24-301 had to ditch a departure twice to catch up. They finally added an extra bus on weekdays last year after I (and surely other people) wrote tons of complaints over years about buses being constantly ridiculously late, regardless of weather, driver, traffic, bus shortage, etc. Anyways, back to the topic. I passed by Stinson yesterday and 24-297 was also parked outside. Today: spotted 24-301 again on the 171 in the afternoon, and 22-337 on the 171LE!
  8. 24-301 is on the 16 today as AV: very rare sight on weekends at Stinson!
  9. Nice to know! Do you happen to know if there are more than one charger for these buses? One day I saw 40-901 returning to the garage and 40-903 was parked inside near the door, the latter had to be driven away so that the former can enter the garage and park itself: it won't be very efficient once we have all 30 buses. It's the facility at 380 Stinson, near the corner of Stinson and Hodge. Here's the facility on Google Maps: https://www.google.ca/maps/@45.5207683,-73.6616814,3a,84.5y,208.97h,81.81t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sEMEUtNd9Eh882pm9fr8yEg!2e0!6s%2F%2Fgeo1.ggpht.com%2Fcbk%3Fpanoid%3DEMEUtNd9Eh882pm9fr8yEg%26output%3Dthumbnail%26cb_client%3Dsearch.revgeo_and_fetch.gps%26thumb%3D2%26w%3D96%26h%3D64%26yaw%3D176.67516%26pitch%3D0%26thumbfov%3D100!7i16384!8i8192 You can see what's parked inside through the windows on the garage doors.
  10. Spotted 22-330 on the 117 this afternoon, and 22-333 near ES St-Laurent doing unknown route. 24-271 was on the 171LE.
  11. There are still lots of those hybrids parked inside Stinson 2, I saw 40-171 inside through the glass door this evening. That facility is basically a storage for them now... Also, 40-905 was parked inside Stinson near the door, behind 40-903 and 40-901.
  12. I spotted 24-302 on the 171 today, not tracking. Also in the afternoon, I saw 24-242 doing the 171LE (not tracking as well). Nice surprise to see it still running.
  13. Parked outside CT Stinson: 23-222 (hasn't moved in a while), and 24-249. Parked on Guénette side at CT St-Laurent, in an ocean of 40-xxx: 22-343, 22-403, 22-404 parked together beside a numberless unit (might be 22-286 as mentioned above) and further, 22-366. There was another one with the engine door open, blocking the numbers.
  14. Yesterday, I spotted 24-220 on the 128. I took a picture since the driver is chilling in the park far away from the bus. Spotted at Stinson this afternoon: - 24-298 parked behind 23-229 and 37-004 outside. - 23-229 without mirrors. So I guess it is being farmed for parts now... It looks like in general, if a SN 24 series goes to AN and then comes back, it will not stick for long.
  15. I passed by Stinson this afternoon, and spotted STL New Flyer electric 2053 parked near the garage door.
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