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  1. Frozen Yogurt

    Today's Sightings

    After a trip to Laval, 37-005 is even more ambitious now:
  2. 22-284 was on the 115 this morning.
  3. Frozen Yogurt

    Today's Sightings

    @West Island Transit Fan The new layout looks pretty good, I prefer it over the older one. However, I think some color choices can be changed, for instance the color for Stinson is really hard to read, at least for me. -- I went to take 28-131 on the 17 today instead of the metro, it's a nice ride and it's my first 2nd gen ride in a month.
  4. Frozen Yogurt

    Today's Sightings

    Yesterday: 30-001 was on the 16, run 05, for the 2nd time this week. Today: I saw 28-102 on the 216, and 31-019 on the 16.
  5. 22-286 was on the 174. 22-346 was on the 216. 22-373 was ET under A-40, probably waiting to start the 115 East. I think the stretch of road west of Côte-Vertu station should be the best place to spot buses, especially during rush hours, there are so many buses on that road!
  6. Frozen Yogurt

    STM 39-XXX Delivery Watch / Sightings

    If I see things correctly... 39-001 to 078 (minus 050, 061 and 068) are all in service now. That gives 75/150 = 50% of the 2019 buses are now active.
  7. Frozen Yogurt

    Société de transport de Montréal

    The STM's official answer from the past years is that they paint buses "en fin de vie utile", so we may end up with a mix of 22 and 23 this year. We shall see. -- The June GTFS data is out, at the developer section of the STM website. I see Gerbil has already updated his site with new trip ID's
  8. I see now, I just looked at the March GTFS data and all 200 departures do seem to have a "2".
  9. These two 200 departures definitely belong to an another run. If the last digit is "1" it means the departure requires a front ramp, a "2" indicates otherwise. See this: -- Oh wow, 7 days in a row. I haven't been on a 2nd gen since May 14, and probably won't ever catch any 22-series again.
  10. Frozen Yogurt

    Today's Sightings

    For SL's run data... I am suspecting that even a same run can be separated in the file. Normally, on some routes on weekends (such as the 212, etc.), there should be only two or three buses going back and forth between the two termini, that would make long runs on the same route, but I haven't really see that kind of data in SL's data. For instance, the weekend data for the 212 is all over the place. Actually, I'm not even sure if the SL extra on the 16 does something else or not, I can't tell by the trip ID's alone. --- With today's rain, I'm not even sure if the biking activity was even held or not. In any case, there seems to be a metro breakdown this morning. When I was at Namur at around 12, there were multiple articulated buses laying over on Décarie.
  11. Frozen Yogurt

    Société de transport de Montréal

    Good catch btw, consider the sheer amount of planibuses the STM has, there are inevitably lots of small mistakes in them, especially the maps. -- Today, while riding the metro, I saw an STM advertisement for this year's Mural festival stating that 3 buses will be painted starting from June 6, can't wait to see which ones are going to be painted this year!
  12. Frozen Yogurt

    Today's Sightings

    Perhaps the high school is having their exam period and students are finishing early? It's the end of the school year so perhaps that's why. Also, it seems like the lone 126-E departure goes to do the 115 after, so perhaps it's logistically less complicating to run the bus empty anyways till the end of the board period. I don't think it's a useless route because otherwise it would have been eliminated a long time ago. The 2017 ridership is 28 508 passengers, consider 180 school days per year and 4 departures per day, that would yield approximately 40 passengers per departure, which is decent. There is only one eastbound lane available, and buses can't avoid using that stretch of Cote-Vertu... One of the problems is that without even the works the traffic is already quite intense in that area, every afternoon there are traffic jams on Sainte-Croix / Décarie. I'm glad it's summer and I don't need to go to Ville Saint-Laurent very often. -- I caught 37-043 on the 16 twice, as my final ride on that route, yay! No more: - Walking 40 minutes in snow when the bus doesn't show up - Sardine can ride with Laurenhill kids - Airport buses - Other strange adventures such as dangling panel doors, etc.
  13. Frozen Yogurt

    Worst public vehicle ever!

    STM's 3rd gen LFS's, especially the retrofit airport buses... absolutely disgusting, I'm glad I won't ride on them as often in fall... And this:
  14. Frozen Yogurt

    Today's Sightings

    I caught 31-018 on the 16, I haven't seen such a disgusting bus... on the seat backs, there are dust, dirt, sharpie, correction fluid and stickers; on the window frame there is a thick layer of dirt... Plus, the bus throws everyone on the floor when it stops. And finally, when I stood up to get off, the bottom insert came off of the seat! absolutely disgusting.
  15. 22-413 was tracking on the 44E this afternoon. I saw 23-238 on the 92, near Namur station.