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  1. 24-242 was on the 171 earlier this afternoon. According to the tracker, 24-291 was sent out yesterday to change off some 27 series on the 192, and it was on the 33 today.
  2. Today: 24-242 and 24-303 were both on the 16 midday. Wow! That's probably the best dispatch I've seen on it for a good while.
  3. 28-117 was on the 70 towards Côte-Vertu this afternoon: the bus turned left onto Edouard-Laurin instead of Côte-Vertu from Marcel-Laurin... interesting, since the Laval bus behind it turned onto Côte-Vertu. 28-066 was on the 128, and 28-090 was on the 171.
  4. 24-231 was parked as En Transit with the driver on board in front of Stinson garage earlier today. Probably waiting to be dispatched somewhere.
  5. Yesterday: 28-084 was on the 16, not tracking. 28-001 was on training in VSL, it was parked at the corner of Muir and Montpellier and two other people were observing the driver. 28-086 was on the 128. 39-149 and 39-015 were on the 171 today, the latter was not tracking. Lots of Anjou buses here...
  6. A question here... I remember at some point exo had a bus service starting from Mansfield terminus where it runs parallel to one of the train lines in order to fill the gap left by the train service, and the schedule actually had both train and bus on it. My memory says it's the Mont-St-Hilaire line, but the current timetable doesn't have show the bus on it anymore. Searching online didn't tell me much either, and I can't find the press releases anymore on the exo website. Does anyone have any idea of which line it was, and which number the parallel bus service bore?
  7. Yesterday 31-218 was doing that route as well. With reduced service on the 747 and an abundance of airport buses (56 of them at Stinson... since 30-001 to 005 are still at Lasalle) you'll see them everywhere... For instance, 31-008 was on the 171 this afternoon. I haven't been on Gouin recently, but in November there was a routing update eliminating all stops except the two train stations and Côte-Vertu metro. It might have been that. As for the 730, all the informations are on the STL website. It does not run on Île-Bigras nor does it stop in front of Collège Saint
  8. 24-242 was on the 47 Masson this afternoon. Stinson extra. 24-301 was on the 171 all day.
  9. 26-081 was on the 715. 26-056 was on the 61. There is indeed an impressive lineup of 28 series outside Stinson... meanwhile 28-058 and 29-068 were parked inside the garage. It looks like it will be 2018 all over again for SN next year with zero rear ramp buses.
  10. Same here, I tried both Safari and Google chrome on different zoom levels and they're both like that. Clearing cache didn't do anything... edit: on default theme only. red theme works fine like before Also, composing / editing posts is very difficult. It is very slow, and the quotation boxes (like the one above) are impossible to highlight without lagging. Uploading pictures is also very slow. Finally, for the red theme, I'd appreciate if the buttons on the top right corner (messages, user, etc.) can be in white color again like before. Dark blue on dark red is not the easiest thi
  11. 24-231 was on the 16 yesterday (before interlining onto the 93). It arrived at the terminus on time, but left 8 minutes late because the driver was screaming into his phone during the layover (+ the 8 minutes after the scheduled departure time)... Anyways. Also, it's the first time the 16 has gotten an old bus on weekdays midday since the lockdown in March, since the March/June/September/November board periods do not offer any non-ramp and non-camera runs beyond the AM rush. 24-258 was on the 171LE both yesterday and today.
  12. the STL wiki still needs to be updated with "retired" buses running around. Spotted 0013 and 0014 this week at Côte-Vertu... From data downloaded on transit tracker by FelixINX, here are the 2000/2001s that ran recently: Vehicle ID - last tracked 2000: 0001 - 2020-09-24 0002 - 2020-10-14 0006 - 2020-09-24 0013 - 2020-12-18 0014 - 2020-12-18 2001: 0105 - 2020-09-25 0109 - 2020-11-03 0112 - 2020-10-14 0114 - 2020-12-18 0115 - 2020-12-18 0117 - 2020-12-18 0124 - 2020-10-09 In addition, 9806 was spotted by another member in September. Haven't been
  13. Yesterday, I spotted 24-220 on the 128. Spotted at Stinson this afternoon: - 24-298 parked behind 23-229 and 37-004 outside. - 23-229 without mirrors. So I guess it is being farmed for parts now... It looks like in general, if a SN 24 series goes to AN and then comes back, it will not stick for long.
  14. I passed by Stinson this afternoon, and spotted STL New Flyer electric 2053 parked near the garage door.
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