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  1. 26-032 was on the 57 and 26-058 was on the 71 this morning. 25-226 was on the 445 this afternoon.
  2. Spotted 27-021 on the 178 this morning. 30-012 was on the 171, of course still not tracking. I took 27-513 on the 107. Also spotted SJSR 310621 (4th gen LFS) going SB on R.-Bourassa. This afternoon, there was 30-016 on the 747 and 38-014 on the 150 with black Helvetica front numbers. At Crémazie, I spotted 28-116 and 28-093 ET. I had great pleasure with 28-095 on the 54 and saw 29-147 on the other direction. 30-024 was on the 171 and 30-022 was on the 128.
  3. I took 26-083 on the 54 yesterday! Exciting ride. 26-031 was on the 15 this afternoon.
  4. This morning: 30-019 was on the 171 still with racks. It zoomed right past the bus stop with people waiting, and it looked like it was full to the doors already. I waited for 30-849 on the 121 and didn't get on it either: it was also full to the max. Finally got on 37-082 on the 171. Pretty bad considering both lines come every 12-14 min at this time of the day already. 28-705 and 28-064 were on the 107. This afternoon: 30-231 was supposed to do the 18:07 121ISL, but it never showed up. I took 31-850 on the much more crowded than usual regular 121. 30-021 was on the 128.
  5. I took Stinson's 29-813 on the 121 this morning. 30-019 followed us on the 171. STL 2122 was deadheading on Côte-Vertu (snapped a pic since it stopped for the traffic light). In the evening, I spotted 28-094 deadheading on Crémazie. I took 27-525 on the 54 and thoroughly enjoyed it. In particular, St-Laurent was closed to northbound traffic beyond Legendre, and the bus detoured inside CT Legendre. The Réchaud bus was parked inside the building; 28-005 and 29-021 were parked outside near the park. 30-012 and 30-025 were on the 128. The former is still not tracking.
  6. 26-029 was on the 24 midday. 26-015 was on the 54SD this evening. It still has two prominent blue tags on the driver side.
  7. This morning: 28-026 171SL; 29-152 100; 28-067 460. This afternoon: 26-083 121E; 28-090 171E; 30-013 128; 29-804 121. I didn't take anything today though, sadly.
  8. Good to know. I spotted two of them again today: 30-010 on the 171 and 30-008 on the 128, both not tracking. I took 28-058 on the 54 today. It was pretty loud and ran nicely. It's rather uncommon to see Legendre sending old buses on long runs. 28-079 was on the 192 at Crémazie, it has a second priority triangle on the rear window (see picture attached). 27-503 was on the 107 this afternoon. There are even more detours on it now, as it came along Dr. Penfield heading east, and seems to have taken Park avenue heading south. 27-020 was on the 410. Later, at Côte-Vertu, there was 29-037 on the 121I SD extra and 28-112 on the 170. I took 30-811 on the 121.
  9. Spotted 30-016 on the 121E and 30-017 on the 213 yesterday afternoon, along with 28-095 and 065 on the 121E. Today: I took 31-830 on the 121 in the morning (with many Laurenhill students), not tracking. Managed to grab a nice ride on 28-707 on the 107 later! 30-008 was on the 171-O in the morning. There's now a small dash in the driver side fleet number and no longer has the luggage rack. So now 30-006 to 015 (and 002 to 004) have all been confirmed, there's only 30-001 and 005 yet to be verified.
  10. Great pictures everyone! Those will be a treasure for later. 26-011 did the 121I this afternoon!
  11. I took 31-844 this morning on the 121. 30-874 was on the other side, not tracking. Then I came out at Sherbrooke to see 32-030 arriving on the 144SN (it wasn't tracking either, so I was hoping for some 30-0xx ex-airport runners, and yes that's the only 144 trip that's timed well for me)... so I switched to 38-100 on the 24. Still not exactly used to see these being FR units now. The 144 was detoured onto Sherbrooke until Sainte-Famille. I took 30-843 on the 121 this evening. It sounds almost exactly like the 33-8xx (due to the Nova eCooling fitted - even has the high pitched fan noise when it's stopped) minus the unusually faint "musical" Ecomat gear shift sound.
  12. I took 30-241 on the 121ISL this evening... the first thing that showed up when I came out at Sauvé and this will be the only time I'll ever take this departure. I should have just sticked to the next regular departure 5 min later (some 31-8xx), since it was incredibly jerky, slow and crowded. The artic ended up catching up when I got off and my back hurts... never happens with even the 40 series with plastic seats. 31-804 is on the 121 again.
  13. Yesterday: 30-013 was on the 128 all day. Seems like the plan is for Anjou to get the entire 36 series, so that should be more common to see there. If you're a fan of those ISL9 3rd gens (which I'm decidedly not), here's a list of not tracking things that's going to thrill you: 33-843 on the 121; 31-804 on the 121; 31-060 on the 171. In addition, 30-011 was on the 128, and 29-855 was on the 121, also not tracking. 29-802 was on the 121 all day: it's finally back from Stinson, which seems to have swapped a good amount of artics with Legendre lately.
  14. Spotted a few slightly out-of-ordinary ones today: 38-053 on the 171, 31-076 on the 70 and 39-013 on the 124. 30-013 was on the 171 in the afternoon. 28-119 was parked outside CT SN, along with some AN 30 series that I didn't bother noting down.
  15. I'm very happy to be regularly in the old bus territory again. I took 26-005 on the 129 this afternoon, and spotted quite a few rockets too: 26-042 and 25-208 on the 97, and 26-067 on the 51.
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