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  1. Riders on the once daily 500 to Marieville were saved by a La Québécoise supervisor. They got to ride a Dodge Caravan. Not cancelled at least! Transbus is redecalling their SV buses into exo livery. Spotted 1251, 1252 and 1253 in exo livery today. 1258 (2022 Vicinity) is on the 732 from St-Amables. 1253 and 1258 are in the same color actually, and here's both laying over at Longueuil:
  2. 29-072 was on the 968 this evening I took 31-831 and 32-806 on the 121.
  3. Caught 32-802 and 32-029 on the 121 and 171 respectively today . God... Also had 31-165 on the 185 since I had to brave the storm. The bus leaks everywhere and water is running out from the roof ventilation holes. What an amazing day indeed...
  4. The individual vehicle pages now look good, I appreciate now being able to see detailed last tracking data for each vehicle. Thanks for adding this! On the other hand, it seems like the last seen column for each individual exo properties still needs to be fixed. I attach a screenshot for Presqu'Île as an example, where it still all says 1 year ago for all vehicles.
  5. 41-027 was on the 128 this evening; ginormous "St-Laurent" (St instead of Saint, AND YES WITHOUT TYPO!!!!) written on the destination sign. The drivers on it were so excited and they were pointing to all kinds of features they've never seen before - because Stinson never have any loaners lol. Overhearing their conversation, the driver claims she has been working for the STM for 3 1/2 years, and only got to drive the Flyer once, and presumably it was her first time on a 40/41 series LFS. And yeah, I can't believe they actually sent a loaner out. In exchange for 41-027, it looks like Mont-Royal got gifted 31-217, I'm sure they'll like it a lot! Wrapped 31-006 was parked by the door. Had to squint at my picture for a good while to figure out what the ad is for. 28-098 was parked outside at Stinson, where they park buses ready to be shunted away.
  6. 1233 might still be able to escape its demise past October if they officially assign it to STSV instead (perhaps not likely lol). The question though is what are they replacing it with? I wonder if Transbus has any 40 footers on order, or will look for some 2nd hand ones.
  7. Spotted 31-153 on the 34, going eastbound on Sherbrooke past Viau. Pierre-De Coubertin is now entirely closed, forcing routes there (34, 125, 136) to do extended detours. 38-097 did 31-171's run today. Caught 31-823 on the 121 this evening.
  8. Took 31-834 on the 121 this morning; saw 40-921 (not tracking) leaving on the 171 as I was arriving at the stop. Caught 41-123 on the 121 (renfort) this evening! Finally a working AC! 29-801 was the next 121, which caught up to us. 31-124 was ET at Côte-Vertu, all windows wide open. The AC on it was working the last time I took it though (in 2020)... now it seems like the STM just gave up with the old Carriers entirely. Not even working on the airport 31-00x anymore it seems like...
  9. Caught 31-217 this morning. Ugh Took 31-851 on the 121 in the evening.
  10. 37-088 was on the "128 Saint-Lanrent" yesterday. Caught 40-152 on the 171SN this morning, very unexpected! Took 31-822 on the 121 in the afternoon. The double-seater I was on sunk when someone (of normal weight) sat next to me, and jumped back up when the person left. Hmmm Spotted 30-057 at Sauvé; renfort on the 41. The rear doors are still left with some blue-colored wrap.
  11. 32-012 was on the 125 (renfort) on Thursday morning. Saw 40-923 pulling out of Côte-Vertu as I came out of the metro yesterday (like always, it's the departure I just miss). I took 29-854 on the 121. Took 31-001 on the 171 today; been told the A/C doesn't work. Two stop request buttons were broken as well. There's a high-pitched sound at the front when the bus accelerates. Also spotted 37-041 broken down on Côte-Vertu.
  12. 31-171 is on that same 136 (later interlining onto the 125) run again this morning. Spotted 30-024 on the 128 this evening!
  13. SV would never have this serious cancellation / driver shortage problem if the contract stayed with Transbus. Unfortunate, all this to only save a few bucks while penalizing the riders. Anyway, on Friday morning Transbus 367 arrived at Côte-Vertu on the 40 Express.
  14. Spotted 27-018 on the 177 this afternoon. Didn't think I'd spot an STM rocket ever again.
  15. 40-916 was on the 171 this morning. One person managed to squeeze on it through the back door. I took 29-845 on the 121. Just missed out a Flyer on the 171 by 2 minutes this afternoon, and the next 171 never showed up. Got on 29-838 on the 121, several minutes late and jam packed. Of course, someone decided to park in the middle of the 121 stop (right in front of the metro entrance) right as the 121 is arriving . 38-013 was on the 34 all day! Spotted wrapped 31-171 on the 136, that same run for the 3rd day in a row already. 31-166 was also on the 136 all day.
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