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  1. 40-915 was on the 121I. At least has a seat there. At Stinson who would even bother to put a seat in! Many of the 30-0xx ex-airport runners are still missing some folding seats.
  2. Didn't know CITL serves Châteauguay! (/s) 3050 on the 28 to Châteauguay, spotted at Mansfield this afternoon. Also spotted Dufresne 342, 3121 and 3122.
  3. Stinson Onto it, 29-149 found its way on the 171 this morning. Ok, what else...
  4. Nice update as usual! Glad to see the "all" option fixed. I think the way the RTL implemented the block ID actually makes sense - many of their routes only have one terminus (the other end is a continuous loop, think about e.g. 107 Verdun at the stm) - in which case the outbound and inbound trips share the same block ID. This would show up on Transit app as "this trip continues to [...]" for example, but not for instances when the bus needs to layover. On the other hand, at some point the STL had block IDs in their feed, but seems to not provide it anymore. However if needed, the block ID can still be extracted from the trip ID: for example in the trip ID JANV2322E1L24618080059, L246 is the block ID. But from what I observe on TT, the STL seems to only provide minimal real time informations, so this is perhaps not helpful. In any case, the STL seems to have trouble to properly program their GTFS. It has happened in the past that a combination of weekday + weekend schedule showed up (even on Transit) on holidays, and obviously it confused many people waiting for ghost departures.
  5. From what I have heard, it's because of a problem with the batteries overheating. I'm not sure what's going on behind the scenes. However, 36-903 has even been spotted doing tests a few months ago, so it's taking them a long time. After testing both kind of electric buses, the STM is in favor of the slow-charge option. Therefore I doubt they'll install any new overhead chargers, and I'm not sure what's the future of the 7 LFSe we have. === Had some spare time, so I went to Presqu'Île territory this afternoon (why did I do this...) - the 7 short turn at 16:12 from John Abbott is a tripper, and almost never tracks, so I was curious to what that departure gets. Today it seemed like both 1204 and 1245 are down - 374 and 375 are on the two all-day 7/10 runs, the 7 tripper got 381, the other PM 7/10 run had 361 (AM run had a minibus) and the 91 had 339 - pretty sure these should all have been transit bus runs. At Vaudreuil were a bunch of minis, many with broken destination signs, including 380 (which is labelled for route 11 STSV) laying over for the 99. Transbus at PI seems to be always a mess with respect to vehicle assignment. The traffic leading to the Ile-aux-Tourtes bridge was a huge headache too. A 20-minute journey ended up taking 45 minutes.
  6. Exo is trying to gradually eliminate coaches and cutaways. The tender for the contract starting in 2024 for SOHSL (and CRC) specifies only 2 types (transit and midibuses). Oddly Ste-Julie is able to keep their coaches on the soon-to-be-truncated 600. Not sure why Transdev is doing the switch now, nothing says they should win the next contract. Now, personally I'd hate to spend 1.5 hours to Valleyfield on these drafty 4th gen LFS with perimeter seating - oof!
  7. Since contractor is in the title... spotted Skyport 117 on the airport parking shuttle today, wrapped up for the airport. Presumably 29264-29265 were swapped with 112-113 and 117, my guess is to satisfy age requirements of Concordia.
  8. I notice the STM actually adjusts the service level for the March break week on certain lines now. The 419 is half-hourly this week, so out of curiosity I went to check the JAC calendar - their March break is actually next week, not this week. I saw 30-098 tracking on the 419 around 2pm and it said it was full - lol. Moral of the story: someone should have at least consulted the calendars... it didn't take me more than half a minute to google the JAC calendar. It seems like nobody at the stm actually bothers to inform themselves of these stuff. I was surprised the last time I inquired about the 121 to find out they have no clue when LaurenHill starts, when the 121 school special on Wednesdays are at a different time to actually accommodate it. Basically they put the specials at random times hoping it might be useful. Had 30-855 on the 121 today.
  9. Went by Nova on the REM shuttle again today. There's some snow so traffic was much slower than usual on the highway. There are quite a few half-finished TTC in livery now. At the back there's one looking like Milton Transit, one looking like Regina Transit (to my eyes), but I can't identify what's to the left of both (see the picture). P.S. The Volvo is still sitting there.
  10. Spotted Transbus 1232 on the A40 express this afternoon. Destination sign hasn't been programmed yet.
  11. Had 37-098 on the 171 yesterday morning. Either the driver can't control the switch or there's a mechanical defect, but the rear door wouldn't open on multiple occasions. Took 37-088 tonight. Smelled strongly of burnt rubber everywhere, and it was rattling like crazy from every crevice of the bus. It's crazy that it's only been like 2 years since it's back from Mont-Royal?! Stinson... appalling.
  12. Yes, one was painted, but the rest are still all white.
  13. Interesting, I can try to spot STC at some point to verify if the numbers are consistent. From my memory, last time the local line had a phone (although that was when Fleur de Lys was using the Dodge Caravan from Kiroule...), and I didn't really check the Longueuil line. Thanks! I think I might prefer to not save the state of the page: depending on the number of agencies selected, displaying all vehicles while loading the website might be a little bit overwhelming.
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