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  1. Yesterday. I took 29-011 on the 129, and 25-229 on the 144. Today. Saw 29-027 on the 92, run box set to 08. I've seen this run displaying a wide range of run numbers: 04, 19 and 41... the driver probably doesn't set it. 28-131 and 38-028 were on the 16. I caught 33-802 on the 80 South, after getting off 22-325 on the 92 (as posted on the 22 thread). Finally, caught 32-003 on the 144 tonight.
  2. Saturday: 22-405 was on the 92 run 33. Today, 22-325 (run 26) and 22-333 were both on the 92! I managed to catch 22-325.
  3. Yesterday. I took 25-219 and 32-010 on the 144, in AM and PM respectively. 25-217 was on the 92. Today. 31-026 was on the 92 again, this time on run 26. I took 25-213 and 26-015 on the 129, in AM and PM respectively. Also spotted 27-018 on the 51 and 28-024 on the 92.
  4. Alright, so a couple of questions regarding v2.0: 1- I'm pretty sure a while ago, we were able to view the directions (headsign?) for STM buses, but lately I can't see this info anymore. Was it ever available? If so, would it be possible to get this info again? 2- Would there be a way to download the data as a csv file in this new version, as it's possible on the old GitHub page? Thanks in advance for looking into this. The app is immensely useful, I'm very grateful it's available to us!
  5. Yesterday, I took 29-077 on the 129 (MR extra) in the evening. The run # box said 09 even though it's run 129-82. Weak grumbling engine and snail-pace operating rear doors... This morning, I took 25-236 on the 144 (MR extra). Just spotted 31-026 on the 92 run 69, not tracking. The spreadsheet has it marked as inactive. This run 69 has not been tracking since last Wednesday.
  6. 28-099 was on the 17. I took 31-158 on the 24, run 03. It has a broken farebox, and the last curb side window is leaking water into the bus. 29-053 is on the 129 this PM, and I took 29-028. The latter's farebox is heard beeping and (attempting to) print out a transfer throughout the ride, so it doesn't work very well either I guess. 29-011 and 25-234 are on the 92, not tracking.
  7. Nice! This morning it went to AN and was tracking on the 49... not sure why it's switching garages so often lately. I caught 23-211 on the 17 midday. It has the Faraday bell at the front, but an electronic bell at the back. 24-217 was ET on Parc in the afternoon.
  8. I caught 38-011 on the 24 around noon. Run 34. Later, I caught 36-027 on the 14. Run 01. In the afternoon, I took 31-172 on the 150. I also saw: 30-060 on the 11, 29-142 on the 30, 29-002 on the 55, 37-095 on the 115, and 29-016 on the 92. The last one isn't tracking.
  9. Yesterday, 22-215 was tracking on the 70 with a rather interesting trip ID: 214028691... this morning it was tracking on the 215 I caught 22-332 on the 55 midday. Run 18. There are some weird noises coming from the axles. I saw 24-289 on the 107 in the afternoon.
  10. I caught 32-027 on the 144 this afternoon. It has banana interior lights.........
  11. 28-120 was on the 144 this morning. Run 21. I caught 29-019 on the 10:59 WB trip, it's not tracking. So I guess this one is back to SD too. In the PM, I caught 31-058 on the 107, run 03.
  12. I took 28-052 on the 107 this morning. It briefly got stuck in snow. Later I saw 26-086 running on the 144, the time corresponding to a MR run. I took 29-809 on the 80 around noon. 25-234 is on the 92 right now. Both 26-086 and 25-234 are not tracking and have been marked as inactive.
  13. Tuesday: I took 28-707 on the 107, run 01. Finally! Yesterday: I took 30-046 on the 144. Today: I caught 29-048 (run 13) in the morning and 26-002 (run 41) in the afternoon, both on the 129. I also took Azur element 52 on the orange line this afternoon. The TV screens only displayed the time and "En transit", and there were no announcements. The door lights worked however.
  14. I caught 28-066 on the 129 this afternoon, and saw 24-241, 30-055 (MR extra), 31-017 and 31-027 on it. Also caught 29-067 twice on the 144. On the return trip the back door stopped working.
  15. 24-259 was on the 107 today. 24-268 was on the 179E this afternoon. 24-228 was on the 460.
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