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  1. 30-049 was on the 144. 29-140 was on the 129 (LS). Edit: more sightings... 24-208 was on Lucerne as Chauffeur en formation. 25-235 was on the 16. 37-106 was also on the 16. Seems like it's not tracking, though.
  2. Here's the STM's conseil d'administration from September 3 (If the link doesn't work, jump to around 35:40). Spring 2020 is mentioned in the video.
  3. Caught 24-205 on the 129 tonight, spotted 24-234 on the 165. Also saw 24-244 on the 92 this afternoon.
  4. https://www.lapresse.ca/actualites/enquetes/201910/01/01-5243546-rem-deux-ans-de-plus-pour-securiser-le-tunnel.php
  5. 2019-09-25: Caught 24-307 on the 129 tonight. Spotted 32-011 broken down on Park avenue, near des Pins. It tracked on the 129 earlier.
  6. I finally caught the infamous 22-215 on the 129 tonight! Verrrrrrry nice!!
  7. I caught 30-843 on the 80 midday. Then saw 31-006 on the 747. As I was preparing to get off, I spotted the same Proterra @Gerbil saw yesterday, parked on René-Lévesque. Spotted 39-033 on the 55 a little bit later.
  8. There was a metro breakdown this morning, so I got out at Atwater and took 26-056 on the 144. Took it again in the afternoon (this time for fun). It has big front fleet numbers. Then, saw 26-052 broken down on Atwater, and an STM tow truck arriving in front to tow it.
  9. 31-813 was broken down with triangles behind on Park ave this morning. Also, 39-077 was tracking on the 11.
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