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  1. The STM seems to be very proud of splitting the 435...
  2. Just wondering, did you make a typo and mean something else? -- Just spotted 22-371 ET on Mountain Sights. It has lots of graffitis on the driver side and the rear.
  3. Also, after checking the GTFS file, I noticed that the added 355 departures are also operated by Anjou... not Legendre as the 139. My thinking is that there are probably complaints by residents about artic buses running on their streets after midnight, hence the decision to use Pie-IX after 11pm. What I never understood is why Montreal doesn't like to use branches...
  4. Today, while transiting through Côte-des-Neiges, I noticed that all stop flags feature a temporary red carton with a hand-written "165/435" on it. Seems like the existing stop flags are already updated with the new 465/480. Also, I noticed a little change for the 139/355 for September: the last departure of the 139 will be at 11 pm. After, the service will be assumed by 355 departures, although ending/departing at Notre-Dame St. just like the 139. See: http://www.stm.info/sites/default/files/planibus_sept2019/fr/139.pdf
  5. Planibuses for September are now available at the STM's website, just change the "planibus" to "planibus_sept2019" in the URL. Some changes I have noticed: - Route 16: Quite surprisingly, it now has much more consistent weekday service than before (compare with this). Before, the headway is about 35 minutes, now it is kept at around 30 minutes. There are now 2 more departures per direction than before... except that I'll not be regularly taking this route anymore... - Route 45/445: 445: every 10 min during AM rush; every 15 min during PM rush. Stops at every stop along R-Lévesque, De Lorimier (Eastbound), Papineau and Beaubien. I personally think it should skip stops in order to attract more ridership off the orange line, since that's its main goal. - Route 80/480: Replacement of the 435. Didn't see much service improvement, to be honest, since both the new 465 and 480 do not skip stops... Overall, there are a few more departures offered than before, but again, I don't think that would be a good reason to pull metro users off the train... still too slow compared to metro. - Route 165/465: See above.
  6. There's also the thing that Stinson has very few 2nd gens now, compared to this January. Right now there're only about 25 2nd gens, out of hundreds of buses they have... This alone makes 2nd gens very hard to catch.
  7. The STM mentioned somewhere that the 2020 buses are the 40 series. I can't remember where I read it, it is either in one of the newspaper articles or one of the QA periods of the Conseil d'administration meetings. As for 24-300... perhaps it is too complicated to repair. However, does the STM take off parts from active buses when they are in for a lengthy repair and are having a parts shortage? Also, the bus seems to still have its iBus equipments, so I'd rather wait before announcing its death. My opinion on this thread is that we wait until next year before we make a decision about the 24 series: they're not even 16 years old at the moment.
  8. So the Hydro-Québec wrap on it and its sister is removed now?
  9. It's working with the red theme now, thanks! Also, I am posting this with the blue theme, so it also works.
  10. It seems that I cannot quote nor post anything with the red theme. Could you fix this? Also, it seems that the site loads longer with the chameleon theme than the red theme. Thanks! P.S. I posted the above with the chameleon theme, obviously.
  11. Two things: - Is it intentional that people are now no longer required to have an account here in order to post? - I can't log in with the red theme, it tells me that when you click "Existing user? Sign in". So yes, for now I'm sticking with the red theme, the newer one looks way too messy with so many color contrasts and elements and it's hard to navigate.
  12. After a trip to Laval, 37-005 is even more ambitious now:
  13. @West Island Transit Fan The new layout looks pretty good, I prefer it over the older one. However, I think some color choices can be changed, for instance the color for Stinson is really hard to read, at least for me. -- I went to take 28-131 on the 17 today instead of the metro, it's a nice ride and it's my first 2nd gen ride in a month.
  14. Yesterday: 30-001 was on the 16, run 05, for the 2nd time this week. Today: I saw 28-102 on the 216, and 31-019 on the 16.
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