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  1. Lately I'm seeing 40-203 on an almost daily basis. It's always on the 171 or 128... and yesterday I decided to take a short walk in Outremont and bumped into it on the 160. This morning, as I glanced outside, 40-203 just passed by on the 171... although I guess it does look different from anything else at SN, so I might notice it more over all those lame 31-05x or 09x. 28-075 was on the 161 yesterday. + today: many many 39 series at SN. 39-040 and 130 did the 128 while 39-089 did the 171.
  2. Had better luck with SL yesterday: spotted 28-050, 054 and 068 running down Décarie on the 72. 39-103 was on the 128 today, and 31-132 on the 92.
  3. Spotted 28-098 on the 70 this afternoon. I thought Côte-Vertu is only dull nowadays east of the station, since LE and SN don't have much interesting things to send out these days... seems like I'm very mistaken. West of the station was full of SL's 40 series... didn't spot any other 2nd gen there this afternoon. Great...
  4. Spotted Stinson's last 2nd gen doing a crushloaded 171E this afternoon turning left onto Côte-Vertu from Marcel-Laurin (yes I didn't write the wrong street here)... looks to be the absolute hell on the 171 at that time of the day. Run number box says 45 so it should be the run 193-45.
  5. From Wednesday March 31st (since we're after midnight): 40-904 was going eastbound on Côte-Vertu. 28-084 was on the 171LE and 27-526 was ET.
  6. 24-301 did the first 135 from Crémazie yesterday. Today it was on the 171 in the evening, after doing the 16 all day. 24-231 was on the 171 last night! They moved it around real quick.
  7. From yesterday: 25-226 was on the 179, and 25-219 was parked outside Legendre.
  8. Yesterday. 30-020 was on the 171 midday. 31-218 was on the 128 for the entire day as well. 28-089 was parked outside Legendre. Today. 40-183 was on the 121ISL. 40-911 was doing road test on Muir then CV (perhaps following the 128 routing). 27-526 was on the 171 midday.
  9. Yesterday. 30-817 was deadheading on CV signed as the 406. 27-526 was on the 128! Wasn't quick enough to grab a front shot. Today. 30-113 was on the 179. The fall of 25-212 brings the question of what will Saint-Denis get to replace the retiring buses... there are a few AN 30 series at SD for a while, but they seem to be rather random units.
  10. Spotted a record amount of 2nd gens today on Côte-Vertu. 27-526 made a rare visit to SN and was on the 128, 28-094 was on the 171ELE, 28-058 was on the 171LE, 28-033 was ET and 29-052 was on the 121ISD.
  11. Yesterday. 28-109 was on the 121I. Today. 30-145 was on the 171 this afternoon, behind schedule and crowded (40+ people on board).
  12. Spotted 25-221 on the 121I this afternoon.
  13. A rather uncommon sight now: 24-231 did the 128 for the entire day. Too bad I didn't have much time (nor the luck to bump into it) to at least grab a picture, the weather was otherwise perfect. In other news, all ISCs are gone from SN's backyard.
  14. 28-019 was on the 171LE this afternoon, 29-815 on the 121 and 28-098 on the 121ISL. 40-203 was on the 128. 40-123 is still parked at the door at Stinson garage.
  15. 28-049 was on the 54, showing up as front ramp on schedule. 29-153 was on the 171 again and 31-008 was on the 121E. 30-873 was on the 21 Place du Commerce this afternoon. The union would like to have a word with the dispatcher at LaSalle. (in case you didn't get, this is the 121 but with the wrong route displayed...)
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