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  1. You can try emailing Sal Maltese, he is in charge of training, and the instructors. You should have his number, it's given to you in the beginning of training. Sal.Maltese@ttc.ca
  2. Try emailing them, it worked for me. You have to provide your full name and date of birth. ReferenceCheckProgram@torontopolice.on.ca
  3. Yes you should call to confirm, throughout the application process if you are not sure of anything...call or email. It doesn't hurt.
  4. You can email them to find out the status and if it's been processed. You need your full name and date of birth. referencecheckprogram@torontopolice.on.ca
  5. True, I think paper transfers will be obsolete by end of next year.
  6. Anyone know where I can get a punch holster? I know I can order it online but would like to physically buy it.
  7. Congrats, just finished day 17, looking forward to day 25.
  8. Day 13 MTO written test today, half way there!
  9. They will call to confirm documentation date, then an email will follow with all necessary documents to bring.
  10. They will let you know day of before you leave if you are ok or need more testing. I had high blood pressure, so Medysis wanted another assessment from my family doctor. I made an appointment next day and was prescribed some pills to lower it and was reassessed the next week, sent the results to Medysis and about a month later got the call for documentation, again depending on what's wrong, it could take a few weeks to months.
  11. Keep in mind, TTC has no control in regards to medical results. Medysis will send your results over when everything is cleared (ie:drug test), and only then TTC can schedule documentation. If for some reason they need more tests, then TTC will put your application on hold.
  12. Depending on the results of your medical, and/or police check...remember they are two seperate entities and both take time to process. TTC must receive both results before proceeding to documentation, so hypothetically it can be as soon as couple of weeks to months.
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