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  1. Hi, I don't know if the CRT Lanaudière counts as a CIT (although it has changed to Transport MRC de Joliette), But i had an idea for a regional route. It would be the #60. The route would begin at the Joliette bus terminal, go thru MRC de Montcalm, then go at Carrefour Laval then go at montmenrency. Here's a map i made with google MyMaps showing its path: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15inssWbTuJq9WbsecSO0YA4512vOUwkS&usp=sharing I saw that this area of Lanaudière lacked a lot in public transportation; You can't go from St-Jérôme to Joliette w
  2. Also, "Transport - MRC de Joliette" exists since the Conseil Régional de Transport de Lanaudière (CRTL) got abolished...
  3. hello... Does the CRT Lanaudière counts as a CIT? Also, the CRTL (Transport - MRC de Joliette) uses C2's on route 32 (the 31 got abolished...), 34 and 131-138 (thats one route, not 2 lol), and it uses MCI on the 50 and the 125... they also use a Midi on the 35. 32: St-Michel-des-Saints <-> Joliette 34: Rawdon <-> Joliette (Week only) 35: St-Lin-Laurentides <-> St-Jérôme 50 Local: Joliette <-> Montréal via Ste-Marie-Salomée 50 Express: Joliette <-> Montréal via Lavaltrie 125: Montréal <-> St-Donat 13
  4. I decide to remove the message saying that the CPTDB wiki page about the CRTL was outdated... Instead, here's some pictures
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