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  1. As promised, here's a higher quality photo of 883's rear as it headed down Waialae Avenue earlier today.
  2. Really sorry for the awful quality photo, I happened to catch 883 on my way home and it definitely has an orange rear destination sign. As for where it's from I have no idea - while 70 had an orange front destination sign, it had the retro green rear sign like the other retired buses. TheBus has a habit of experimenting with things though. Hopefully someone can catch a decent photo of 883 to settle the air.
  3. One of the buses is decked out with Christmas paper cut-out decorations on its exterior.... I didn't catch which one it was since I saw it from a distance, but it looked like it had blue tinted windows. Pretty cool!
  4. Oh snap! I guess this is it for the 300 series Phantoms. I wonder if they'll bother refurbishing the 800 series at all at this point. Kind of interesting that they're keeping the number of hybrids relatively low, too. The holo pass is pretty cool for people like me that don't ride the bus often. Looks like they want to get everyone used it to before the rail system opens - I wonder if they'll offer discounted one way fares with a holo pass.
  5. Yeah... looks like the Proterras were just a month long pilot project and probably aren't in service anymore. I guess they're being ferried back to the mainland... kinda wished they'd keep them, but trying to maintain a 4 bus electric fleet probably doesn't make sense.
  6. When OTS decides to buy electric buses - and I don't think that's anytime soon - I bet they'll go with the recently announced Gillig/Cummins electrics. Gilligs aren't the most comfortable, but they last forever and they're inexpensive to own - OTS has the cheapest running costs in the nation. Novabuses are pricier and I definitely think Rotidua's right that the city isn't interested in them anymore. XE40s are definitely a possibility though. What happened to the Proterras? They were all over the place for a few days and then now, nothing. Kind of a letdown ] :
  7. It is a Proterra Catalyst bus! I saw it traveling down South Beretania a moment ago. I guess these are the 5 new electric buses that OTS ordered, which is weird because the Star Advertiser said they'd be made by Gillig.
  8. I don't think OTS is trying to squeeze mileage out of the phantoms... seeing as the older ones are primarily used for rush hour express routes. And the fact that OTS kept 70-79 in service and had plans to refurbish 800 series buses makes me think that OTS is running short on buses and might not have the budget to order much more. If there really were new buses on the island, I bet OTS would be desperate to get them on the road... Are buses numbered 20-29 in service? Huh! They're not listed on the wiki anywhere.
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