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  1. We don't know officially yet, but this is my opinion of what might happen I doubt anything will happen to the 509/511 besides maybe a minor shift on the location where the exhibition loop is (doubtful, but possible). As for the 501, I think the TTC will keep running it as a local service (think the 34 Eglinton post crosstown, 97 Yonge, or 85 Sheppard), perhaps with lowered frequencies in the centre with cars turning back at any of Sunnyside/McCaul/Church/Parlement. We'll probably know a lot more on this in 2024 when the TTC releases it's 2024-2029 five year service plan, and the Ontario Line is further developed.
  2. Heard from a friend that 1500, 1662, and 7955 through 7957 have been converted to EMS transport buses. Any truth to that? Also any photos of them?
  3. Hey I used to have a pdf file of the TTC subway map showing the routes in great detail, I can't find it and was hoping one of you guys might have it. (photo is a screen cap of the map in question)
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