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  1. Codiac Transit

    Vaughn Harvey would make sense as far as it being a major thoroughfare, but it's purely commercial and somewhat limited access. It would be out of the way as far as serving passengers along the way. Also, the 60, 64 and 67 run along different stretches of Vaughn Harvey in their respective loops, too... Again, the main premise of the new system was that nobody should have to walk more than x meters to catch a bus, and that they wanted service to be on a 15 or 30 minute interval. Dieppe and Riverview have some room for improvement as far as frequency goes... the small time increases in Moncton routes at peak times was to allow for delays, unfortunately, due to traffic issues and was in response to increasing "the bus is routinely 3-4 minutes late" complaints. Funny that when a city more than doubles in size in a decade or so, that you get congestion issues. Ideally, there are a couple problem intersections that could use some sort of measure to prioritize transit. Not to mention we should probably adopt a "yield to transit" policy like a lot of cities, as that's another issue downtown.
  2. What are you eating right now?

    A little treat from Boston Pizza! The Meateor...
  3. General FY Moments

    Two alarms on the thing, typically: itll beep if it's running on battery power and it'll screech at you when the battery is getting low. In either case, that's why the alarm silence button is there: so you don't go crazy by hearing "beep-beep-beep-beep" every 5 seconds. The "cold start" button is to reset it if your battery went dead, from what I could understand
  4. General LOL moments

    Could've been worse: imagine if it had been "Best We Forget"...
  5. Codiac Transit

    Quite likely, because you have to make your way up Weldon and then turn left from Weldon onto Mountain Rd, which is just about the worst position to be in when it comes to rush-hour/peak times. And then, the angles at which the two streets intersect leave you with wonderful sight lines, too...
  6. General LOL moments

    In the spirit of Remembrance Day: It should read "Lest We Forget" for English and "N'Oublions Jamais" for French... a small typo changed the message into a memorial for every Jamal, the world over, I guess.
  7. General FY Moments

    That looks just like the old Bell setup, with your Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which connects to your modem/router, which is connected to everything else. The optical terminal would have a battery backup, but your modem typically doesn't, meaning nothing will work when the power's out anyway (except the phone). In my case, Bell supplied the battery, and it was inside that pictured unit... Bell has since switched to the "Home Hub 3000," which is an all in one unit, with essentially a laptop battery plugged into the bottom: during a power outage, you have phone service AND "internet for up to four hours."
  8. Where were you on November 9 1989?

    Having been born in the mid 80s, I was likely giving my parents hell at home... lol
  9. Codiac Transit

    That's definitely part of it: Champlain to 1111 Main involves a right turn onto Champlain/Main St. and that's it, while you have to loop around Weldon, Gordon and Highfield to get turned around and then deal with the left turn onto Paul and another left to get into the parking lot at Champlain on your return trip.
  10. Codiac Transit

    Evening tends to be that way, and the morning is the opposite... Maybe by the 1000 Series our fleet will be capable of teleportation. Maybe busmosis? They've experimented a bit, but so far it's a no-go...
  11. Codiac Transit

    Yeah... Is like to know how one was supposed to get from one end of Main St to the other, during rush hour, in 15 minutes. lol
  12. Pilot Buses

    A "pilot bus" is kind of like a "pilot episode" for a TV show: it's typically the first one produced and delivered out of a batch/series. The pilot usually serves as a test to see if you're satisfied with the end product that will be delivered to you, before you commit to the rest of the series... This is different from a demo, because the pilot is produced to your specifications, while a demo is typically a generic unit built by the manufacturer.
  13. Codiac Transit

    Yeah... Doubt you'll see anything drastic happen "overnight." Likely you'll see small increases in service to plug holes that are presently there... My favorite bit of Codiac nostalgia is being on a late bus during rush hour, which keeps falling behind and getting the "anyone NOT going to [terminal] get off at the next stop and take the next bus: this run will be dead-heading to [terminal].
  14. Codiac: - Articulated Green Line and Blue Line would be useful during peak times, though you might want to loop back via Vaughn-Harvey, Assomption Blvd, and Foundry instead of Weldon, Gordon and Highfield for the 52. - Expedite the eFarebox project and update/upgrade of the website and Traxx/BusCatcher. p.s. Also feel free to preserve 311, 315 and/or 316.
  15. Codiac Transit

    Would not surprise me (20 minutes instead of 40), because these used to be 30 right across the board, but people were complaining that they were often late, which was due to rush hour traffic... Funny thing is most of the same people now aren't happy that the schedule was adjusted. Other than your Red, Green and Blue Line, which are the highest volume, the generally high volume routes are 60, 61, 64; I'd consider 62, 94 and 81 to be borderline to falling into that group, too... 63, 65, 95 can be busy during peak times, mostly your morning and evening commuters, but is otherwise what I'd consider medium to low. The peripheral routes (66, 68, 80, 93) are usually busy with commuters, and see moderate traffic at noon, but otherwise slow... 70/71 are low traffic, hence the combo route, but need to be redesigned. 70 Mapleton: Should return to it's "Frampton" days and run the other side of Mountain Rd, opposite of the 62 Hildegard, it could still make a point to go on Gorge Rd and service Crandall University. Make it loop around Plaza, Mapleton, Frampton, down Gorge, through the subdivision across from Crandall, up Gorge, down Mountain, back to Plaza. 71 Coliseum: Largely cuts through an area serviced by the 65 Killam, while it goes waaaaaay out to Westbrook Circle, then through the territory of 62 Hildegard. Rerouting it would remove service from the Ayer area, though... Maybe have it focus on Ayer and Worthington, detour to Westbrook circle and then loop back through somewhere other than right through the 62's territory? The post-lockout map provides much better coverage of the overall city, but the city itself being spread out and clustered (city planners past and present need a kick in the bum) means every route has a long loop that branches far out into its own territory; The old routing focused on the main arteries (Main, St George, Mountain, Elmwood, etc.) and each route only briefly branched into their own neighbourhood. The new strategy focuses on "no one should have to walk a mile to catch a bus," while the old strategy was to throw as many buses "where the traffic is" and you could walk through your neighbourhood. Again, people will often complain "where are the buses?" as they wait a max of 15 minutes for the next Blue, Green or Red Line... Answer: Not wasting half their time playing leapfrog on Mountain Rd or Main St. Truth be told, the original Express system had four buses (600-603) that ran the hour-long gauntlet of Champlain to 1111 Main, up Mountain to Plaza, down Mountain to Main and back to Champlain... all the while, the #1 and #2 (Downtown Centre-Ville/Malls) chased them around on 75% of the exact same route. Most of it has been optimized, and there's little options for alternate routing where overlap exists... (If only I could optimize and streamline this post... haha) TL;DR - Territory coverage near optimal, inferring that improvements at this point would mostly be adding vehicles to routes. Bonus mini-rant about old system...