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  1. Metro has often made fleet decisions based on mileage, but I think service hours actually tell you more about how intensively a fleet has been used. In any event utilization of 40-footers at North Base went up after the U-Link restructure, when North gained a bunch of new day base service that is mostly run with 40-footers.
  2. Just had to wait a couple more days! This seems like a good outcome. North has quite high utilization of its 40-footers and it has always seemed perverse to me that it keeps getting stuck with the oldest coaches in the fleet. The XDE40s are good buses that should do well in that environment.
  3. This part of the standard coach transition is starting to feel very odd. Surplus 40-foot coaches are piling up at South, while none of the three bases with coaches due for replacement (Ryerson, North, and Bellevue) have received any new coaches of any type since the date of the shakeup. North has replaced a few broken D40LFs with other D40LFs that were surplus at Ryerson. It makes me wonder what the ultimate plan is. Does anyone know what type North will ultimately receive to replace their D40LFs? The numbers could roughly work for them to receive any of Orions, XDE40s, or new Gilligs.
  4. Don't forget that the 236/238 will go away next shakeup, to be replaced by hopefully more useful and higher-performing service. Perhaps the 3700s will stick around Bellevue until then, or maybe they'll stick around longer and get shifted to service like the 246 or 249 that won't ever strain their capacity.
  5. 7217 and 7219 both operated trippers out of Bellevue this morning. Surprised that they didn't swap two more new Gilligs for those to get the types consolidated for shakeup. Looks like Rob gets (?) to keep driving 3430 a while longer. Also I didn't know until now that the 128 went back to South for this shakeup.
  6. Looked through the history of some Metro vehicles for the first time in a while this morning and realized two things are happening: 1) 3600 retirement is in full swing from Ryerson 2) A whole bunch of ex-South Orions have gone to Ryerson Wiki editors should probably have a look at those two fleets.
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