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  1. In other fleet developments... All of the stealth RapidRide coaches (the 28-coach order purchased for RR H and currently wrapped in green) are now in service at Atlantic, spending almost all of their time on the 70 and 120. Retirement of D40LFs appears to have been paused for the moment, with 4 still in service at Ryerson and 13 at North. That leaves North with just 53 operating 40' coaches, fewer than they normally have, and indeed they have had to borrow coaches from elsewhere a few times recently. The 4 remaining 30' Phantoms are also still in service at Bellevue. South has more 40' coaches than should be necessary for its operations, but it hasn't sent any 40' coaches elsewhere for about a month. Perhaps once fast-charge infrastructure is in place at Kent and the next batch of Proterras enters service the logjam will break. All of the slow-charge pilot coaches have been operating regularly in service on various South Base routes, although they don't show up on the trackers.
  2. The grey-bottom livery had an off-white base color that just ended up making the bus look a bit dirty. The Bredas were the only coaches to be painted in that livery from the factory, but a fair number of AMG trolleys, the formerly methanol-powered Americanas, and a few random coaches of other types got repainted into it. Your anecdotes about a "drill sergeant" training atmosphere are interesting. I went through Metro training in 2000 (induction) and 2002 (full-time) and the atmosphere was mostly very professional, although I still felt that some instructors had unconscious bias with respect to gender and occasionally race.
  3. The first batch are artics, and will be based in the south end if current plans don't change. I suspect that means they will replace some 6800/6900 coaches on tripper service, with the DE60LFs heading for retirement and the DE60LFRs headed to North to replace their DE60LFs. They should do fine on all but the longest tripper blocks.
  4. It looks like South Base currently has more coaches than they need to run their 40' service with a normal spare ratio, so I think we will see the remaining ~20 XDE40s go to North and a few more Orions to Ryerson for complete 3600 replacement. As for the four 1100s, I think they're still there only because Metro hasn't yet moved the route 200 terminal out of Swedish Issaquah. When that terminal moves to Issaquah Highlands P&R, the 200 will be able to use 40-foot coaches every day. With all the Proterras back in service for a few months now, there are plenty of Gilligs to operate everything else at Bellevue Base.
  5. Don't expect 3600s to be around too much longer. As of this weekend, we are down to 5 active at Ryerson and 15 at North.
  6. Technologically super-ambitious timeline for battery buses, with some generous outs in case of timetable slippage. They have most DE60LFRs, Orions, and even XDE60s retiring after 12-13 years, with only a few staying longer. All of those fleets can be extended a few more years if battery buses aren't ready yet. I expect they're going to need those few extra years and if I were in Metro management I would spend the money to maintain those hybrid fleets well.
  7. D40LF Retirement Update Ryerson's still got its 12 coaches, operating mostly trippers and the occasional Atlantic run on the weekends. Ryerson hasn't received any new Orions in a while. The focus now appears to be on retiring them from North, where they do mostly day base work. North is now down to about 22 operational D40LFs (and up to 35 XDE40s). Some coaches are still parked at bases but it looks like around 55-60 have been decommissioned.
  8. D40LF Retirement Watch Ryerson appears to be down to 12 operational coaches, operating trippers and the occasional day base work on the 24/33/124 and the 48. North is somewhere around 32 operational coaches, still operating in normal service, but XDE40s have been moving up fast from South, and there are now 27 of them at North. Hard to tell exactly but it looks like around 40 coaches have been retired for good. The balance are sitting at bases, either awaiting retirement or as a contingency fleet.
  9. Won't be much longer for D40LFs at Ryerson (or serving trolley routes on weekends). Only 13 have been in service recently and a couple of Orions a week have been arriving from South.
  10. Metro has often made fleet decisions based on mileage, but I think service hours actually tell you more about how intensively a fleet has been used. In any event utilization of 40-footers at North Base went up after the U-Link restructure, when North gained a bunch of new day base service that is mostly run with 40-footers.
  11. Just had to wait a couple more days! This seems like a good outcome. North has quite high utilization of its 40-footers and it has always seemed perverse to me that it keeps getting stuck with the oldest coaches in the fleet. The XDE40s are good buses that should do well in that environment.
  12. This part of the standard coach transition is starting to feel very odd. Surplus 40-foot coaches are piling up at South, while none of the three bases with coaches due for replacement (Ryerson, North, and Bellevue) have received any new coaches of any type since the date of the shakeup. North has replaced a few broken D40LFs with other D40LFs that were surplus at Ryerson. It makes me wonder what the ultimate plan is. Does anyone know what type North will ultimately receive to replace their D40LFs? The numbers could roughly work for them to receive any of Orions, XDE40s, or new Gilligs.
  13. Don't forget that the 236/238 will go away next shakeup, to be replaced by hopefully more useful and higher-performing service. Perhaps the 3700s will stick around Bellevue until then, or maybe they'll stick around longer and get shifted to service like the 246 or 249 that won't ever strain their capacity.
  14. 7217 and 7219 both operated trippers out of Bellevue this morning. Surprised that they didn't swap two more new Gilligs for those to get the types consolidated for shakeup. Looks like Rob gets (?) to keep driving 3430 a while longer. Also I didn't know until now that the 128 went back to South for this shakeup.
  15. Looked through the history of some Metro vehicles for the first time in a while this morning and realized two things are happening: 1) 3600 retirement is in full swing from Ryerson 2) A whole bunch of ex-South Orions have gone to Ryerson Wiki editors should probably have a look at those two fleets.
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