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  1. TTC Application Process

    Anyone doing training for bus look at any youtube videos regarding airbreaks that were usefull to look at? If so, can anyone send the link? Thanks
  2. TTC Application Process

    Wohooo. Happy bday! And congrats. I guess i'll see you nov 8 for hillcrest training. 😁😁😁👌
  3. TTC Application Process

    Oh wow hahah. Got to start off somehere. At least its near my house. Thanks for the info
  4. TTC Application Process

    Hello All! Finally got the training call! Mode:Bus Area:Eglinton Applied March 12 Aptitude test on May 24 Interview July 13 Conditinal offer July 21 Medical July 26 Police check August 2 Documention September 27 Any info on the Eglinton area would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone for all your help and info I got from all of you.
  5. TTC Application Process

    @Libra Amazing! Thank you very much! I will definitly look into this. And yes, I'll message you if anything pops up from here on out. We can help each other out! : )
  6. TTC Application Process

    Hello All, Finished documentation on September 27 at 1 pm. I may be getting a call for training as early as November but if not, January or February will be my training date. As far as I remember, the ttc rep who was on my info session (May 24) said that my group will be bus drivers. If this is somewhat true, any pointers on what I can read in advance before training starts? I heard the MTO Air Break handbook is a MUST but which parts should I focus on and which part is irrelevant for me? Another book I heard that is worth reading is the MTO Bus Handbook. Is there any parts on that book or either books I mentioned worth focusing on or is everything on that book worth learning? Note: both MTO books were found on the Ontario.ca website Aside from those books, does anyone else here recommend me to do in better preparing myself when I get a call? Some individuals in my documentation were thinking of getting or attempting to take their cz licence (passed or not) just so they can familiarize themselves driving a big vehicle. Is this necessary? Also, for those who successfully passed their bus training. What and how do they test you? For the written part, I assume its a normal test atmosphere (pen and paper ready and fill in the blanks). As for the driving test, is it a similar method of when someone gets their G licence? Examiner tells you to turn right, you turn right... Last, the documentation lady mentioned that candidates can wait 1 week or so once they get a call if they can possibly get another mode when it is available. For example, I get a call for my training date and mode, I refuse nicely and ask for another mode when it is available. Does anyone here recommend me doing that or should I just take whatever I get whenever they call me? Thanks for everyone's help and goodluck to us all!