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  1. Costco does such a great job. Also, you can try VistaPrint and Print House too.
  2. Toronto ranks among the world's 20 best cities to drive in based on the study released by German online car parts company Kfzteile24 on Wednesday. The survey included other Canadian cities too. According to the study, Calgary had the best ranking, coming in at 10th place to drive in the world. Montreal followed the list with 13th place, Toronto 14th place. Ottawa ranked 22nd, Vancouver 48th. Kfzteile24 gathered data from TomTom Traffic Index and also from the city councils to generate this results. It considered nine different factors when ranking the cities, and assigned different weight to each factors. Do you guys find these results realistic? Please share your opinions in the comment below. Thank you. Trans-Plan
  3. Countdown: 79 Days until #Line1 Opening! York University will open in 79 days. Students who live in off-campus counting days to see York University Station open. The York University Station project incorporates the following initiatives: - Cool roof and green roofs, - Increased daylight levels to reduce electric lighting power usage, - LED lighting in pylon signs and energy efficient lighting - Energy efficient HVAC system, - 26 short term bicycle parking spaces; and - Landscaping with native and drought tolerant species provided. (Source:https://ttc.ca)
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