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  1. jgfarrell

    West Vancouver Blue Bus

    Hope West Van does get the 240, we could use some of those sweet air-conditioned chariots on the 240. I've actually jumped on a westbound 255 just for the A/C as far as the bridge onramp... double bonus if you get another A/C'd unit southbound over the bridge!
  2. If I recall, in the 1970's, the 133 had two legs... one that followed a route similar to above (no detour through Forest Grove) that ended at North Road & Sullivan (the Lougheed Mall section was an extension of the route), and one that split off at Government & Brighton and went up Cariboo Rd. to the vicinity of Tenth Ave. edit: rusty memory, that was the 33 (before the Burnaby/New West renumbering), not the 133