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  1. Thats just the demo bus that got wrapped, We have not got are first bus yet
  2. true, maybe it will change but the the headlights are different though
  3. Hey So I was looking at CoasterFan2105 video on the Amtrack ALC-42 charger loco and I saw Trimet's type 6 getting worked on in the background in this frame Its on the left
  4. I would say the d40lf
  5. That's is very true I think they need to do that too
  6. 315 https://news.trimet.org/2021/06/trimet-reduces-carbon-emissions-by-more-than-25-with-move-to-all-renewable-electricity/
  7. Ik im saying that there going to use the green for the division project
  8. Yah Right,I think there going with a different route name with the route
  9. https://twitter.com/JohnDlenox/status/1403004262137933824/photo/1 Some guy took two pics of the trimet nova bus.
  10. Yah I read that Its nice
  11. Yah Ik right I like the shoebox's lol
  12. Its cheaper then buying diesel buses
  13. https://blog.trimet.org/2021/03/18/electric-buses-update-lots-of-progress-some-challenges/?fbclid=IwAR12W0x4m6_e7IjkCBf3Xido00TGvPhmFEKaI9tmMc6efdolZYKy8W7D43Q, hmmm
  14. Thanks for the info, are these buses going to still have the same number?
  15. Dose anybody have any info on this by chance
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