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  1. Baseline/Sandcastle: https://urlzs.com/sGjv8 may have one, not sure though...
  2. There use to be one at Richmond/Northside (Robertson/Northside today), seems to have been replaced by 2012-2014. https://urlzs.com/eH54V Also some spottings today: Carling/Croydon: https://tiny.cc/yadd8y Carling/Forest: https://urlzs.com/p1r3T Carling/Grenon: https://urlzs.com/vxH69 (This one just had green burnt out) Baseline/Guthrie: https://urlzs.com/ik3Ce Baseline/Monterey: https://urlzs.com/mxrHf Baseline/Sandcastle: https://urlzs.com/sGjv8 (I wonder if this intersection has flashing advanced green lights for the left lane 🤔) The right sqaure traffic light at Richmond/Nanaimo has its red burnt out: https://urlzs.com/X9rLt
  3. It's fixed and looks cleaner, thank you! Seems to still occur... Though it seems that I indeed do have an array of interest 😛
  4. Hopefully we can get 9225 or 7901 next time around. I know 7901 is not in "revenue service" but I'd hope they be more open to allowing 7901 come out on the road once a year. If we could do a night charter that would be lovely as well.
  5. I guess I remember that intersection all too well!! I thought there was a flashing Greenlight as well at Hemlock/St. Laurent, though I can't seem to remember anything anymore... ☚ī¸ Knew I wasn't crazy! Interesting that I remember that, must have been seven or eight years old when I last saw that intersection with the flashing lights and the leaf flags for route 29 when we went to dairy Queen with my family (by the way there used to be a vintage sign that was removed in 2013 for dairy Queen) đŸ˜Ŧ
  6. I think it'll be a while until they disable them. When we first got the 2012 double deckers when the rear doors were open they would make a beeping sound as shown here at the very beginning
  7. There are a lot of signals that I forgot to add to the list, most notably there are a lot of them along Carling Avenue going all the way to March Road, but starting at Holly Acres. There are a lot of signals that I forgot to add to the list, most notably there are a lot of them along Carling Avenue going all the way to March Road, but starting at Holly Acres.
  8. The 97 does not serve Tyrell, it specifically bypasses it. The signals facing Moodie Drive are upgraded to the new reflective signals but the signals facing Tyrell and the other townhouse units across are still incandescent.
  9. Oh I understand... It's really hard on the wallet and too addicting. Last paycheck I had spare money so I bought this to match my AR. http://www.bullseyelondon.com/smith-wesson-sd9-ve-range-kit-semi-auto-pistol-9mm-4-25-barrel-10-round-3-magazines-lula-magazine-loader-12002.html
  10. I was there not even 3 days ago and still weren't updated but I'll check today.
  11. Same here: Device: Galaxy S9+ (exynos) OS: Android 9.0 (Pie) Chrome App Version: 75.0.3770.67 seems to be a common issue for Chrome browsers only. My case it's affecting me on mobile. I can not â€ĸ Quote (sometimes) â€ĸ Open Links/copy text â€ĸ Edit post (sometimes) And the page does not fit right. if any of the admins can look into this I'd very much appreciate it. @SMS @MCW Metrobus @2044 @J. Boic @kevlo86 @A. Wong @Orion VIII
  12. It's because you're the only one that hears "Laurel" instead of "yanny" like the rest of us. 😉
  13. No one here does recreational shooting eh? Oh well, I enjoy it with others anyways, great way to pass time.
  14. Seems like the forum is broken right now, doesn't fitright on mobile, I can't quote anyting, and I can't copy paste or open links... Anywho the lights I posted at Richmond and Robertson survived until 2013 I believe
  15. There used to be a red shelter (Unit 746) on Ambleside prior to September 4th, 2011. https://www.google.com/maps/@45.3728909,-75.7804543,3a,44y,109.49h,80.91t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sXTtwI-q6abP8DlrGMC-OCA!2e0!5s20090501T000000!7i13312!8i6656 There was also another red shelter at Greenbank / Queensview in 2009 when Pinecrest station was under construction and the bus stop had to be extended an extra 100 meters or so. Also, there use to be 12-8-8-12-12 signals at Robertson/Old Richmond (former Richmond/Robertson) https://www.google.com/maps/@45.3246853,-75.826716,3a,48.1y,255.5h,98.17t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1swqV8ae7nrlE-g1XmF174TA!2e0!5s20120401T000000!7i13312!8i6656
  16. List of Active Incandescents as of June 12th, 2019: Colonel By/Daly: One 12-8-8 signal *green is burnt out* and two square 12-12-12 signals Rideau/Sussex: 2 circular 12-12-12 lights One Left turn 8-8-12 signal and One 12-8-8-12 with One 12-8-8-12-12, both have LED turn signals Mack Bridge/Waller: One 12-8-12 that has LED red but Incandescent yellow and green two square 12-12-12 signals two 12-8-12 signals with red LED and Incandescent yellow and green One 12-8-8 signal on Waller towards Mack bridge One 12-8-8-12 signal with LED turn signal facing Waller towards Laurier and One 12-8-8 signal facing Waller towards Laurier Beyond this point I will only be including Google Map links as me posting more photos will clutter to forum... Waller/Daly: Two 8-8-8 signals, Two 12-8-8-12 signals that have LED turn signals, One 12-8-8 signal and 3 Incandescent pedestrian signals with one having extreme burn in on the hand signal. https://bit.ly/2wR4tfk Richmond/Grenon: Three 12-8-8 signals and two 8-8-8 signals. https://bit.ly/2wOe1b3 Holly Acres/Hwy. 417: Two 12-8-12 signals and one 12-8-8 signal. There are also 2 Incandescent pedestrian signals with one having extreme burn in on the hand signal. https://bit.ly/2WGYWr6 Richmond/Nanaimo: Two 12-12-12 square signals. https://bit.ly/2ZrLYdP Moodie/Tyrell: These signals look super old! like 1960's old. Five 12-8-8 signals, Two 8-8-8 signals and 8 Incandescent pedestrian signals with two having extreme burn in on the hand signal. https://urlzs.com/tcg4X Moodie/Fitzgerald: 5 Incandescent pedestrian signals with one having extreme burn in on the hand signal. https://urlzs.com/RS9cN
  17. There also a set at Dominion station which directs cars and OC Transpo
  18. Ughhhh.... who sees the problem here 🙃 The photo was taken by @JCL sometime in the past, a photo that I found buried in the forums somewhere. Still active as a week ago, also found this at Walkley at stop (3A?)
  19. But they have the old Cummings engine that I loved on OC's 97XX fleet ☚ī¸
  20. Wow, for once your bus photo is actually not cut off by poles, packed like sardines in between buses, or cut off on the sides 🙃
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