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  1. I think a lot of us here like history or old things, I've recently been getting into looking for the remaining bits of the Ottawa I grew up within the forms of old signage with dates pre-dating amalgamation, old traffic lights, buildings, etc. Anywho, here is my first piece. Non-bilingual road signs located at Bayshore. Now I have no idea when these were installed, however, they must have been installed even way before Ottawa-Carleton even thought of the idea of amalgamating and establishing an (officially bilingual *on paper*) city. And here's a small one. Located along Holly Acres near the Transitway, there is a bike sign that was installed in April 1997. When originally installed, there was a typo and instead of it saying "115m", it said "115km" *You may have to tilt your phone/head sideways to see the "K" print right under the sticker.*
  2. OCTranspoMaster

    Feature Photo Submissions

    A lady in big sunglasses is seen driving OC Transpo 4264, a 2004 NFI D40i, on Route 85 Bayshore
  3. OCTranspoMaster

    Tribute to Route 3

    I think we can all say it was a gigantic stretch to cancel route 3 and replace it with 6 routes.... 4, 85, 86C, 111, 118, 185.
  4. OCTranspoMaster

    Route 11

    I've also done a fair bit of research and work and have converted those low resolution photos into digital high resolution photos that are extremely similar to what OC Transpo would have made. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Ottawa-Carleton_Regional_Transit_Commission_route_11#
  5. OCTranspoMaster

    The old route 114

    Thank god there was a wiki for however long here. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Ottawa-Carleton_Regional_Transit_Commission_route_114_'Lincoln_Fields/Alta_Vista'
  6. OCTranspoMaster

    Old OC Transpo routes....

    Oh, those we're cancelled on September 6th 2009 with the opening of Bayshore and Pinecrest stations. Those special trips bypassed Bayshore in both AM and PM peak periods, D96 trips bypass katimavik in the AM only. September 2nd, 2007 September 6th, 2009
  7. OCTranspoMaster

    OC Transpo Bus Roadeo

    @tomsbuspage @Centralsmt? Any ideas?
  8. OCTranspoMaster

    Ottawa's getting countdown lights for crosswalks

    I'm not sure what type of traffic lights these were prior however they were replaced in December 2018 at Woodridge in front of the Catholic primary school. Near Bayshore It originally had two LED lights in the center in the air and two incandescents, one on each side. I know this is a quote from a decade ago however it's still going on to this day and it you can actually see a plentiful amount of incandescent lights and hand signals along Carling Avenue past Bayshore. This is a GIF I made at 2 in the morning at Carling and Holly Acres. Oh yeah, Holly acres has some incandescent with the intersection of Richmond / Nanaimo / Holly Acres having those Square incandescent lights for bicycles. There's also worn out and incandescent lights at Holly acres and Highway 417 off-ramp. Pinecrest / DuMaurier (and Queensview) still has those Square incandescent lights as well.
  9. OCTranspoMaster

    Ottawa's getting countdown lights for crosswalks

    Interestingly, that light set at Queen was retrofitted with LEDs.
  10. Does remember taking the 179 back in the day? I can only remember one time that I did, but that's because I remember the 179 would come earlier than both the 118 and 166 when I and my father were going to Zellers before they opened to get first dibs on good deals, which for the record is still there, but acts as a liquidation store for (Hudson's Bay)? Anywho, here is a map of the routing prior to cancellation that I made.
  11. OCTranspoMaster

    OC Transpo Invero (4201 - 4526) Retirement Watch

    4201, 4249, 4255, 4280, 4315, 4378, 4385 - All had a cook-off 🔥
  12. OCTranspoMaster

    GOA transit news, info etc

    They need to do what they did with the 95 and just create a connextion route version of it, 228? And just provide limited service along a giant portion of Innes, and travel via Innes bypass.
  13. OCTranspoMaster

    STO Photos

    I'd be happy to fix it. I did the job right the first time with the info I had. Just didn't have time to deal with the STO page when the entire OC page was out of date (and still is in some regards) when it turned out the original info on the classics was false. I've been mainly focusing on individual OC Transpo routes as alot of information was incorrect, inaccurate, and not reliable for doing Route histories or comparisons with. I'll correct the info ASAP. EDIT: Fixed the information, thanks @SMS for bringing this to my attention. Also, I will now be notified of mentions / tags. Seems to have done me more harm than good having them muted.
  14. OCTranspoMaster

    OC Transpo Invero (4201 - 4526) Retirement Watch

    Looks like I'll have to bring my Camera!
  15. OCTranspoMaster

    OC Bus Spottings

    I would like that too.